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  1. @Sheefa_ahmed

    Give the Gift of!


    For a holiday gift that’s absolutely brimming with possibility, look no further than our brand new feature which allows any reader to gift a subscription renewal to their favorite website.  

    As a website owner, this is a way to allow your most ardent fans to show their gratitude for …

  2. Downes

    Seu Vella


    December 1, 2022. I didn’t get a good photo of Seu Vella, Lleida’s distinctive 18th century cathedral, until I crossed to the other side of the river, which I did today to attend the first day of the conference.
  3. Downes



    November 29, 2022. This is the side of the old church at Parròquia de Sant Martí, Bisbe, in Lleida. I appreciated the way the symmetry combined with asymmetry and the textures in the fading evening light. Today I got caught up after traveling and planned my presentation coming up Friday.…
  4. Downes



    November 28, 2022. This photo is from the back side of Barcelona Sants, where the taxi left me. Today was a travel day, from Prague to Lleida, via an air-to-rail connection in Barcelona. Travel was an all-day affair under less-than-ideal conditions (specifically, being crammed into a discount airline seat).
  5. Downes



    November 27, 2022. I started the day with the Banksy exhibit in an old subversive church in central Prague, then filled out the remainder of the day walking some 11 km and taking hundreds of photos. The city feels like Amsterdam; drugs, booze and tourists abound, there’s a lot of…
  6. Downes



    November 26, 2022. This is a Dali sculpture, ‘the Unicorn’, on the banks of the river Vltava as it runs through Prague. I was up early and arrived in the city by 1:30 but with the time change and winter, it was dark by 4 or so. Still, that was…
  7. Downes

    Berlin Cityscape


    November 24, 2022. This is the view from the top of the Intercontinental Hotel. I was doing an interview and I suggested the elevator because it was likely the only quiet place, but when we got to the top this view unfolded and that’s where we did it. I also…
  8. Reverend

    Some Initial Mastodon Instance Tweaking


    Now that I have a few instances of Mastodon running in Reclaim Cloud, I figured it was time to start optimizing them for resource usage, storage, and security. This post is an attempt to capture what I’ve done thus far—which is not much—in order to keep track of changes …

  9. @Sheefa_ahmed

    Black Friday: All of Our Deals in One Spot


    You’re already familiar with, but did you know we’re part of a larger family of amazing products? Automattic provides a range of online solutions, from ecommerce shops to course-creation software to audience survey tools, and much, much more. No matter what’s on your website wishlist this year, we’ve got …

  10. Downes



    November 23, 2020. This is the Marlene bar at the Intercontinental in Berlin, generally my favourite hangout when I’m at OEB. It was a good place to rest after spending the day delivering my workshop on ethics and analytics (which, I thought, went quite well). I was up at 2…
  11. Downes

    Café LebensArt


    November 22, 2022. This is Café LebensArt, where I stopped for lunch on a long 14 km walk through Tiergarten and central Berlin. It was cold but I was well layered and was fine. All that hiking experience pays off. I was able to get a reservation to visit the…
  12. Downes

    Back in Berlin


    November 21, 2022. Inside the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. It feels great to be back in Berlin. I had a bit of a scare when my carry-on was rejected by the airline, but I receive everything fine. I was able to wander around, do some shopping (for computer gear) and…
  13. Downes



    November 20, 2022. This is a sculture in Zurich airport, a really good transit point. Drove to Montreal today, got in an airplane, SwissAir, to be precise, and flew to Zurich en route to Berlin. Things were pretty smooth in Montreal, even though I was flying economy. An afternoon departure…
  14. Downes



    November 17, 2022. This is my first photo with the new phone; it’s Julia sleeping on the shelf beside my kitchen chair. More computer problems this morning, with the result being that I missed my only meeting of the day. Spent a couple hours trying to fix it myself, then…
  15. Downes

    New Lyer


    November 15, 2022. The back of the bus in front of us on the way home from Costco, with the F missing n the ‘New Flyer’ logo. Expecting a computer from Dell today but the order was cancelled for no apparent reason. Had a productive day in spite of myself,…
  16. plowenthal

    Educational Technology Conferences 2022 & 2023


    The following list was adapted from Clayton R. Wright’s Educational Technology and Education Conferences List #48. Please refer to Wright’s complete list for other conferences as well as each conference website for more details. Each year I attend AECT, AERA, and 1-2 other local or regional conferences. I use this …

  17. Downes



    November 13, 2022. Last May while bikepacking I had to take shelter from a derecho ( ) – a long storm that devastated eastern Ontario. A lot of forest areas were closed after, including Pine Grove, which was especially hard hit. This was our first time back and it’s…
  18. Downes

    No Man’s Sky


    November 12, 2022. Today was an indoor day spent playing No Man’s Sky for the most part. I’m trying to find the fastest way possible to go to the next galaxy (today wasn’t it). It’s so nice having an Alienware computer that can handle all the demands the newer games…
  19. Downes

    Cosmic Adventures


    November 10, 2022. We had to make an emergency run into the drug store today and Andrea remarked on the blotted out sign, which is indeed a bit of an oddity. The weather has been so nice this week but it has been all about work and errands. Arctic proposal…
  20. Downes



    November 9, 2022. This is some tree-like thing on out front lawn. It’s right at the centre, it’s pretty ugly, but it seems to be thriving. Worked on background reading for the instructional models project today, and also working toward getting a community-led Arctic project funded.
  21. Downes

    Charlemagne Reaching


    November 7, 2022. Charlemagne is a very long cat, which means that when he gets up on hind legs (as he often does) he’s a very tall cat… almost as tall as the railing. Today was a day for catching up on a mountain of work after being sick for…
  22. Downes



    November 4, 2022. Didn’t sleep a wink. Up at dawn to start a day of nothing. This is dawn in the back yard. Sick day number 3 – feeling better but I’m not used to being sick. This may be the longest sick break I’ve taken in 20 years at…

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