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  1. Downes

    Freezing Rain

    December 30, 2019. We took a quick walk in the park to get freezing rain pictures, then drove toward Fergus to visit Bill, Shirley and family. The ice wasn't that thick in Orillia, but there were some pretty spectacular scenes on the road. The roads th...
  2. Downes


    December 29, 2019. With the forecast for freezing rain, we decided to wait it out in Orillia. Instead, we took a walk in the park along the lake, looking for interesting things like this nest.
  3. Downes

    Algonquin Park

    December 31, 2019. We could take the 401 to visit relatives, and suffer through the misery, or we could take the northern route through Algonquin Park. In theory it's an extra couple of hours - but as Bill points out, it's never just 5 hours on the 401...
  4. Downes

    Monday Snow

    December 16, 2019. Back in the office today; this is a view from the road just outside our building. Back at the ethics paper, which will One Day Be Done.
  5. Downes


    December 14, 2019. I spent most of the day working on my ethics paper, and also a couple of hours reviewing a paper. Evenings these daya I play No Man's Sky, which for me means working on my base/city I call Trantor. It may be the largest city in NMS, ...
  6. Downes

    Spin Cycle

    December 15, 2019. I cleaned up the basement and prepared the cycle after a bit of a hiatus, because it's time to get back on the bike to prepare for next summer's cycling season.
  7. Downes

    Winter Food

    December 13, 2019. I'm on to winter food now - a warm and nourishing broth of egg noodles, vegetables, tuna, gumbo soup mix, and ghost pepper for bite. It was back to the ethics paper today, which is slowly taking shape.
  8. Downes


    December 12, 2019. I took a day off from the ethics paper to write a proposal for a May conference (a Canadian conference, so I don't get booked onto an Air Canada Rouge nightmare). Back home to play No Man's Sky. These are my various travel mugs. http...
  9. Downes


    December 8, 2019. Sunday means errands as we ventured into the city (still on summer tires) for a Costco run. Other than that, I'm still working on my ethics paper.
  10. Downes


    December 10, 2019. I tought for a while wondering why we must always build buildings above ground, creating the need for ramps (which are always awkwardly constructed) and decided it must be because of snow, which would otherwise melt into buildings. T...
  11. Downes

    Snow Squall

    December 11, 2019. It's hard to see but there's a vigorous snowfall taking place. This is the Chateau Laurier as seen from the Rideau Centre in downtown Ottawa. We took the LRT downtown while waiting to have snow tires installed. I also checked in at t...
  12. Downes

    The Back Yard

    December 9, 2019. This is the view of the back yard from the downstairs bathroom. I'm up early and ready to work from home (due to the internet outage in the office). It was another day spent working on my ethics paper (by now a Major Project). https:/...
  13. Downes

    Lexi and Dr. Phil

    December 6, 2019. Before I went to Brazil our TV went zzzzzzzt and died. Today the replacement arrived. We set it up, and while the cats were not impressed by the disruption, Lexi at least approved.
  14. Downes

    Senators Mug

    December 4, 2019. I spent the day working on my Ethics paper, trying to create a nice video of it. I say 'trying' because I learned the hard way that OBS will only support a certain number of image slides. This is in the evening, just before bed. It's ...
  15. Downes

    NRC Wreath

    December 5, 2019. The 'NRC' logo is there to prevent people from trying to walk through the plate glass in our lobby. The view is of the back of the wreath hung over them. The good news ended there, as I came back to find out that internet on the 'blac...
  16. Downes

    Sitting Pretty

    December 3, 2019. Back from Brazil, taking a rest day before working again. This is Andrea's chair, and sitting pretty on Andrea's chair is Lexi, who knows where to find the softest chair in the house.
  17. Downes


    December 2, 2019. This is what greeted us when we landed in Toronto. After a layover, I got into my 10:10 flight to Ottawa. After a three hour delay we managed to take off. Back home now. Cats are very happy.
  18. Downes

    The Band

    November 28, 2019. I have to say, any lead singer that comes out in pink tights shreds has my support right off the bat. I did my panel session and general conference attending in the morning, then worked on slides in the afternoon. There was also a le...
  19. Downes

    Sao Paulo

    December 1, 2019. Arrived in Sao Paulo early in the morning, had breakfast, stayed at the 'Fast Sleep' in the airport, sleeping most of the day, then caught my flight to Toronto in the evening. I had thought about taking my 13 hour layover and visiting...
  20. Downes

    Tropical Flowers

    November 29, 2019. Today was the big day. I was working on the slides right up to the final moment, did a really nice presentation (IMHO) and then (of course) we went out for another longish dinner to talk about it all. These were flowers outside the r...
  21. Downes

    livia Nery

    November 30, 2019. The day after the conference livia Nery celebrated two things - the successful completion of the conference she organized, and her birthday. This is at the celebratory lunch. Before lunch I went for a walk around the hotel in 40 degr...
  22. Downes


    November 27, 2019. This is Carlos Alberto P de Oliveira from Rio, one of my co-presenters in Teresina (and all-round good guy). I didn't attend any sessions today (since they were mostly in Portuguese and I wanted to spend more time working on the big ...
  23. Downes

    Brazilian Orchestra

    November 26, 2019. This is the traditional Brazilian orchestra from the opening ceremonies for the conference in Teresina. They were quite good, playing standards that had the audience singing along.
  24. Downes

    Dogs in Airports

    November 24, 2019. This was one of two dogs being led through the Ottawa airport for people to pet and just generally enjoy. He was a very good dog and loved all the attention. Security staff loved the dog, too. For me, it was part of a good start to m...
  25. Downes

    Car Wash

    November 23, 2019. We ran some errands today, one of which was running the car through the car wash (it's the fastest and easiest way to make sure all the windows, lights and cameras are OK).
  26. Downes

    The Bridge

    November 20, 2019. This is the railway bridge at Casselman (I can also see it, at a different angle, from my kitchen window). I've been focused on my current paper on ethics, preparing for a trip that might not happen, and watching the days grow shorte...
  27. Downes

    The Plant

    November 19, 2019. Another day spent working on my ethics paper, and also adding publications to my c.v. As I walked outside under this sky I thought "the mark of a good sunset is that makes you feel small."
  28. Downes


    November 17, 2019. This is our stress case Alex lounging in the front hall waiting to snag anyone who goes by. Another day spent playing No Man's Sky.
  29. Downes


    November 16, 2019. In retrospect, I should have built my base in No Man's Sky on a planet that has more colours. Still, I like my super-heated world, and though there's zero point to doing it, I've been enjoying the task of creating a large city on a w...

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