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  1. Downes



    September 20, 2020. This is a roma tomato. I try to have two of these each day (sometimes I run out, and sometimes Costco is out of stock). Today was a quiet day – I wrote a section on a paper, watched the ball game, that’s about it.
  2. sgrubbs2

    Rapid Methods Of Cuban Girls Across The Usa


    Oxfam has been working in Cuba since 1993 with local members who help equitable and sustainable improvement tasks. A lady who doesn’t hide her feelings is sincere and reveals what the feels is nice in a relationship, and you’ll appreciate when you resolve up to now a girl from Cuba. …

  3. Downes



    September 18, 2020. I’ve been enjoying a number of British comedy shows on YouTube recently, including ‘8 out of 10 cats does Countdown’ and ‘Taskmaster’ (they’re delayed by about three years, so the current events shows are useless). Today, as I stated in a Twitter post, I spent the day…
  4. Downes

    The Metro


    September 17, 2020. I spent a good ten hours writing my post ‘Boxing gRSShopper’ but it was crucial to have a record of the steps involved. I took a break in the middle, though, to go to the store; this is me sitting in the car waiting for Andrea in…
  5. Downes

    Emma Saying Goodbye


    September 16, 2020. Any time I go to the basement or to the garage Emma scoots over to say goodbye to me through the stair railing. Her choice of railing isn’t always smart; there’s a 12 foot drop under this bit of railing (the cats have torn down the cardboard…
  6. @Michael Dietrich

    Mini Project 1: Nebraska


    I finally reach the hill. I look out onto the horizon. Nothing but farmland for miles. That was a common sight in Nebraska, but I always loved it. Something about the simplicity just seemed so calming to me, ever since I was a little kid. I’ve always come here whenever …

  7. Downes

    Voyageur Provincial Park


    September 19, 2020. It was pretty cool today when I set out from the Laggan School parking lot for a ride to Voyageur Provincial Park and back, but it was never really unpleasant and I managed an enjoyable 101 km on a beautiful brisk fall day.
  8. sgrubbs2

    Courting One Particular Girl


    Oahu single’s go with a far more casual method with regards to dating than Mainland counterparts. We have been very culturally diversified, culturally rich and restricted knit we appreciate venturing out on days so we will almost certainly hit into someone who you grew up with or perhaps your neighbor …

  9. sgrubbs2

    The The Best Cbd Oil For Sleep, Anxiety, Pain, And Insomnia … PDFs

    The The Best Cbd Oil For Sleep, Anxiety, Pain, And Insomnia … PDFs

    OverviewCannabidiol (CBD) is actually a form of cannabinoid, a chemical located normally in marijuana (marijuana and hemp) plants. CBD doesn’t cause the “high” feeling often affiliated with cannabis. That sensation is actually triggered by tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a …

  10. sgrubbs2

    Legale Online Slots

    Baedeker Reiseführer Lissabon: mit GROSSEM CITYPLAN

    Mai 2020 im hr2, es folgen Sendungen am 6. Die Verlauf wurde gefördert durch das Land Hessen, Ministerium für Episteme und Kunst, sowie mit freundlicher Hilfe der Kulturämter der Städte Offenbach und Stadt am Main. Maily #308 – Obacht, Kurz-Kritik. Manchmal fragt man sich …

  11. @Kim



    Arkin, Daniel. “Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks on the Legacy of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ The Oscar-winning director and star look back on the seminal, kinetic World War II drama.” NBC News, May 31, 2019.

    Auster, Albert. “Saving Private Ryan and American Triumphalism.” Journal of Popular Film & Television 30, 2 …

  12. Downes

    Geraniums in Standing Pond Water


    September 15, 2020. I was taking more photos for the insurance company and noticed our geraniums struggling in pond water after the recent rains. I know the geraniums don’t like it, but I couldn’t resist a photo of the water, which has formed into an ecosystem of its own. More…
  13. Downes



    September 14, 2020. Yesterday (Sunday) was a work day, making videos, and so was today, gRSShopper coding. I’m also taking pictures all through the house for our insurance company, which can’t send assessors around any more because Covid. This is one of our interior angles, the stairs and walkway up…
  14. Downes

    The Pantry


    September 13, 2020. Exactly six months ago we started social distancing for the pandemic. Through late January and early February I had been stocking our makeshift pantry with essentials, just in case. It wasn’t a huge stockpile, but the idea was to have a month’s worth of emergency food –…
  15. Downes



    September 11, 2020. This is a ratty old rose at the Shoppers in Ottawa, where we went in the afternoon for groceries and such (the Costco is right across the street from it now).
  16. plowenthal

    Special Issue “Pivoting from Diversity Toward Transformative Scholarship and Practice for Advancing Equity in Higher Education”

    Special Issue Editors Dr. Sylvia Hurtado Website
    Guest Editor School of Education and Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521, USA
    Interests: campus racial climates; diversity in higher education; diversifying the science, engineering, mathematics, and the biomedical workforce; organizational change and transformation Dr. Krystle Palma Cobian Website
  17. @

    Who is a Clinical Psychologist


    Everyone has days when they don’t feel like themselves. This is considered normal since these feelings do not last long and usually disappear by themselves. However, this is not the case for everybody. For some, these feelings are persistent and could easily be an indicator of a major mental problem. …

  18. @

    Nursing Career and Education


    One of the most sought after careers is nursing. The perks associated with this prestigious career are definitely worth it for people who are ambitious. Before you settling for a career in nursing, it is highly advisable that you explore all there is in matters nursing career and education. If …

  19. @

    Duties of a Registered Nurse


    Professional success is achieved when a nursing students earns the ‘registered nurse’ title. However, just like any other esteemed position, the duties of a registered nurse are demanding. It is therefore advisable that you understand what is expected of registered nurses.

    (a)    Assess the condition of the patients

    (b)   Record …

  20. @

    What Do Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses Do


    Psychiatric mental health is one of the most popular specialties in nursing but the big question is What Do Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses Do? In this field, the registered nurses work closely with the individuals, groups, families and even communities in assessing the patients’ mental health needs. Psychiatric mental health …

  21. @

    Why is Diversity in Nursing Important


    Many nursing students wonder why diversity is so important in nursing hence all the more reason to shed light on it. Through diversity, nurses are handed the opportunity to deliver quality health care to their patients. Diversity comes in all forms; disability, race, age, veteran status, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual …

  22. @

    Registered Nurse Salaries

    Average Registered Nurse Salaries in the United States

    How much do registered nurses earn? This is a common question that nursing students often find themselves thinking about. Well, registered nurses receive a median annual wage of $68, 450. The term median wage means that half of the workers in an …

  23. @

    Types of Registered Nurses


    Nursing has a lot of perks but one of the best things about it is that you can work where you are most comfortable. Answering your call for nursing will direct you to where your passion is needed the most. IN this case, it is highly advisable that you familiarize …

  24. plowenthal

    Call for Chapters: Transforming Teachers’ Online Pedagogical Reasoning for Teaching K-12 Students in Virtual Learning Environments


    Call for Chapters
    Transforming Teachers’ Online Pedagogical Reasoning for Teaching K-12 Students in Virtual Learning Environments

    Margaret (Maggie) Niess
    Oregon State University
    [email protected]

    Henry Gillow-Wiles
    Oregon State University
    [email protected]

    Submission details
    Submit proposals to:
    Proposal submission deadline: October 24, 2020
    Notification of acceptance: November 7, 2020
    Full chapters …

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