1. @skyler0455

    is this the right movie?


    Create a poster or ad for an upcoming movie. Let the ad’s theme and movie contradict themselves. For instance, you can have your movie be about kids playing on a Summer day, but your ad shows a spooky side to the plot. A good “everything is not what it seems” …

  2. @skyler0455

    similar songs


    Mashup two (or more!) songs that are similar to each other, by either the same or different artist(s). Do your best to show the similarities—edit parts of the songs next to each other. If it’s possible to do this without making it sound terrible, try to overlay the songs at …

  3. @eendip

    Mashup Those Movies – Remix


    I did the “Mashup Those Movies” mashup assignment where you “Take elements from multiple movie posters and mash them up into one. You can change anything- the caption, the title, the main image, etc. Lastly, make it seem like it could be a real movie.” But, I decided to remix …

  4. @eendip

    I’m Ready for My Closeup – Remix


    So I decided to remix the “I’m Ready for My Closeup” mashup assignment where you “take a dramatic closeup of anyone’s face – an actor’s, a friend’s, your own – and superimpose a landscape or scene over the face. Since this is a mashup, get crazy with it. Take two …

  5. @MasonOberle

    Week 12


    We’re almost at the end. While I’m sad to be leaving behind the assignment bank, I’m glad to have the opportunity to hunker down and work on my final project.

    For this week, I did two mashup assignments and two remix assignments. My first mashup was an edit of the …

  6. @jwcpsc

    Weekly Summary: Week Twelve


    This week definitely seemed to kick up a notch in difficulty, not entirely for making projects but also trying to upload finished work. I know that my movie scenes assignment was the most difficult to upload as it used actual scenes from a well known movie so I couldn’t upload …

  7. @jwcpsc

    Mash Up Assignment: Mash Up Those Movies


    I saw the assignment picture and once again got caught up in the world of Twilight. I decided to use that picture of Victoria and put a Terminator twist on it because she basically embodies the famous line and keeps coming back to terrorize and terminate anybody that gets in …

  8. @jwcpsc

    Remixed Assignment: Dull Presenter


    I don’t really have a favorite holiday so I decided to mash up the most popular holidays into one picture. I chose to do Christmas, Halloween, and New Years Day because they’re so close together but since the assignment is remixed I tried to find the worst possible pictures to …

  9. @MasonOberle

    Fresh From the Oven


    I completed three more daily creates for this week. First, I responded to a story prompt with two images. The prompt was “a witch was murdered by someone who was 100 years old.” I responded with an image of a gingerbread house and an old German man with a gun. …

  10. @jwcpsc

    Mash-Up Assignment: Favorite Movie Clip


    For this assignment I decided to go with one of my all time favorite movies Harry Potter, I just chose the first one, and edit some of my favorite movie clips from the movie that explain the plot. I decided to focus more on the first half of the movie …

  11. @Marie-Lynn

    Remixes and Mashups


    This week was a week of remixes and mashups! Please consider taking a look at the assignments I did this week by clicking any of the links below! We were supposed to complete eight stars worth of assignments, which I did with two three star assignments and a two star …

  12. @KHavertDs106

    Weekly Summary #12


    This week I struggled time management wise, but that is all on me. The weeks are getting crazier with all of my classes giving out several major assignments all at once. Tis the season! This week’s assignments were extremely interesting and fun for me to create. I ended up using …

  13. @MasonOberle

    Swindon Monthly


    I wanted to do something new for my second remix assignment. I chose to remix the “We’ve got you covered” assignment since I had considered doing that one in the past. The remix I got was to make it intentionally cheesy, to the point of being awful.

    In honor of …

  14. @Marie-Lynn

    The Joy of Painting: Where’s Waldo? Edition


    For my second remix assignment this week, I decided to take a look back on an old assignment I did at the beginning of the semester. I originally completed the “Populate the Landscape” visual assignment, where I took a Bob Ross painting and put He-Man into it. I thought it …

  15. @1kid3pets1hub

    Week 12 in the books!


    What a week it has been, both for school and my home life. All my classes are now down to the final few projects and the pressure is on, since most of these are worth the largest percentage of my grades. I am thrilled that the weather has shifted and …

  16. @KendraB999

    Weekly Summary #12


    For this week, we were tasked to complete 3 Mashup Assignments, 2 Remix Assignments, and 3 TDC’s.

    For my 3 Mashup’s, I did “Storytelling Through Text“, which was where one of my friends and I, told a funny, but scary story through our texts. The idea was that …

  17. @1kid3pets1hub

    REMIX: My Favorite Video


    This video is not my best video in terms of quality or even composition. However, this video does little to capture the sheer joy and pride my son has over his new skill. He learned how to skid to stop first, but then he added the extra fancy sideways drift …

  18. @1kid3pets1hub

    REMIX: Populating one of Bob’s scenes


    For this remix, I was asked to take the “Populate the Landscape” assignment and REMIX it with making it as pink as possible. Obviously I populated Bob’s Cabin painting with pink characters, and even pink herself! I used photoshop to cut the images and them add them into the original …

  19. Downes



    November 11, 2021. This is the nightstand beside my bed showing my CPAP, nose spray and a bubba-sized mug of decaf. It reflects the reality of the day – indeed, the month – as I have been putting in 110% of my time into my course. Yes, this is almost…

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