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    New Patterns: Headers, Footers, Link in Bio, and More


    Have you used Patterns on your site yet? 

    These prebuilt, customizable templates combine professionally-designed blocks for specific uses like stylized quotes, contact page layouts, and product listings. But that’s just the beginning. All told, we have more than 260 Patterns you can insert into your pages and posts at the …

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    5 Ways to Become a “Pro” with Professional Email


    Small business professionals and owners spend a lot of time on email. Each email is an important piece of communication and could contribute to your business in many ways, like building relationships, selling your products, giving a great customer experience, building your brand, growing revenue, and much more. 

    Speaking with …

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    VideoPress, Take 3


    We promised you “more is coming” in our latest update—and now more is here. More features that make the finest video service for WordPress even more powerful. You can upload more content with less effort, reach more audiences, and keep sharing more of what inspires you. In this video, we’ll …

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    Say Hello to WordPrompts!


    Earlier this year, we kicked off 2022 with Bloganuary, a daily blogging challenge during the month of January. The feedback we received about the challenge was overwhelmingly positive, and it’s clear that prompts serve as a helpful way to inspire people to write and to connect with other bloggers.…

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    Celebrating Black History Month


    For much of Black history in the US, a lot of stories have gone untold. As we wrap up Black History Month, our team at Automattic — the company behind WordPress.com — wanted to share how we celebrated with our fellow colleagues. Throughout February, our Black/African Descent employee resource group, …

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    Get Early Access to Full Site Editing!


    A big change is coming to WordPress to make it easier than ever to create websites called Full-Site Editing. You can be one of the first to try it exclusively on WordPress.com, before it gets merged into core open source WordPress with the upcoming release of WordPress version 5.9. 

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    Live from New York … It’s State of the Word!


    Yesterday saw the return to a live State of the Word annual address, broadcast to the world from our new NoHo event space in New York City! Suited up and re-energized by a recent trip to Antarctica, Matt delivered his thoughts on the state of WordPress in 2021 and made …

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    VideoPress Remake


    Introducing the new VideoPress. Still the finest video service for WordPress—now even better.

    Video is one of the most powerful tools on the web. It can spark ideas, emotions, conversations, sales, and much more. VideoPress already offers people the ability to upload and serve hours of high-quality video flawlessly around …

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    Make Your Best Photos Shine


    We’ve recently launched an upgraded photo carousel experience that takes photo viewing to the next level on mobile devices. Now your visitors can swipe, zoom, and double-tap with ease and get the best look at those beautiful snaps!

    Video Overview

    Here’s a short video overview of using the photo carousel …

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    New Theme: Twenty Twenty One


    Twenty Twenty One is the latest WordPress default theme, which is now available to all WordPress.com sites. Designed by Mel Choyce-Dwan, the muted tones and timeless design will let your work shine.

    Twenty Twenty One takes advantage of all the latest features of the Block Editor — the new …

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    Make Your Business More Accessible with New Blocks


    From our support sessions with customers each month, we know that growing your brand or business is a top website goal. And in this unprecedented time in which more people around the world are staying at home, it’s important to promote your products and services online to reach a wider …

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    Join us in a Digital Climate Strike


    With fires raging in the Amazon, hurricanes ripping across the Atlantic, and typhoons flooding Japan, our planet and our climate are sending us a message: We can no longer continue with business as usual.

    The week starting September 20th, 350.org is organizing a Global Climate Strike, in association with …

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    WordPress.com’s Parent Company Announces Happy Tools, a New Suite of Products for the Future of Work


    Distributed teams, different geographies, and complex dynamics are redefining the modern workday. Soon, “job perks” like flexible hours and work-from-anywhere will become table-stakes benefits that every company needs to offer to stay competitive.

    WordPress.com’s parent company Automattic has long been ahead of this curve, growing a global software company of …

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    Free Domain Privacy Protection


    Keeping your data safe is as important to us as it is to you. Privacy protection for domains that are registered at WordPress.com is now free, so you don’t have to choose between your site and your security.

    What is domain privacy protection?

    When you register a new domain, you …

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