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  1. plowenthal

    Educational Technology Conferences 2022 & 2023


    The following list was adapted from Clayton R. Wright’s Educational Technology and Education Conferences List #48. Please refer to Wright’s complete list for other conferences as well as each conference website for more details. Each year I attend AECT, AERA, and 1-2 other local or regional conferences. I use this …

  2. Downes



    November 13, 2022. Last May while bikepacking I had to take shelter from a derecho ( ) – a long storm that devastated eastern Ontario. A lot of forest areas were closed after, including Pine Grove, which was especially hard hit. This was our first time back and it’s…
  3. Downes

    No Man’s Sky


    November 12, 2022. Today was an indoor day spent playing No Man’s Sky for the most part. I’m trying to find the fastest way possible to go to the next galaxy (today wasn’t it). It’s so nice having an Alienware computer that can handle all the demands the newer games…
  4. Downes

    Cosmic Adventures


    November 10, 2022. We had to make an emergency run into the drug store today and Andrea remarked on the blotted out sign, which is indeed a bit of an oddity. The weather has been so nice this week but it has been all about work and errands. Arctic proposal…
  5. Downes



    November 9, 2022. This is some tree-like thing on out front lawn. It’s right at the centre, it’s pretty ugly, but it seems to be thriving. Worked on background reading for the instructional models project today, and also working toward getting a community-led Arctic project funded.
  6. Downes

    Charlemagne Reaching


    November 7, 2022. Charlemagne is a very long cat, which means that when he gets up on hind legs (as he often does) he’s a very tall cat… almost as tall as the railing. Today was a day for catching up on a mountain of work after being sick for…
  7. Downes



    November 4, 2022. Didn’t sleep a wink. Up at dawn to start a day of nothing. This is dawn in the back yard. Sick day number 3 – feeling better but I’m not used to being sick. This may be the longest sick break I’ve taken in 20 years at…
  8. Downes

    Dead Leaves


    November 3, 2022. Dead leaves in the back yard. That’s all I’m capable of today; I’m just proud I was able to step out the door for a few minutes. Sick day number 2. Spent most of the day sleeping.
  9. Downes

    Full Sized Bars


    October 31, 2022. We were the ‘full sized bars’ house at Halloween this year. Sadly, there were no trick-or-treaters (I think we’re watching the very end of that tradition). p.s. sorry about the delays uploading (and the gaps in photo-a-day) but what with illness and all else, I’ve been remiss.…
  10. @Sheefa_ahmed

    Celebrating 200 Websites With Out in Tech!


    In September, our team celebrated 200 websites built with Out in Tech, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating career and networking opportunities for LGBTQ+ folks in the tech industry. Since 2017, Automattic and have been proud partners of Out in Tech. Through our partnership, we work together with volunteers to build …

  11. Downes



    October 30, 2022. We went to the Canadian Premier League final today. Our team lost to Hamilton, but the city was the big winner as we put 14,992 people in the stands, which for league soccer in Canada is a pretty big deal. It was interesting to compare this game…
  12. Downes



    October 29, 2022. It was the last game of the season today and our last hope to see a win. Did we see one? No. The team went a perfect 0-9 at home this year. Maybe next year; the games are still fun and I hear that winning makes them…
  13. Downes

    Cat and Railing


    October 28, 2022. Anyone who lives with cats knows that their lives are regulated by the carts. There’s ‘string time’, ‘lunch time’, and as illustrated here, ‘the petting zone’, meaning I must go downstairs at routine times and pause to play with at least one cat through the railing. In…
  14. Downes

    Frost Damage


    October 27, 2022. These plants are (or were) growing in the back yard, right up against the house, but as you can see, we had a couple of hard frosts this week and now they’re just husks of their former shelves. Wrapped up work on the bookmarklet today, niggling over…
  15. Downes



    October 26, 2022. I liked the way the tree stood out against the clouds in the background in this early morning shot (it doesn’t really come out in the photo – the Pixel 4 is good but I’m pining for a new Pixel 7 pro, not yet in stock at…
  16. achowfin

    Marge’ah-Refreshing Hope


    You have heard me wax poetic about the beauty of the Himalayas many times over this year and yet it is very hard to really capture it in words. However, I have discovered that even more beautiful that the mountains itself are the people that inhabit it. They are resilient, …

  17. Downes



    October 25, 2022. Chairs stacked in the Costco. I haven’t actually been inside the Costco for months, but I needed to accompany Andrea today. I thought I might get a Pixel 7 pro, but the store doesn’t have the Bell booth any more, so have to go elsewhere. More meetings…
  18. Downes

    Afternoon Light


    Octobert 24, 2022. Looking out the sliding doors behind my kitchen table spot in the afternoon, after work, as the light fades. The idea of making bookmarklets has caught my imagination and so I spent a good part of the day figuring it out and learning how to select attributes…

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