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  1. @eggstve

    ds 106: Wait, Where’d That Guy Come From?


    It’s not sure how it got there, but it knows it’s not alone. There are others just like it all around, disguised as flesh and spandex. They go about a fake life, blending into the hectic scene. There’s someone in particular they’re looking for, but he’s nowhere to be seen. …

  2. @eggstve

    ds 106: What the font (4 stars)


    This project in particular was something I thought would be somewhat simple, and yet it proved to be somewhat frustrating for me. I couldn’t get a solid idea of what I wanted to do for this despite looking through hundreds of pieces done by other people. Eventually I thought it’d …

  3. Downes



    June 29, 2022. This is a daylily in our back yard surrounded by tall grass, goldenrod and milkweed. We’re still awaiting the monarch butterflies. Maybe there will be none. But we have a very healthy milkweed crop this year, so if the butterflies come, there will be food for them.…
  4. Downes



    June 28, 2022. This is a milkweed plant with flower on our front lawn. Yes, I said front lawn. It has grown a little wild. But here’s what’s weird – our neighbour has been mowing more and more of our front lawn ever since we moved in seven years (has…
  5. @eggstve

    ds 106: Minimalist TV/Movie Poster (3.5 stars)


    This image started out as a rough idea for a tattoo I wanted to get in the future, and while browsing some minimalist poster designs I got inspired to add some flair to this old idea. Many different medias feature blood moons in different ways, and this one was inspired …

  6. Downes

    Quiet Day at the Cheese Factory


    June 27, 2022. On the weekends this restaurant and store would be pack, but on a Monday afternoon at the St. Albert Cheese Co-op it’s pretty quiet (though with a steady stream of local customers going in and out). It’s a regular stop for me when I do my weekday…
  7. Downes

    Frog Bothering


    June 26, 2022. This is a path in Warwick Forest and in every one of the puddles (we’ve had a lot of rain) there are frogs. So Andrea has been sneaking up on them to try to take photos, but the frogs are too, um, jumpy. It was another brilliant…
  8. @eggstve

    Dev log: 2


    Oh boy what a week! Lots of pictures and editing and reading for the end of this week. Though I have some nice results, I can’t say I’m overly proud of what I managed to accomplish this week. I feel like a baby bird that saw some other birds flying, …

  9. @eggstve

    ds 106: buddy photo (2 stars)


    Me holding Toast

    To start with, I cannot figure out why this image is as small as it is. The picture is of me barely holding up my giant teddy bear Toast, who I’ve had for years now and gives wonderful hugs. I went out with Toast to my friend’s …

  10. @eggstve

    ds 106: Common everyday objects (2 stars)


    My old laptop

    Found my old laptop and I thought it’d make for some interesting color shifts, and sure enough it really did! The image got pixelated thanks to Grafx2 for some reason I’ve yet to figure out, but besides my annoyances with it I like how it turned out! …

  11. @eggstve

    ds 106: Splash the color (3.5 stars)


    This one gave me a lot of trouble in all honesty. I really wish I started this one sooner because I kept reselecting images based on their complexity and the colors I wanted to pop. I settled on this handsome noodle because of their striking colors, although separating the colors …

  12. @eggstve

    Material reflection: Week 1


    I feel like a lot of the information about taking photos wasn’t really new information for me. I’ve taken plenty of art classes, and I’ve earned about all sorts of the terms and tricks described in many different blogs and youtube videos. And yet when I personally went to start …

  13. @eggstve

    Photo safari reflection


    I was incredibly nervous before starting this assignment, mainly because of the time limit. 15 minutes to take all sorts of different pictures didn’t seem like enough time to get even a few done to my liking. But as I got started, I found the process to be pretty quick! …

  14. @eggstve

    Photo reflection


    Bright light

    The picture I took for the prompt of bright lighting definitely surprised me the most with how much I like it. To start with I wasn’t expecting clarity, maybe a large blob of white with the wall in the background. Instead, I can clearly see the lamp shade, …

  15. Downes

    Nao Trinidad


    June 24, 2022. This afternoon we drove down to Brockville to enjoy the tall ships festival, taking a cruise during the Parade of Sails on the Empire Sandy and having dinner on one of the Thousand Island dinner cruises. The weather was about as good as it could get. This…
  16. @eggstve

    Photo Safari


    Starting time Joy One color Two unrelated things Bright light Image? Unusual angle Shadow Motion Inanimate and alive End time…
  17. Downes

    In the Country


    June 22, 2022. Just another field with trees along county road 13 on the way back from St. Albert. Made a TikTok video here. I just wanted to capture how much I like it out here, living in the country. More work on my emerging theories page, and that’s basically…
  18. Downes

    Do Not Push


    June 21, 2022. I don’t know who looks at the back of a dump truck like this and says “Yeah I want to push that.” I spent most of the day today working on my emerging theories article (doesn’t look like I’ll make the deadline – I should have learned…
  19. @ungrac3ful

    Week 1 Summary


    What an interesting start to this course I had. I have taken Digital Storytelling once before with a different professor, so I was anxious to see if the set up of the course with a new professor would be similar or different. After the fear of being perpetually overwhelmed by …

  20. Downes

    Touchette Bridge


    June 20, 2022. This bridge is part of my regular ride to St. Albert and points east – it’s on a nice quiet road (rte 650) safe and pleasant for cyclists. However, with a tender recently being awarded, it will be closed for a year in a matter of days…
  21. StefanieJ

    Outdated Pattern


    I did this from a book and then found out that the café does not exist anymore. There also have been modifications over time. Thus the foto and pattern for the drawing in the book must be really old.

    Cafe: Changes: Google Maps Reprsentation:,2.3447086,3a,75y,136.75h,81.53t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s9kKkoaJmEYGF7VXqLplytQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?hl=en&authuser=0

  22. Downes

    Four Spotted Skimmer


    June 19, 2022. We spotted this beauty in the north Limerick Forest, near Merrickville, along Scotch Line Road. We had a nice 6.7 km hike through the forest, getting to a viewing station overlooking the Wolford Bog. Nice walk, lots of flowers, insects and small animals.
  23. Downes

    Expedition Complete


    June 18, 2022. This is the scene at the end of Expedition 7 in No Man’s Sky (at least for me, it’s different for everyone). I was planning to cycle today but after the late night and kind of a tough week I just stayed indoors and finished the expedition.…
  24. Downes



    June 17, 2022. It was the Ottawa Redblacks home opener today, and they lost a hard-fought game to Winnipeg. But the team is so much better than it was last year. More crazy weather, with rain at time streaking into the stadium from both directions at once.
  25. Downes

    Storm Day


    June 17, 2022. This wasn’t anything like the storm of a few weeks ago, but with everyone on edge there was a long of nervous sky watching. Some good cloud formations, but nothing like what they had in Toronto. More work on Mojolicious today; it’s progressing much more quickly.

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