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  1. Downes

    Conroy Pits


    November 29, 2020. Most of our 14 km walk today was en route to and from the Conroy pits. When we got there we discovered that it’s a very large off-leash dog park (which was no problem at all). The trail was snow-packed so it was a bit harder to…
  2. natalie

    Chapter One – FIRST DAYS IN LONDON


    from the book Blossom Hill – a London lovestory

    Mia had just left the shuttle at Folkestone after passing through the Euro-Channel from Calais and traveling the fifty-mile route through the world’s longest underwater channel by train with her car—thirty-seven miles undersea in just thirty minutes. She was excited. North …

  3. Downes

    Conjoined Twins


    November 28, 2020. These may be more common that I expect, but it’s the first pair of conjoined mushrooms I’ve seen (and I used to work as a mushroom picker). Today was a work day, despite it being Saturday, first to give a talk online, then to check every slide…
  4. Downes

    Green and Brown


    November 27, 2020. I’m not exactly sure what this plant is but I like the contrast of the green and brown colouring on the snow. I’ve been preparing presentations recently; this afternoon I recorded one that will be presented next week.
  5. Downes



    November 25, 2020. This is what greeted me out the front window this morning. It continued for several hours. No matter – I spent the day indoors attending several meetings, worked my way though a bit of a dispute, and outlined my slides for a presentation I’m recording Friday (followed…
  6. @Michael Dietrich

    Mini project 3: “BirthGen”


                I drive into the parking lot and look for a spot to park the car. Eventually I find a space, and I pull in. As I unbuckle, I look over to my wife, and I can tell by her face that she is nervous.

                “Hey, relax, where just …

  7. Downes



    November 24, 2020. This is what I had for breakfast today and have every day – oatmeal plus fruit and (not pictured) maple syrup. Spoon is on the left had side for lighting, not because I’m left handed (I’m not). I spent the better part of the day today writing…
  8. Downes

    Cat Prints


    November 23, 2020. We woke up to snow on the ground – and in our case, a single set of cat prints on the deck underneath the bird feeder (now full of seeds again now that the grackles have departed). I did some work on data literacy, continued to transform…
  9. Downes

    Cat on a Bag


    November 21, 2020. This is a view of a cat on a bag, looking straight down. It is, of course, Charlemagne. The bag contained a pair of shoes I bought Saturday. Sunday, with snow in the offing and having already been out, we played it safe and stayed inside.
  10. @paceamorebella

    Colorado Vlog


    A few weekends ago I visited Colorado with my two high school best friends. Ali had just gotten engaged, so of course we all needed to be together to celebrate! Ali currently lives just outside Denver, Colorado, while Sarah is in Tahoe and I reside in Santa Barbara. So it …

  11. Downes

    Elevated Living


    November 21, 2020. We went to the National Gallery today to visit the first floor – that’s the exhibit of Canadian Art (there was no special collection this visit). It has changed a bit since the last time I was there, and most notably, now allowed me to take photos…
  12. pransy

    Easy DIY for Dark Circles


    Coconut Oil

    Take some drops of extra virgin coconut oil. Massage this oil under and all over the eyes gently with fingertips for 5 miunutes in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions and leave it on overnight.

    Turmeric Mint Eye Pack

    In a blender blend a handful of mint leaves and stalks…
  13. Downes

    The Diefenbunker


    November 20, 2020. This is my brother Bill and family. We went to what may be the world’s largest escape room, a full level of the Diefenbunker, a bomb shelter created for the Canadian government during the cold war. It was quite well set up, my first escape room experience,…
  14. Downes

    Charlemagne on the Cathouse


    November 19, 2020. Yes I know, it’s another cat photo, but there’s no way I could really resist taking and sharing this one. Dig his huge polydactyl paws. Did some reading on quantum algorithms today, as well as a couple of meetings on projects. Also converting presentation pages as I…
  15. Downes



    November 17, 2020. Another cool motorcycle picture (it’s not a trend, I promise), this of a Zero motorcycle we happened to see on the back of a truck. I had my first meeting of NRC’s Research Ethics Board today, which was interesting on a number of levels. My work has…
  16. @llilli5163

    Join Us in Honoring Transgender Day of Remembrance


    Today, November 20th, people around the world pause to bear witness to Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day dedicated to honoring the memory of those murdered because of anti-transgender prejudice. Transgender Day of Remembrance reminds us to fight against forces that devalue transgender lives every day. To bring awareness to this …

  17. pransy

    Cheesy Broccoli In Microwave

    1 cup broccoli florets ½ teaspoon cornstarch (corn flour) 5 tablespoons milk 4 tablespoons grated cheddar 1 tbsp miced garlic ( optional ) Salt to taste Instructions In a very large, microwavable bowl add broccoli ,cornstarch, milk, grated cheese, garlic , milk and a pinch of salt. Place in the microwave to heat the ingredients together, around…
  18. plowenthal

    Call for Chapter Proposals – Handbook of Communication and Disability

    Call for Chapter Proposals Deadline:         November 30, 2020
    Book project: The Palgrave Handbook of Communication and Disability
    Publisher:        Palgrave-MacMillan
    Editors:            Michael S. Jeffress, PhD, Tennessee State University
    Jim Ferris, PhD, University of Toledo
    Joy M. Cypher, PhD, Rowan University
    Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock, PhD, University of North Carolina Wilmington

    We welcome proposals …

  19. Downes

    Jean Coutu


    November 17, 2020. This is a regular stop for distilled water (for my CPAP) and Ricoloas. I tried to capture it as a promo-style shot (couldn’t do much else with cars in the parking lot). Just one meeting today, and I completed a page-turner online course on security (same course…
  20. Downes

    Bank Machine


    November 16, 2020. Today started out with a meeting first thing in the morning, then a presentation, then did some work to move my presentations off SlideShare and onto Microsoft. Also cashed an insurance cheque from the dental appointment of last week.
  21. plowenthal

    Call for articles – The discourses of Gender, Violence and Social Inequality in the era of digital communication


    Quaderns de Filologia ? Linguistics Series vol. 26 (2021)

    Title of volume: The discourses of Gender, Violence and Social Inequality in the era of digital communication

    Sergio Maruenda Bataller (Universitat de Val?ncia)
    Dolors Palau Sampio (Universitat de Val?ncia)
    Maite Taboada (Simon Fraser University)…

  22. Downes

    Mont Rigaud


    November 15, 2020. Cloudy, six degrees, and rain, but we went for a 14.7 hike around the top of Mont Rigaud, which is about an hour east of here, just over the Quebec border on the way to Montreal. The trail was everything I hoped it would be – varied…

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