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  1. Downes

    Apple Blossoms


    May 13, 2021. I was sure a couple years ago that the crabapple tree was not long for this world, but it has rebounded and this year has given us a spectacular blossom. I finished up the autopost feature today (which was more complex than I would have liked, and…
  2. Downes

    Little Castor River


    May 12, 2021. I was able to get away for a brisk bike ride at the end of the day. This is the Little Castor River where it crosses a back road near Casselman. Today was Andrea’s vaccine day, so now we’re both partially protected (second jabs for both of…
  3. Peggy Herrick

    New Orleans Drawing Group


    This Week’s Watercolor

    When I was in New Orleans several years ago, I was invited to join a life drawing group by Sandra Burshell, a neighbor of the Airb&b where I stayed. The group met in the second floor over The Fair Grinds Coffee Shop that is a landmark in …

  4. Peggy Herrick

    A Pandemic Year


    February birthday Flowers in my New Albuquerque Home

    I may add a new page documenting my Pandemic Year in Gainesville before I totally revamp this site but, for now, I am writing a bit of history that should address my eighteen or so months of blog silence.

    In early 2020, …

  5. Downes

    Pink Trillium


    May 11, 2021. I saw a number of pink trilliums in Forest Park today on a bike ride after work (which for the record was cold and wet). Got some paperwork done this morning and wrote a blog post this afternoon; a good day overall. The 30 km bike ride…
  6. Downes



    May 10, 2021. These tiny flowers (see blades of grass for comparison) grow all over our front lawn and back. Far better than plain grass! Today started with a presentation to EDEN, and in the afternoon I wrote a section for a report on AI for learning in the public…
  7. Downes

    The Trail Looks a Little Wet


    May 9, 2021. We went for a hike in Pinhey Forest South today and found parts of the trail a little, um, wet. We had to trek through the brush to detour around this flooded bit. Still, it was a nice day, only a little rain and we found a…
  8. Downes

    Hidden Gem


    May 8, 2021. Riding in the rain on gravel today I discovered this hidden gem behind a cedar hedge half way between Tayside and Moose Creek. It’s on a little back road called Norman Drive, and there are several other beauties along this rode. Overall, went just over 40 km…
  9. Downes

    The Cap


    May 7, 2021. This is my well-worn Blue Jays cap sitting on the shelf behind my chair at the kitchen table. As you can see, the cats use that shelf a lot. Kind of a busy day today, all indoors, as I did a meeting and got actual working versions…
  10. @paceamorebella

    A peony for your picnic


    A few weekends ago my boyfriend Evan and I celebrated our 28th birthdays (Evan’s birthday is April 15th and mine is the 18th) with a picnic in the park. We drove up to the Santa Barbara Mission lawn early in the morning to set up and get the party started! …

  11. Downes

    Apple Blossoms


    May 6, 2021. These believe it or not were in the parking lot at a Tim Hortons. Nice day, a little cool, but good enough for a short walk. Did a disastrous video in the morning, then spent the afternoon figuring out what went wrong in the morning. Yes, I’ll…
  12. @actuallyjonathanpulido

    DS106 Advice


    The biggest advice I can give for this class is time management. The class is super fun especially the assignments, however if you don’t manage your time correctly, you won’t be able to enjoy the process behind creating those assignments. Also, enjoy the assignments, even if you have an hour …

  13. Downes

    Crabapple Blossoms


    May 5, 2021. The crabapple tree in the back yard has appeared to have regained its health and looks like it will give us a full tree of blossoms this year. If the photo appears a bit dark it’s because it was taken outdoors on another cold, wet and grey…
  14. cherishamari



    Hi, I’m Jessa, certified organizer, interior designer, & the founder of Serentopia!

    Deep inhale…& deep exhale. Attempting to create & maintain your ideal home environment can sometimes feel lonely & stressful. With the demands of modern day life, it’s highly unlikely that you have hour upon free hour to devote …

  15. @Digler21401

    Weekly Summary (4/2 – 4/9)


    Final month of school. Here we are. Its been a long trek to get here, but it has all been worth it. This week was better than last hands down. I got to think more about a final project and tweak somethings I plan on doing and I go to …

  16. @Digler21401

    Still Thinking Ahead…


    Looking Ahead

    Above is my first post about my project idea for the final project. I talked about making a presentation or vide about finding ones self and our desires of the person we want to become and relating everything to that story. I think something I will do differently …

  17. @Digler21401

    Weekly Summary (3/26 – 4/2)


    This week was a busy one. I have been struggling a lot with assignments and my work load in college, but also everything else. This class specifically was fun because I do enjoy making video assignments, but I just become such a stickler and a perfectionist with it all because …

  18. @Digler21401

    My Video Mission


    This week is the week I will show you my first video that I took actual time to edit and complete. This video was made to be like a kickstarter for my channel. I remember recording it and just winging it and improvising everything I said. I also remember when …

  19. @Digler21401

    Video Story


    I do not have enough to plan out and create something quickly, but I do have something I am a little scared to post about. A few years ago, I strived to become a full-time YouTuber because I thought it was the best job ever, making money by posting videos …

  20. Downes



    May 3, 2021. It was chilly and rainy all day but the tulips in the front yard added a nice splash of colour to the outdoors. I meanwhile spent the day chasing down a stupid Javascript problem that came out of nowhere to afflict my web project. It’s like that…
  21. @lkds106

    Audio (Week 5 Summary)

    It’s Audio Week!

    Radio Bumper

    This bumper was created using Audacity. I recorded my voice and then found a free source music track to place behind the talking. I used the Envelope Tool on Audacity to quiet the background music behind the speaking part, and used fade in and fade …

  22. @gonedigital_LKDS106

    Reading Movies (Week 10 Summary)

    It’s Video Week!

    Video Essay

    This assignment tasked us to take a scene from a movie and analyze it stylistically, not by the plot. Our readings this week posed questions about why movie/video makers choose to shoot scenes the way they do. What effects do these choices create? What elements …

  23. Downes

    White Trillium


    May 2, 2021. This is a white trillium, Ontario’s floral emblem, blossoming alongside the western train in Ottawa’s Greenbelt. This is the first time we’ve walked the trail. I have dozens of beautiful photos from the 13 km route from the Fallowfield rail station to the Rideau River and back…
  24. @gonedigital_LKDS106

    Looking Back (Week 9 Summary)


    This week, we were tasked with taking two of our old assignments and re-doing or remixing them in a new way. Below, you will see the results of that reflection and reinvention.

    Revisited Work #1: Now Vogue

    This visual assignment was to take a picture and turn it into a …

  25. Downes



    May 1, 2021. I was just riding by on a small dirt road and the white cow to the left came trotting up to greet me, followed by the other two, so I had to stop and say hi. It was cold and windy today but I put 40 km…
  26. Downes

    More Snow


    April 30, 2021. If you look closely you can see large white flakes of snow. It didn’t stay but that’s an indication of how awful the weather was. I finished off what was a pretty hard week by recording a video and learning about the HTML canvas element.
  27. @effyuwawa



    This has to be one of the most difficult yet rewarding videos I’ve edited this semester. I asked my siblings to send me a video for our mom for Mother’s Day and I got 2. Lol. But my friends came through and helped me out. I feel that this video …

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