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  1. Downes



    April 22, 2022. This is a field between Casselman and St. Albert. It was cool, but I did the 25km route today after work. Most fields aren’t showing a crop yet, but you can tell everything is ready for another growing season.
  2. Downes

    The View from the Trainer


    April 21, 2022. This is my view from the exercise bike in the morning. I toggle back and forth between CNN and Breakfast Television. Last week I took a week off to rest my sore obliques, but I’m back at it this week, gingerly. Today was another full day of…
  3. natalie

    On the Star Clipper – part I


    Chapter III from the book DESTINATION DESIRABLE

    With the tour guide’s excellent advice, the three finally arrived safely at the port in Laem Chabang after a four-hour ride with a private coach. They stood in front of the Star Clipper. A vast white sailing yacht with a decoration in the …

  4. Downes

    Parking Lot


    April 20, 2022. Happy 4-20. This is the parking lot at the Costco. I took it thinking how everything seemed blue, black and white. Such odd spring colours. Aside from picking up groceries, I spent the entire day (once again) on data literacy. I know; same thing every day, day…
  5. Downes



    April 19, 2022. I was thinking today what a world without plastic would look like. This is my sink in the downstairs bathroom, and almost everything on it is plastic (just the Gold Bond is metal). Some meetings today, but otherwise totally focused on data literacy. Almost done; making the…
  6. Downes



    April 18, 2022. These new Ravager tires arrived from Amazon and will hopefully be the answer to my tire needs for my Anticosti Island bikepacking expedition. This Easter Monday was spent working on data literacy and playing No Man’s Sky (which I’m streaming live on YouTube).
  7. @nalujoprojects

    Until then, from all of us here


    Well, this is it. The last week. Hopefully we’ve all come out a little wiser, a bit better at time management, and better equipped in the realm of digital storytelling. Of course, to fully appreciate how far we’ve come I suppose we should start in the traditional place, the beginning.…

  8. @annie_louthan

    Semester Reflection


    The past 14 weeks have flown by. It is Incredible to look back on all we have covered and learned this semester. From first just learning to make a blog too, to having just learning to make a blog to, to having a whole website up and running, to learn …

  9. @StarTaytu

    wow is this goodbye


    I came into this confused about all the things that were being thrown at me. I had to make a website??? a blog?? a twitter? what is daily create? But, I am leaving this class well-rounded in how to tell a story in so many forms with sounds, visuals, words, …

  10. @aislingberri

    How I Express Myself: A Final Project


    For my final week’s project, I wanted to make it about something extremely meaningful to me. Yet at the same time, I also wanted it to be a way that I could showcase the abilities that I’ve acquired throughout this course. So, I decided to make my final week’s project …

  11. @mellis_5

    Wrap up


    This semester in ds106 was nothing like I thought it was going to be. I’m not sure what I was expecting or even what digital storytelling was exactly, but boy do I know now. It’s using all forms of media as a way to creatively tell a story, these mediums, …

  12. @Tillysisland

    Thank You, DS106


    This final week, I want to keep the blog post short and sweet. This semester has been an absolute rollercoaster of emotions, full of various projects and resulting in an incredible amount of knowledge soaked up along the way. This class has been unlike any other I’ve taken and was …

  13. achowfin

    Earth Day 2022


    India has stepped into its 75th year of Independence and there is a feeling of change in the air; Azadi ka Amrit Mohotsav is displayed in prominent places and recently I spotted it at the Ahmedabad airport. I thought it was opportune to visit the city over the Easter break …

  14. @MeMcMe3

    Week 14, The Summary


    It’s hard to believe that it’s been 14 weeks since the beginning of this class. It feels like we just started. This was my first fully self paced class I’ve taken, so it was definitely an interesting ride trying to get used to the many different elements of the course. …

  15. @JHolburd

    The Final Curtain


    BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front):  From this course, I gained a tremendous amount of capabilities to tell stories in the digital world but also left a lot on the table. 

    When I first started the semester, there was a wide, open space in my mind, not knowing what I’d be …

  16. plowenthal

    Inclusive Distance Education for Learners with Dis/Abilities


    Leading up to, and now moving through the COVID-19 Pandemic, educational institutions at all levels were developing a greater awareness of learners with diverse physical, emotional and learning challenges (de Bruin 2019; Sniatecki, et al., 2015; Kocdar & Bozkurt, 2022; Weedon & Riddell 2016). Despite the heightened awareness, educational opportunities …

  17. @katiereif6

    That’s All, Folks!


    I spent this class making. I’m one of those people who’s always coming up with ideas for projects but never completes them, but this shows just how much I was able to make I learned how to use new software, and I got better at using software I’ve used before. …

  18. @ammmybrookeee

    I did in fact learn something this semester


    Starting off this semester, I knew the bare minimum when it came to any sort of audio, video, and photo editing. You name it, I probably didn’t know how to do it. After many struggles (lots of procrastination, YouTube tutorials, and complaining), I really think I did the impossible. I …

  19. @ammmybrookeee

    Prada & Pride Book Talk


    FINALLY. My final project is finished.

    This final took me a while to do because I had no clue how I wanted to set it up. I wanted it to be more like a podcast style, but it seemed really boring/confusing if I just did sound rather than some sort …

  20. @cooper_llindsay

    The Story of My Semester


    Throughout this journey in DS106 I have really surprised myself. In the beginning I was very skeptical and doubtful that I would be able to succeed in this class. I was not at all confident in my abilities to do digital assignments because of the limited knowledge and experience I …

  21. @incbesh

    VideoPress, Take 3


    We promised you “more is coming” in our latest update—and now more is here. More features that make the finest video service for WordPress even more powerful. You can upload more content with less effort, reach more audiences, and keep sharing more of what inspires you. In this video, we’ll …

  22. @ChianeseCecilia

    Week 14: That’s A Wrap


    Let’s take a trip down memory lane… spring semester 2022

    Did you make something that you wouldn’t have thought possible a few months ago? 

    Before taking this class I did not think I would be able to do a lot of things I have done now. However, I think the …

  23. @StarTaytu

    Faith or Fate?


    “Alright, I’ll see you tommorow,” I yelled as I ran to my car. My best friend replied, “Bye Holly!” My best friend, Isaac doesn’t play any sports but he always stays after school to watch my practices and my games. He’s such a thoughtful friend.

    …I love soccer but honestly, …

  24. @MeMcMe3

    Final Meaning


    For my final project, I decided to define what “art” means to me. I see a lot of definitions about what many different people do, and don’t consider art. What immediately comes to mind is the controversy of artists such as Andres Serrano, and the like. What they created was …

  25. @CeliaSdigitally

    My Story – A Semester Summary


    As I embarked on my journey into ds106 and the creative world, I was contemplating what I would do for each of these assignments and if I would be able to do them. At the start of the semester, I was weary, shy, and did not know much about creativity. …

  26. @Bendire Thrasher

    And Then The End {Amen}


    Welcome to the infamous, the legendary, the spectacular DS106 Roller Coaster Ride! On this interactive trip, we will take you all around the highs lows and middles of this here semester of Digital Storytelling in Spring 2022. 

    First, we will start off with the best place to begin, the beginning! …

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