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  1. @Becca82037979

    T/F: COVID-19 came from a woman eating a bat?


    This week my fellow group members and I researched the very popular myth that coronavirus came from a chinease woman eating a bat. This myth originated from a video of a chinease woman eating “Bat Soup” and holding a dead bat with her chopsticks. This video blew up and has …

  2. Downes

    Creeping Phlox


    May 29, 2020. These flowers are overflowing out of the little garden right in front of the house. It was another scorcher today, and yet I was indoors all day working extra hard to get a bunch of stuff done
  3. @lindshendric

    This Doesn’t Add Up..


    2.5 stars… Original Assignment: Contradiction Creation

    For this assignment, you were supposed to “Create some sort of graphic. Design the overall graphic to convey some sort of feeling or theme, but then have text saying something completely contradictory to the theme or feeling. Sort of like one of those old …

  4. Downes

    It’s Dead, Jim


    May 28, 2020. More record-breaking heat, and our 13-year old air conditioning unit has died and has to be replaced. These pandemic days have been really hard – not on us, but on our house, which for some reason has chosen these few months to show the signs of wear.…
  5. Downes



    May 26, 2020. The incredible heat wave continues. I made it out for a 25K ride in 33C heat. Today was otherwise planning and meeting day – I had sessions on Zoom, Teams and Meet. A multi-tool day.
  6. Downes

    Emma and Charlemagne


    May 27, 2020. I had big plans for today but instead spent the day writing a blog post. Time well spent, though. It was too hot outside to cycle, so I stayed in and comforted out cats – pictured here are Emma (top) and Charlemagne (bottom).
  7. @lindshendric

    The Great Massimo Vignelli


    I really liked this read. Before reading this article I had no idea who Massimo Vignelli was. I learned many things from reading this article. First that he created his own firm and many things he created most of us have seen many times in our lifetime!

    For example the …

  8. @Becca82037979

    Reflection of Week 2


    Woohoooo! Another week checked off and onto a nice relaxing weekend. I hope everyone is finding some joy in the weekends as we are finally entering phase 1 and leaving quarantine.

    This week I touched on a couple things, YouTube what it is/ where it came from and what different …

  9. Antonio Vantaggiato

    #inf115 wrapping up the New Media COVID class


    Wrapping up a nice semester split in two with a great groups of students. New Media (inf115) is a course of Sagrado, set up with a connected an open strategy, which borrows from the syndicated content model as well as from other social and connectivist learning approaches.

    But I am …

  10. blackops

    Chaos Gardening

    Chaos Gardening

    Gardens for food and beauty

    My dear friend Sue’s gardens have always been an inspiration for me.

    I’ve always wanted beautiful chaotic, mostly self maintaining flower gardens. You know, the kind where the flowers do their thing from year to year and your biggest job for maintenance is …

  11. @Sheefa_ahmed

    Working Remotely Isn’t Just About the Work


    With COVID-19, the business world has come to a fork in the road: Down one route, shuttered offices. Down the other, companies embracing remote work, showing us how businesses can survive — and thrive! — with a fully remote workforce. And that includes fostering strong team bonds and employee relationships; …

  12. Downes



    April 24, 2020. This is a frog I saved from being squashed by traffic by herding it from the road to a nearby wetland. Today’s ride felt tougher even though it was only 55 km, but then I found I did it at a pace of 19.4 kph which explains…
  13. @lindshendric

    What Happened This Week #1


    This week I feel like I completed most of the assignments very well. I really enjoyed doing the Daily Creates and starting to understand and learn more about the Visual Assignments. Things that gave me the most trouble this week was learning how to customize my blog. That took me …

  14. @lindshendric

    Trying New Things!


    As I have talked about before. I love photography. Some people like taking photos of people which I do.. but I love taking pictures of what I am seeing. For example beached, hiking views, some of my favorite places for example Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and especially Alcatraz.

    Most of …

  15. @lindshendric

    Reflection of Visual Storytelling


    This week we worked a lot with Visual Storytelling. We worked a good amount on different media Platforms. For example, other blog posts, Twitter, Flickr, WordPress, Visual Assignments and for me I used a good amount of Canva. Learned new things … Good Frustrated a bit but was also overwhelmed …

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