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  1. @eendip

    Radio Show Broadcasting: Roy Rogers Show


    So I did not have time to listen live to the radio shows, so I had to do so on my own time. I did want to highlight one radio show in particular that I really enjoyed. This isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the rest, because I definitely did. …

  2. @eendip

    Looking Ahead


    I’ve spent a little bit of time thinking about what idea I’d have in mind for the final project. There’s one idea I have in mind that I think embodies ds106 as well as people in general. I think it would be cool to share the story of how there’s …

  3. @eendip



    So for the rework, I went back and updated 2 writing assignments that I previously did. One was writing about my life as a spy and the other was writing a letter to my past self. For the life of a spy post, I added another journal entry to make …

  4. @Carrie F.

    Weekly Summary


    This week was relatively light for me all around. I did not have too much work to complete this week. I also had the opportunity to listen to a radio show and reflect in a blog which can be seen below as well! I was able to complete my three …

  5. @Carrie F.

    Dear Carrie Take 2!


    For my second rework assignment, I had decided to take one of the writing assignments that I had completed in the beginning of the semester. I believe for this assignment I had to wrote a letter to myself in the future. So, I figured that now that I know how …

  6. @PabloMccrimmon



    I decided to remix my previous audio assignment, “Nightmare Serenade,” which was itself a remix of “Moonlight Serenade” as recorded by Frank Sinatra. In its original form, I was attempting to take the beauty of the recording and create the creepiest, most unrecognizable version I could. In this remix, I …

  7. @PabloMccrimmon



    I would like to create some sort of audio-visual experience that details my artistic journey throughout life. It would display my artistic identity and its evolution, with me beginning as primarily an animator and filmmaker and eventually finding a passion for music which propelled me to UMW. It would be …

  8. @Carrie F.

    Mommy Dearest Take 2!


    I have decided to revise my “Mommy Dearest” post. I decided to take the letter I had written to my mom and paste onto a background that I had found soothing/easy/appealing to the eyes. I felt that at first the original post was a little boring or dull without a …

  9. @HumIsDum

    Revisiting Shocking Imagery


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    Background Image Credit: Noah Berger/Associated Press

    For the first of the two assignments I’ve decided to revisit this week, I’ve gone with my ‘Shocking Imagery‘ blogpost. I wasn’t especially proud of that piece. I feel as though it was one of my lazier submissions, as it was …

  10. @haylie5800

    Planning Ahead


    I really enjoyed making the radio show and I feel like it was super practical. I really enjoy working with other as a way to bounce ideas off of one another. For my final project I could see myself doing something along the lines of college readiness or even something …

  11. @KendraB999

    Weekly Summary #9


    For this weeks assignment, I enjoyed listening to the different Radio Shows. I like the different takes that people took on the shows, some were scripted, informational and conversational. I think that everyone’s different transitions, intros, outros, and commercials, flowed well with the content of the shows (Radio Show

  12. @haylie5800

    Weekly Summary #9


    This week started with listening to our class radio show. I think listening to the radio show and commenting on discord throughout the show brings a different feel to the experience. I really liked all of our comments on discord on Monday because people pointed out aspects I didn’t notice. …

  13. @KHavertDs106

    Final Ideas:


    Full honesty I have no clue what story I want to tell the world about, my biggest concern right now is all the work I have to do right now. But I may want to tell a story about one of the oldest dogs at the place I volunteer. I …

  14. @MasonOberle

    Week 9


    One more relatively laid back week in DS106. I started off by listening to a few of my classmates’ radio shows on Monday, taking a few notes on what stood out to me and blogging my thoughts the next day. Next, I did some work revising my dollar bill and …

  15. @PabloMccrimmon



    This week, I listened to The Undergraduate Monster Wash by Thomas, Mason, Bella, and Grace. This radio show focused on horror which was right up my alley, as Halloween is my favorite holiday. The show was broken up into multiple sections, including a radio play, a monologue about the Zodiac …

  16. @mgedney

    project ideas x2


    After posting my first project proposal, I wished I had looked at some of my classmates’ ideas for inspiration! I had come up with one idea I could go many ways with, but people had whole lists of ideas. After reading them, I considered doing something more music related or …

  17. @MasonOberle

    TDC Week 9


    Another week where we were required to do three more Daily Creates, with the added twist that we had to make them all connect into a single story. I began by making a meme using a bat-signal meme generator. I edited the text placement within the image to make it …

  18. @Egon2688



    The two assignments I decided to revise were the radio audio we completed a couple of weeks ago for our project. The professor had mentioned the music was lost somewhere. My peers also had mentioned they could not hear the audio very well on their end. I liked both audios …

  19. @maymaygodek

    Looking Ahead to Final Project


    A story I would like to share with the world is about my great grandfather who was a WW2 hero. His name was Thomas Dry Howie and he was a battlion commander for the 29th infantry division. His efforts were key in establishing a foothold in France after securing the …

  20. @jwcpsc

    Radio Shows Broadcasting


    It was really interesting listening to the radio shows being broadcasted because I got to see how everyone else conducted their shows and I compared that to how we did ours. I thought it was interesting how some groups did their show over zoom because I thought that would be …

  21. @jwcpsc

    Daily Creates Week Nine


    For my daily creates this week I decided to connect them to tell about my morning routine. So after I wake up (and lie in my bed for another half hour contemplating life), I like to stare at the flowers I have in my room and ask them if it’s …

  22. @Marie-Lynn

    Projects & Remixes


    This week was a fairly light week, which I appreciated after working on the radio projects. I honestly needed a short break after that project and all the other assignments I have been working on this week for other classes. However, I still appreciated the assignments we were required to …

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