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  1. natalie

    New Plan, New Man

    ?listen to the audio on ?  from the book i-Land – A double Irish and a Dutch – Chapter 3 – Escape to Cork Avoka goes for a coffee while Harry gets his hair done. She gets an SMS from Hunt, who once again, suggests to her about how much he would like to be with her… Continue reading New Plan, New Man
  2. Stephen Downes

    High Water

    April 16, 2024. Worked from the office today; one meeting, did newsletter posts, a little bit on the cloud site. Thrown off a bit by an in-meeting discussion on stress that felt a little too personal for me. Took a bike ride over the lunch hour, spott...
  3. Stephen Downes


    April 15, 2024. Something about April showers. Looking east outside the window after my bike ride as the rain goes away. I choose to think of it as the start of spring. Wrote a presentation proposal today, and newsletter stuff. That is all. https://fl...
  4. @aliboo1432

    DGST 395: Week 13 Summary

    One of the topics that stood out to me in Week 13 was the question, “Does artificial intelligence help or harm human relationships?” At first, one of my thoughts was that AI has few benefits in helping human relationships aside from a situation where an individual obtains proper advice from AI software. After the discussion,...
  5. natalie

    At the English Market – Brunch

    ?listen to the audio on ?  from the book i-Land – A double Irish and a Dutch – Chapter 3 – Escape to Cork Saturday morning, ten o’clock Avoka is standing at the entrance of the English Market, which is already crowded. At the right is a bakery stand, next to it freshly made confiture, another stand… Continue reading At the English Market – Brunch
  6. Stephen Downes


    April 11, 2024. Today started with a meeting first thing in the morning, and this was the centrepiece on the meeting room table. I had a couple more meetings, but then the network began to sag (looks like they were running updates, to judge by my logs...
  7. Stephen Downes


    April 12, 2024. This is a souvenir from Australia hanging in my office. The plant in front of it is another from my Moncton office. I bought the artwork in Sydney; it was rolled in a tube. When I got home I got it nicely framed to display it the way i...
  8. Stephen Downes


    April 9, 2024. The bicycle, photographed during a break on a small country road. We drove home from Bromont this morning, I put in a few hours of work, then I took advantage of the beautiful weather to enjoy a nice ride in the country.
  9. Stephen Downes


    April 8, 2024. The eclipse, as seen from Bromont, Quebec. With cloud coming in from the west we got up early and drove out to Bromont. They had set up a hill in a park for viewing and conditions were nearly perfect. The photo doesn't do it justice; it...
  10. natalie

    Meeting old colleagues

    ?listen to the audio on ?  from the book i-Land – A double Irish and a Dutch – Chapter 3 – Escape to Cork Avoka is just looking forward to the weekend. At seven o’clock finally, she is sitting on the bus to Cork. Harry picks her up at the bus station around eleven o’clock. They quickly… Continue reading Meeting old colleagues
  11. Stephen Downes


    April 5, 2024. Grackles and starlings sitting in the top of a tree in the back yard waiting, as we all are, for spring. Woke up very early this morning for one meeting, then had a presentation to do for a second. Meanwhile trying to get the crust off ...
  12. Stephen Downes

    Snow Day

    April 4, 2024. I did have a meeting scheduled in the city for today, but we had an early spring snowstorm instead, so we made do with Teams. Other than this I focused on cleaning up gRSShopper a bit more and working on my newsletter.

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