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  1. Downes

    Bike Ride


    April 10, 2023. This is my bike[packing bike, out on it’s first real run, a 45km loop on gravel roads south of town. Here’s my recording on RideWithGPS.. I like the way it pits in the locations of the pictures. But it’s weird how it has me finishing at…
  2. Downes



    April 8, 2023. Scene from the qualifying rounds at the world men’s curling championships. We won free tickets from CAA and it was better than I thought it would be. We were seated in a ‘loge’, which is basically a private box with nice chairs, a table, and free food…
  3. Downes



    April 7, 2023. Yes, I had a chocolate Easter bunny for lunch. No, not one of these – a kilogram of chocolate is too much even for me. I made too with a 200 gram bunny. It was a stay-at-home and try to recover day today. I watched a couple…
  4. Downes

    The Storm


    April 6, 2023. This is a red-winged blackbird departing the feeding area mid-afternoon near the end of the ice storm. Today was mostly the aftermath, with half an inch of ice covering everything and the power being out all day. Andrea and I spent the day successfully preventing the basement…
  5. Downes

    Ice Storm


    April 5, 2023. This is a view of the ice building up in the back before my window was covered with a layer of ice. We had thunder, lightning and freezing rain, the first instance of thunder-ice since 1985. It got worse and worse and then around 9 the power…
  6. Downes



    April 4, 2023. CSECV building as seen on my walk to the office for my first day back in the office after the pandemic. I dropped my car off to have the tires changed (and to argue with them about the trailer hook they never delivered, and then about the…
  7. Downes



    April 3, 2023. This is some carrot-giner soup with added veggies, chili flakes and salmon. Delicious! We picked it up yesterday at the Farm Boy in Cornwall. Today was an indoor day – I finally finished my report and sent it in (no doubt changes and corrections will be needed,…
  8. Fred Haas

    Rereading Moffett – Month Three


    I have some ambivalence about Moffett’s statement on drama, “Drama is the most accessible form of literature for young and uneducated people.” As someone who has a BFA in theatre, I see a lot of merit in the statement. Still, I also wonder about music, especially the kinds of narrative …

  9. @Sheefa_ahmed

    Twitter Functionality is Restored


    The earlier reported outage has been resolved. Twitter is working again for Jetpack Social and all other functionalities that depend on Twitter. All Jetpack Social connections to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be used as usual. 

    We are working with Twitter directly to ensure this service keeps running without …

  10. @incbesh

    Why Twitter Isn’t Working With Your Blog (Right Now)


    On April 3, Twitter suspended’s access to the Twitter API without warning. As a result, Jetpack Social — the built-in tool that we use to auto-share your posts to social media — is currently broken for Twitter. This means that auto-posting to Twitter via is not actively working. …

  11. @emmab0923

    Reflective Writing 5: The Gender Gap


    The gender imbalance is a problem in the computer science field because there is a pool of talent that is not being tapped into. It’s also a problem because there is a shortage of computer science people, but this wasn’t always the case. There was a balance of men and …

  12. Downes



    April 2, 2023. We went for an 11 km walk along the St. Lawrence River waterfront today. It was far colder than I expected, with a brisk wind that cut through my jacket. Still, it was a good walk and quite scenic.
  13. Downes

    Out For a Ride


    April 1, 2023. It actually got pretty warm today, especially in the bright sunshine, and I was able to get out for an actual bicycle ride. It was pretty slow since I’m warming up the new bike on gravel, and the shoulders were soft from all the rain and snow.…
  14. Downes

    Palm Tree and Snow


    March 31, 2023. March ended with a snowstorm, visible behind the palm tree in my office. I’m ready for winter to be finished now. Spent the full day on my tech barriers report. Not quite done but it will be off my desk by Monday.
  15. Downes

    Opening Day


    March 30, 2023. Another season of Blue Jays baseball started this afternoon. The marathon slugfest was decided only when Vladdy drove in the tenth run with a deep fly ball. Otherwise, my full day was spend working on the tech barriers project, which is nearly complete.
  16. Downes

    Nation River


    March 29, 2023. This is the Nation River near the 417, seen on a quick noon-hour bike ride (taking advantage of a few warm hours while we had them). Up early this morning, did a bunch of work on the tech barriers, then a meeting, then more work, and finally…
  17. Downes



    March 28, 2023. This is the Bridgehead at Rideau Centre – we stopped there on the way to the hospital, where it was my turn to see the doctor (I’m still dealing with this awful itch). The star of this photo is the little yellow duck on the coffee machine.…
  18. Downes

    Riverside Professional Centre cafeteria


    March 27, 2023. This nice little cafe is just inside the front door of the Riverside Professional Centre; I have a gyro and pasta salad, and gave my coke to the guy in the picture (who in turn filled me in on conflicts in the Ottawa panhandling scene). I was…
  19. Downes



    March 26, 2023. I was up bright and early this morning – early enough to catch the sunrise – and this is what it looked like as reflected on my computer screen from the east-facing window behind me. I spent more time on my tech barriers project today, and because…
  20. @Sheefa_ahmed

    WordPress wallpapers


    Has your desktop been looking a bit drab lately? If so – or if you’d just like to show a little WordPress love – we’ve got just the remedy: 30 one-of-a-kind WordPress desktop wallpapers to breathe new life into your backgrounds.

    The wallpapers Download and install

    To add a wallpaper …

  21. Downes

    So Tired of Snow


    March 25, 2023. I actually made a couple of TikToks on the subject. This is my front yard, still covered with snow, on March 25. No wonder we don’t have flowers! I also show some video of a woodpecker in a snowstorm. On March 25! I spent a full day…
  22. Downes

    Northern Lights


    March 24, 2023. I went out several times to look for the northern lights, and maybe I saw them, very faintly, or maybe it was clouds. This was one last look out the window on a Friday night looking for them, and not seeing anything. A full day on the…
  23. Downes

    A Train in the Fog


    March 23, 2023. It was above zero and rainy today, which produced a fog as the snow sublimated. In the distance I could hear a train coming. But because of the dim light and the motion and all, I wasn’t able to get a good shot as it went by,…

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