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  1. Downes

    View From the Front


    August 3, 2022. View from the front. This is the sunset snapped with my phone camera through the small unglazed part of the front door window. A day much like yesterday’s, except I also went to the Independent in Embrun to get the last of the supplies I need for…
  2. Downes

    View From The Back


    August 2, 2022. This is just a quick photo taken of the back yard; I propped the camera on a shelf to keep it still and the content was what resulted. I was focused mostly on getting admin tasks done and playing the new No Man’s Sky expedition.
  3. Downes

    Midsummer Harvest


    August 1, 2022. This is a midsummer harvest (I assume of winter wheat, but I really don’t know). It was a holiday today and my legs were recovered enough to get out for a short bike ride. Not the holiday long weekend I planned, but the one I got.
  4. Downes

    Alfred Bog


    July 31, 2022. This is Alfred Bog, 9,000 acres of sphagnum moss located about 40 kilometers from home. With my legs still not working very well we were limited to a short walk, so this boardwalk of less than a kilometer was perfect. Definitely a place to return to, a…
  5. Downes



    July 30, 2022. We came back from Mont Tremblant to find the Village had hired landscapers to cut down all the foliage on our property. It wasn’t surprising, given the notice they had sent, though we *did* cut the grass. But we did not cut down our goldenrods and milkweed…
  6. Downes

    Home From Tremblant


    July 29, 2022. This is the Ottawa river with two people kayaking in pretty windy conditions. We drove home from Mont Tremblant today. My legs (especially my quads) are very sore. We’ll probably return to Tremblant in the fall.
  7. Downes

    Walking Down Tremblant


    July 28, 2022. This is Andrea on the granite about half way down Mont Tremblant on the Grande Brule trail. It was a 7 km walk in which we went up about 60 metres and down about 660 metres, all along quite a rough and tricky trail. My legs were…
  8. Downes

    Black Vulture


    July 27, 2022. This is a black vulture, part of the birds of prey show at Mont Tremblant. We saw the show a few years ago and this bird (as well as the owl) was new. We wandered around a bit on top of the mountain but otherwise had a…
  9. Downes

    Trailside Pond


    July 26, 2022. This is a pond along the side of the Le Petit Train du Nord trail. I cycled 97 to Riviere Rouge and back. My front derailleur broke somewhere along the route; of course, I was as far away as possible when I noticed it. But it wasn’t…
  10. Downes

    To Mont Tremblant


    July 25, 2022. Today we returned to Mont Tremblant for our annual visit, driving up in the morning and walking around the townsite in the afternoon. We missed the Blues Festival this year, because it was scheduled too late (I like to book accommodations well in advance). We were also…
  11. Downes



    July 22, 2022. We received a notice from the village office today telling us to cut our grass and remove noxious weeds. I think we may have a very different definition of what counts as a noxious weed. Less productive today, wrapping things up preparing for vacation.
  12. Downes

    Great Crowd


    July 21, 2022. It’s too bad the RedBlacks lost today because we had a great crowd on hand, absolutely filling the north side stands (they still can’t fill the south side, which should be noted as they design a rebuilt north side – we need our roof. Today I investigated…
  13. Downes



    July 20, 2022. Out for a quick bike ride to St. Albert (the bridge still isn’t closed) and took this from the outside wall of the St. Albert cheese facroty. It’s just a bit of background from a big image of a cow, and we see a ‘Pop Silo’ –…
  14. Downes

    Donut Holes


    July 19, 2020. A view of a fresh batch of donut holes at the Tim Hortons. I thought they looked more attractive than usual. Continued exploring Moodle 4 today, this time working with MoodleNet.
  15. Downes

    Waiting for Water


    July 18, 2022. Lexi knows that if she goes to the kitchen tap and waits, someone (usually me) will turn on a nice stream of cold water for her. I have a week of work and then a lot of vacation, so I can’t start anything big, but can do…
  16. achowfin

    Azadi Ka Amrit Mohotsav


    There is an excitement in the air as we approach 15th August. This year India celebrates its 75th year of independence and the country is gearing up to pull out all stops. Recently on my visit to present at the Computational Thinking in Schools’ Conference at the IISER, Pune, I …

  17. @eggstve

    Week 5 dev log/reflection


    And with that, I close the book on this blog and the class it was made for. It was a lot of fun in some parts, a lot of stress in others, and the whole time I was learning. The assignments made me learn about new techniques and programs, forced …

  18. @eggstve



    Ages into the future is a land inhabited by a wide variety of strange fauna and broken monuments. Tucked in a cave is a family of rock like beings, hundreds of smaller ones working under a monolithic queen. It tells one small rock in particular to follow their dreams, and …

  19. @eggstve

    ds 106: Create A Commercial (5 stars)


    Though it’s not much of an advertisement per say, it tells Rudy just what it is they’re looking at. They will pick one to take along their journey while the rest go with a kindly stranger and his monstrous companion. Without the log left by some unnamed researcher Rudy wouldn’t …

  20. @eggstve

    ds 106: Weird Book Room (4 stars)


    Far in the future of our world is one completely unrecognizable. The people there are not like us, and all they know of us is that we were responsible for why the world has become the way it is now. They read what’s left of our stories of war, of …

  21. @eggstve

    ds 106: Play DJ & Make A Song (again!)(4.5 stars)


    Back at it again with another song! This time I focused much more on making an ambient track rather than a fully fledged song, and I’m pretty happy with the end result. I wanted something that you’d hear as the backing music to a graveyard or haunted woods at night, …

  22. @llilli5163

    Changes to Our Pricing Plans


    Our philosophy has always been one of experimenting, learning, and adjusting. As we began to roll out our new pricing plans a couple of months back, we took note of the feedback you shared. What we heard is that some of you missed the more granular flexibility of our previous …

  23. @eggstve

    ds 106: Your story as a game! (5 stars)


    For the visual aspect of this project, I decided to make a mock ups for Hollowgrove. The first end goal of this idea was to make a game, and since then I’ve known that it’s gonna be a long time before anything of the sort actually happens, so in the …

  24. Reverend

    A MBS Recommendation


    Last week I had the privilege of writing a recommendation for Michael Branson Smith to gain admission to the masters program in Interactive Data Visualization at the CUNY Graduate Center. And while I’m confident he will get into the program with or without my recommendation, I used the occasion to …

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