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  1. Downes

    Forest Floor


    July 19, 2021. These are tiny tiny flowers found on a forest floor when I was out for my ride today (I used the macro lens to get the shot). I have no idea what they are, but I like them. 58 hard fought kilometers today in steamy summer weather…
  2. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    What I’ve learned


    Let’s see here… What have I learned? I guess the main thing I would do if I were to take the class over is to just man up and just do the proper introductions, even if they could be used against me later in the future. I would also do …

  3. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Cover art


    I did a hand sketch of this before moving to my laptop to color it in via krita. Now the assignment that I drew my inspiration, stated I should re-design a book cover. I figured, take it into my own hands and make the cover of my short story.

    I …

  4. @Luna Mare, The storyteller



    The way I wrote my name and did my logo is how I usually sign my work. Don’t you guys go stealing it now as I change it ever so slightly in every post! I even named my blog after being ‘a storyteller’. Lm of the url means Luna Mare …

  5. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Maverick’s Backstory


    Everyone has a story behind them, even if they are bad. Sometimes even the bad guys were good guys once too, before they turned bad. It was just society that made them who they were. Some villains are just that way because they couldn’t be saved. I thought it would …

  6. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Ember’s After Story


    This audio piece I made in the case I decided to have Maverick/Ember end up being turned over to the police. Which is certainly possible in the afterword. Bella could have just as easily been lying just to get out of that situation. The point of this, is that I …

  7. @Luna Mare, The storyteller



    Were once enemies
    Caring about the other
    Turned them to best friends

    A little haiku summarizing the Firelight Story. I don’t know what I thought this one would be fun, but I did it because everyone needs a summary to a long story.…

  8. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Book trailer


    This book trailer is to advertise the final project story, which is shared for the tell it/tweet it post. It defiantly unusual for a book trailer to be told in Minecraft, but it’s not usually the video that shares the story of a book, it’s the content. I did not …

  9. Downes



    July 17, 2021. It’s hollyhock season in Avonmore, where I stopped briefly on a leisurely 55 km ride today. The weather was low and damp, but we were only at the edge of the rain system and aside from a few drops I felt nothing at all. First day of…
  10. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Telling & Tweeting it


    Keep in mind, the following story I made for as a friend’s birthday gift. This is just a rough draft of what I plan to work on further in the future. There’s a lot to it.
    This story is what I will be using for my final project. The inspiration …

  11. Downes

    Glengarry Sports Palace


    July 15, 2021. This is Billy Gebbie Arena, part of the Glengarry Sports Palace, in Alexandria, where we drove today so Andrea could get her second vaccine. I took a short walk around (very short, as her process was very fast) and dropped my 300 lens on the sidewalk. The…
  12. Downes

    St. Albert Cheese Cooperative


    July 14, 2021. This cheese cooperative is an historical operation making some of the finest cheeses in the world. It’s a regular stop on my bike rides. I took this photo to add to the public record via WikiShootMe but it proved utterly impossible to figure out how to add…
  13. @Sheefa_ahmed

    6 Ways Courses Help You Grow

    by experts invite you to join our community-driven courses to get your blog or podcast started, launched, or taken to the next level. Join today for on-demand content, access to a course community of peers, weekly office hours with our dedicated experts, and virtual meet-ups to connect with other learners …

  14. Downes



    July 13, 2021. We have an outbreak of beetles in the back yard – they’re munching on this berry tree along with the willow and the ash. Their bright golden shells glinting in the sun were what caught my eye. Today was mostly a catch-up day, with one meeting and…
  15. zenas suitcase

    Best Hiking Boots & Shoes for Kids


    Grab a pair of the best kids’ hiking boots and the outdoor world is your oyster! A decent pair of children’s hiking boots or shoes will keep young feet dry and comfortable. Good ones can also help to ensure that their feet continue to develop naturally. If you’re a family …

  16. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Look, Listen, Analyze

    The scene I choose

    Camera work:
    There was nine switches in the camera view. The quality of light could have been better, but this is someone who appears to do this for fun so it makes sense they don’t have a professional light or professional scene where they could record …

  17. Downes

    The Monarch


    July 12, 2021. This solitary monarch butterfly was flitting around our back yard today, obviously interested in our milkweed plantation. It was nice and warm in the sun when I took this photo, but I still had a bit of a post-vaccine headache so I did get out biking.

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