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  1. @hrashhDS106

    Weekly Summary: WEEK SIX


    Week six is probably my favorite week. This week was the most challenging, but I also had a lot of fun at the same time. The program I used for this week was GIMP. GIMP is an alternative to Photoshop. Since I cancelled the Adobe membership a few years ago, …

  2. @OliviaM44107328

    Daily Creates #5


    My first daily create was on Monday, and it was to create an iceberg here and see how it would float. I drew a pineapple and it ended up floating to the side. I tweeted 2 pictures showing the before and after.

    My pineapple did not float so well #ds106

  3. @Rachel91499872

    Design Blitz


    This week we were challenged to do a design blitz. We had to take a pictures that embodied the concept of at lease four of the ten concepts using one picture per concept. The concepts include:




    minimalism & use of space







  4. @Rachel91499872

    Week 6 Daily Creates


    The first participation for the daily creates was to design an iceberg to see how it would float. At first, I had no idea what to draw, but then eventually came up with the idea of doing a letter that looked like another letter. I drew the letter H that …

  5. @jclark22umw



    As a sci-fi/fantasy fan, an apocalyptic world is one I a familiar with. From anarchy and rebellion to the end of the world itself, it is a concept that drives many dystopian or thriller type novels and shows. The prompt asked me to use a certain hero creator to make …

  6. @imatutu_

    Week Six Summary


    This week was interesting to say the least. I think the most enjoyable part about this week was watching the youtube videos and listening to how graphic design is really an art form and a science and writing a commentary on Kidd’s work. I enjoyed the design blitz and it …

  7. @imatutu_

    Motivational Poster


    Okay so this isn’t a motivational poster. I lied. It’s more a fun little twist I put on it because I wanted to. I used Photoshop to compile the picture, frame, and text all together. Enjoy the finished product.…

  8. @imatutu_

    Missing Persons Report


    Instead of reporting a fictional character or just one person, I included both my girlfriend and I! I made most of the characteristics a bit of a joke, but overall please find her and I. I used Photoshop to compile all the characteristics and photo. I also just realized I …

  9. @Rachel91499872

    Design Thoughts


    My initial thoughts design were basically non existent. I never thought about what went behind designing for public consumption. The article and short book made me think harder about what goes on around me. I liked what Vignelli said that design requires discipline in order for the whole product to …

  10. @imatutu_

    Book Cover for a Digital Storytelling Apocalypse


    I tried to make this book cover seem all eerie and mysterious using Photoshop to put drop shadow and text onto this google images dystopian photo, but I don’t think I did too hot. I have no clue what I meant when I typed “nobody cared until the bells rang”, …

  11. @trippthrumylife

    Dear Current Me… From Future Me.


    I think I had the most fun creating this piece this week. A big part of my life… my story… is reflection. I love to sit down, take time to myself, and see what I’ve accomplished and what I want to in the future. So, I really enjoyed getting to …

  12. @imatutu_

    T-Shirt Design


    For this design assignment I used photoshop to color the t-shirt black and put the text and picture onto the shirt. I think the final product came out well, and I just had to put the classic Star Wars Anakin and Obi-Wan quote on there, I couldn’t resist.…

  13. @trippthrumylife

    Ready for hire!


    And I am ready for hire!

    I decided to make myself a business card this week (however, the contact information isn’t my own for privacy reasons). I really enjoyed doing this because it let me manifest my future for the next chapter of my story.

    My dream job is to …

  14. @imatutu_

    Design Blitz


    I walked around campus for about half an hour trying to find some good design elements of buildings or the pavement that I could find, but instead I thought, “why don’t I use every day items that I see in my room?” So I went back to my dorm room …

  15. @trippthrumylife

    Three Daily Creates Later…


    I think this week was my favorite week of Daily Creates so far!

    I’ve just been waiting for the opportunity to make a video for this class because it’s just something I love to do and I finally got to show that aspect of my life on the 2nd.

    I …

  16. @imatutu_

    Kidd Design


    My brother used to be heavily interested in graphic design when he was in high school and I remember him explaining a ton of these concepts to me, being a young middle schooler who’s got no clue what he was talking about. I think the notion that “the best solution …

  17. @effyuwawa

    Leo the Lion


    This is the story of Leo the lion. He had his marvelous fur, a gorgeous mane, and an even more fabulous island. People would come far and wide to see Leo on top of his luxurious castle, but not one person dare step foot on the land. For if you …

  18. @designdynamics



    This assignment was good to get out and be more observant, It’s easy to forget how much is all around us and what everything means because we are constantly at sensory overload! But this week I chose to look out for a couple of my favorite design principles: Color, Symbols, …

  19. @actuallyjonathanpulido

    Create a Magazine Cover


    I used Vogue and GQ as inspiration for this magazine cover. However, I couldn’t do as good of a job as professional designers.

    I used to Pixlr to add the text and edit the photo a tiny bit. I also added a quote at the bottom of the title me …

  20. @Conner44769274

    The Poster of my Story


    For this assignment we are tasked with coming up with a poster we would use for our story. I decided to go more of a book cover route since I think it fit the idea of a ‘story’ better. This assignment was meant to help us think of our theme …

  21. @OliviaM44107328

    You’re Invited to My Wedding


    My last assignment bank was Wedding Invitation and I had to create a wedding invitation for my “wedding.” I used Canva to create my wedding invitation and I thought it turned out well. If I was actually getting married, I would probably just buy wedding invitations, I don’t think I …

  22. @ken28410163

    Tattoos That Describe You


    For this assignment, we were given the task to create a tattoo that represents our personality type. We have to talk about are tattoo, and what it means to me. If there is anything superstitious about your tattoo, share it with us. That tattoo that describes me is the two …

  23. @hrashhDS106

    DesignBlitz: Understanding Design Principles


    First Challenge

    1. Color: This photo represents the warm color scheme (red, orange, and yellow).

    Second Challenge

    2. Minimalism: This photo represents minimalism because the photo focuses on negative space.

    Third Challenge

    3. Dominance: This photo represents dominance because the acorn is the most influential element.

    Fourth Challenge

    4. Unity: …

  24. @virgonarrie

    A Week of Being a Graphic Designer


    First of all, I LOVE DESIGNING NOW. This week made me realize how much I love making things pretty. Like, am I able to submit my own post for post of the week?? Just kidding! However, I like a lot of the stuff that I created this week, especially the …

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