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  1. @TurnerM000

    Project Ideas part 2


    After looking through some of my classmates project ideas, I have thought of some ways that we can maybe incorporate multiple ideas into singular cohesive themes? For example, here are some of my ideas based on the thoughts of fellow classmates: One student said “When I first watched Jordan’s Every …

  2. @TurnerM000



    For this assignment the instructions were: Show us your room! Use the boomerang app and take a boomerang of what your room looks like so we can see a quick snapshot of the whole thing! I did exactly that. This is a great way of story telling! In a quick …

  3. @TurnerM000

    Get ready with me!


    For this assignment the instructions were: Record yourself getting ready! Whether it be how you get ready for your day, ready for bed, ready for an event, makeup look, etc. See if you can edit the video to speed through parts that may take a second and create a voice …

  4. @sunglasses260

    Dylan Elise Reaction


    Earlier this week, as I was looking through the ds106 video assignments, the assignment “DS106ers React!” caught my eye.

    I’ve watched plenty of reaction videos before (usually reactions to music videos or music in general). They’re very entertaining, especially when it’s music I love. Because of this, I decided to …

  5. @TurnerM000

    Crochet Beanie Tutorial!


    For this assignment the instructions were: You probably have watched at least one arts and crafts video in your life. Now is your chance to make your own! Record yourself making a fun arts and crafts project tutorial. Make sure you use voice overlay with step by step instructions and …

  6. @TurnerM000

    Highlight Reels (but video games!)


    For this assignment the instructions were:  Channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athlete, set it to some music and add an intro.  Taking inspiration from some of the other video assignments available in the assignment bank, I am doing a little twist on this and …

  7. @lucyschraff

    What I Eat In A Day


    For my second video assignment this week, I did a what I eat in a day video.

    For this video, I recorded everything I ate this Wednesday, and compiled it into one video. I used iMovie to make this video.

    First, I added all my clips into a new project …

  8. @lucyschraff

    Lyric Video (Hold In, Hold On by Kid Bloom)


    For one of my Video Assignments from the assignment bak I decided to create a lyric video for the song Hold In, Hold On by Kid Bloom.

    For this assignment, I used I movie to create it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to add a a background to the video after …

  9. @AJSt0rm

    Time Flies When You’re Having Fun


    Well, we’ve reached the end of video week part 2, and what a week it has been. From Daily Creates to Random Word Stories, this week has been exciting. The video editing projects weren’t all Disney this time, but I still loved working on them. Let me break it down …

  10. @ken28410163

    Activity Time Lapse


    For this 2 star assignment we were tasked to capture ourselves completing an activity using time lapse. I captured myself working on some DS106 assignments.…

  11. @Rachel91499872

    Final Project Idea


    I was impressed with everyone’s ideas for their final project. Everyone seems to have a firm grasp at their own ideas and they want to do for their final project. I, on the other hand, am having a hard time deciding what to do for my final project. Though the …

  12. @ken28410163

    5 Second Clip


    For this 4 star assignment I had to create a clip that was 5 seconds long! Mine is actually a little longer than 5 but its really funny and its kind of like a meme but made into a video. Hope you all enjoy!…

  13. @ken28410163

    Everyday Modern Marvels


    For this 4 star assignment I had to create a quick video based on the same theme as TV shows such as Modern Marvels or How It’s Made. I chose to film myself going through the process of making tea. Once I recorded the video I was able to organize …

  14. @mto_morgan

    Week 11 Summary


    Wow what a week. I loved working on assignments outside of the assignment bank because I was able to work on topics that interest me. I do like doing the assignments from the assignment bank as well, but it was refreshing being able to work on some different stuff this …

  15. @MoB4884

    Week 11 !!


    This week was probably the most challenging week for me. I had a lot of issues with my video editing, and I’m not completely happy with how they turned out. My phone AND my laptop decided that their storage was full (what a bunch of bull), so it was really …

  16. @mto_morgan

    Rocket League Montage


    So this is another assignment this week that I decided to make that is not listed on the assignment bank. This video is a clip montage from some of my gameplay in a popular game called, Rocket League. I lost a lot of clips this year, but still had enough …

  17. @MoB4884

    Socks During the Apocalypse?


    This assignment was probably my favorite from this week. I kind of turned it into a joke and got a little silly with it, but I had a lot of fun thinking about the things I would keep in my socks to carry around with me. Please enjoy my goofy …

  18. @MoB4884

    Get to Know Me!


    This video was a lot of fun to make. I got to answer some really fun and interesting questions from my co-workers and my friends! I loved this type of interview video and for a moment, I kind of felt like one of those YouTube stars that does this for …

  19. @MoB4884

    Tell Me Something I Don’t Know


    This assignment was a lot of fun because I got to talk about something I am passionate about – the oceans! I loved these fun facts I found and some of them were actually pretty interesting. I had a tough time editing this video because my computer AND phone decided …

  20. @mto_morgan

    My Puppies


    For this week I decided to do a couple assignments of my own. This assignment is essentially a time line of all the puppies that have joined the family over the past 3 years.

    For this assignment I used lightworks for the video editing and the content I have acquired …

  21. @mcarney__

    Weekly Summary #11


    Weekly Summary: 4/2-21 – 4/9/21

    Week 11 consisted of completing 10 more stars of video assignments, three daily creates, a post about our ideas for the final project, and commenting on people’s pages and voting for best work of the week. This week was pretty straightforward which I liked. I …

  22. @mto_morgan

    Project Ideas Part 2


    Okay, so this time I have come up with a completely different idea.

    I want to create an interactive timeline that could involve a couple different things.

    1.) I could do a timeline showing videos and telling stories from growing up

    2.) I could do a timeline of my work …

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