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  1. amiddlet50

    Vertical and horizontal learning networks: implications for #active learning

    Understanding Difference Between Vertical and Horizontal Networks from Daniel Bassill Slideshare presentation on Horizontal and Vertical networks

    This presentation is useful for thinking about the difference between collaborative and co-operative learning. My interest in social media for learning, studio-based learning, and hybrid learning centres on how people work and learn …

  2. Downes



    July 30, 2021. It was back home from Tremblant today. This is the view from the Casse-Croute du Lac Remi (ie., a chip wagon). I have a lot of photos to look through, a Blue Jays home opener to watch, and planning to do for my next adventure.
  3. Downes

    Rain Day


    July 29, 2021. It was a cool and rainy day at Tremblant but that didn’t slow us down as we walked the 360 trail at the summit; this is a view from that walk. We also went to the bike shop in town and some shops near the hotel.
  4. zenas suitcase

    Travel Money Tips and how to Fund Your Travels


    Although travelling the world is a life-changing experience, it can also be a very expensive endeavour. Travellers are known for living life to the fullest and letting their free spirit run wild. However, budgeting is a vital part of the traveller lifestyle, and it’s important to stay on top of …

  5. @

    Stress Relieving Tips for Nurses


    Studies show that 83%of workers in the United States have experienced work-related stress. If you are a nurse then you probably understand this first hand. Although achieving a nursing career is such a great win, we admit that at times burnout is common hence the need for stress relieving tips …

  6. @

    Nurse Burnout


    Nurse Burnout

    There is no denying the fact that nursing is a highly rewarding career. However, nurse burnout is quite common regardless of your field. One of the leading causes of nurse burnout is prolonged and frequent shifts, understaffing, and high workload. This gets even tougher if you are required …

  7. achowfin

    2021 Digital Technologies Roadshow


    The 2021 Digital Technologies Roadshow is a part of the Computer Science offered at Greymouth High School and is a way for the students to step out of their own comfort zone and explore the opportunities and pathways available to them. In the first two terms the Level 1, 2 …

  8. Downes

    Lac Nominingue


    July 27, 2021. Today was a 122 km ride from Mont Tremblant to Lac Nominingue and back. Cool and cloudy for the most part; I cycled pretty fast (for me) at 19.9 kph or the distance, leaving me pretty tired at the end. But rightly so; it’s the second-longest ride…
  9. Downes

    Mont Tremblant


    July 2, 2021. We spent the day packing and driving up to Mont Tremblant today to enjoy a few days of well-earned vacation in the Laurentian Mountains. This is a detail from the splash pad near our room. We’re in a different building today, Sommit de Neiges, and the room…
  10. Downes

    Marlborough Forest


    July 25, 2021. We went hiking in the Marlborough Forest today, which is at the very south-west corner of Ottawa city limits. Much fewer people than elsewhere, beautiful cedar and scrub forest, the walking trails rougher but still very walkable. The weather was warm and nearly perfect.
  11. Downes

    Getting Closer


    July 24, 2021. This is the gravel bike and tent (unstaked) test set-up. The bike is cleaned and oiled and the bags have been fitted into place and tested. The tend fits into the handlebar bag; I’ll be putting heavy stuff into the frame bag, clothes, food and bedding in…
  12. Downes

    Nation Rise


    July 23, 2021. On the way back from Chesterville I took what turned out to be a dead-end road and found myself pushing my bicycle beside a bean field alongside the Nation River, which is where I took this photo. It’s called ‘Nation Rise’ because that’s the name of the…
  13. Downes

    A Forest of Goldenrod


    July 22, 2021. This is what it looks like alongside the driveway in the front yard: a sea of flowering goldenrod. Yes, this is another plant considered a weed by many, but I would much rather have this splash of colour in my front yard than plain grass. Today was…
  14. zenas suitcase

    The Best Road Trips in the UK


    Why Take Road Trips in the UK With so much history, culture and incredible scenery the UK is the perfect place for road trips. Being a relatively small country as well, you can cover a lot of ground in a relatively short amount of time with these top UK road …

  15. @incbesh

    Make Your Best Photos Shine


    We’ve recently launched an upgraded photo carousel experience that takes photo viewing to the next level on mobile devices. Now your visitors can swipe, zoom, and double-tap with ease and get the best look at those beautiful snaps!

    Video Overview

    Here’s a short video overview of using the photo carousel …

  16. Downes



    July 21, 2021. This is the church at Saint-Pascal-Baylon, a tiny community in Clarence-Rockland. It was the objective of my ride today, which was ultimately a 100 km trip north to the Ottawa River and back. I was testing some new gear – a bike saddle bag and a power…
  17. @Luna Mare, The storyteller



    Every good writer and artist has their special signature that makes them who they are. If someone sees the logo or reads the name, people should recognize it as the person who created it. This is the one I have made for myself and it’ll be the one that you …

  18. Downes

    Getting Ready


    July 20, 2021. This is the gravel bike, stripped down and ready for cleaning (I was in the mud this spring). I’ll be riding this bike on a long road trip in a few weeks. We went in to Bushtakah to pick up some bikepacking supplies, including especially the bags…

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