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  1. natalie

    Merry Christmas everyone – lyrics Shakin’ Stevens


    Snow is falling all around me
    Children playing having fun
    It’s the season of love and understanding
    Merry Christmas everyone

    Time for parties and celebration
    People dancing all night long
    Time for presents and exchanging kisses
    Time for singing

    Christmas songsWe’re gonna have a party tonight
    I’m gonna find that …

  2. Downes



    December 22, 2020. We had to make a trip into the city today to replace some medications that had run out, so we made it a Costco run as well, which means I was out walking looking for something to photograph. This is what I found. other than that, it…
  3. Downes



    December 20, 2020. I got some extra cables today and set up the KVM switch, so this is what my workspace looks like now, Alienware on the right and NRC computer on the left. It’s a nice cozy place for working or for playing video games. I also cleaned out…
  4. @paceamorebella

    surviving the holidays 101


    Holiday Hardships

    I don’t think it comes as a shock that the holidays can be a joyous time full of love and laughter, but that it can also be a time where greater anxiety, depression, and trauma surfaces and/or re-surfaces. Some individuals may not have intact family relations. So when …

  5. Downes



    December 19, 2020. This is just a weed along the railway tracks near the house. But it also has the honour of being the first photo loaded, edited and uploaded using my new Alienware computer. I had to tear myself away from my videogames in order to do it.
  6. Downes

    Display Ports


    December 16, 2020. This is the back of my Alienware, looking at the display ports (and HDMI) on my graphics card. It was too small for me to see easily so I just took the photo. I ordered a KVM switch (keyboard-video-mouse) so I can seamlessly work with this and…
  7. Downes

    Three Cats in a Box


    December 15, 2020. My new computer arrived today! This is the box it arrived in, which was of great interest to the cats. They were all lined up, all three looking at me, but when I went to take a photo Julia bailed. Morning was all meetings; afternoon was all…
  8. Downes

    Cat Couch


    December 14, 2020. This is a scene from my home office. We’ve installed a cat couch in it so they can sit in comfort and watch me work. They like it when I’m in meetings (as I was today) so they can hear me talk. I uploaded my 7th and…
  9. zenas suitcase

    How to Self Isolate When Returning to the UK


    If you are planning to travel it is important that you follow the latest government guidance around self isolation or quarantine when you return to the UK.  If the country, territory or region you are returning from is not on the travel corridor list you will be required to self …

  10. pransy

    Easy One Pot Vegatable Rice (Pulav) in Microwave.


    This is one of the easiest and laziest recipe to have a healthy meal when you just dont want to do anything.


    Cooked Rice ( 1/2 Cup)

    Mixed vegetbles of your choice ( 1/2 cup – chopped )

    Water 2 tbsp

    Oil 1 tsp

    Salt to taste

    Curry Powder …

  11. Downes



    December 13, 2020. We went out for a Sunday afternoon hike again today, this time back to Mer Bleue and familiar terrain. It was colder today, and the trail was mostly frozen, but there was like snow (though a lot of ice). Still beautiful. The best bit was spotting a…
  12. Downes

    Cart Corral


    December 12, 2020. Scene from inside the car while waiting for Andrea to get milk. The big news today is that my new computer, ordered back in November, is finally in transit. Should be here by next Friday. I did some work for a project, typed up the transcript for…
  13. Downes

    Thermostatic Mixing Valve


    December 11, 2020. This is a thermostatic mixing valve, the last bit of plumbing from this week, It began with cooler hot water, then was a leaky hot water tank, and finally this repair. I had honestly never heard of a thermostatic mixing valve before. But now I know all…
  14. Downes

    Traffic Cone of Love


    December 10, 2020. We took a quick trip in to the Costco and I indulged my new habit of taking a photo walk, and this time found these cones. We received a very large surprise in our mail today, one that left me speechless, and will make a big difference…
  15. @Michael Dietrich

    Final Project: The Dilemma


    I walked into my office and shut the door. I took a long sip of my black coffee. It was still piping hot. I sat down in my chair and turned on the small tv I keep in here. The news came on. As expected they were still covering the …

  16. Downes

    Snow-Covered Weed


    December 9, 2020. We had a good snowfall today creating a nice scene from the basement window into the background. Today I gave another online class, did some data literacy reading, and worked on converting presentations a bit more.
  17. Downes

    Black on Black


    December 8, 2020. I actually thought there were two black cats when I took this photo (just by reaching up with my camera – it was late) but it was only one. This week has been busy with multiple presentations – today, for example was my appearance at the Online…
  18. Downes

    Evening Light


    December 7, 2020. Started the day offering an online course, then jumped immediately into an online meeting, then spent the rest of the day working on my newsletter and fixing presentations. This was the scene outside my office window, another cold and windy winter day.
  19. Downes

    Electric Circuit


    December 6, 2020. I found what looked like a good walking route for a cold day and, as a bonus, found a place to plug in our car at the Fallowfield train station, where we would start. It was a new company, Electric Circuit (previously I’ve only charged the car…
  20. Downes



    December 6, 2020. This mural is on the side of the Ottawa Public Library in Gloucester. I think it’s quite good. It’s an outcome of a small life change – when we go to the Costco, instead of going to the pharmacy and getting a bag of chips and a…

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