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  1. natalie

    Places – A Voyager’s landscape of time

    Sometimes time unfurls languidly, its seconds stretching, and minutes linger like a lover’s whispered promise. In these moments, we find ourselves in stillness, where the world holds its breath, and every heartbeat resonates with the rhythm of eternity. Yet there are places where time gallops, a wild steed racing across the horizon. Here, seconds blur into heartbeats, and minutes become… Continue reading Places – A Voyager’s landscape of time
  2. natalie

    Chapter II – Take-off to Dublin – Arrangements

    ?listen to the audio on ? from the book i-Land – A Double Irish & a Dutch Monday morning the interview was postponed to the next day as the connection did not work. Avoka’s dad was also in the house and already started his usual moaning that whatever Avoka was doing or saying wasn’t right,… Continue reading Chapter II – Take-off to Dublin – Arrangements
  3. @paceamorebella

    2024 Vision board: What’s in and out


    With 2024 in full-swing, I can’t help but look back at 2023 with gratitude and appreciation, with hopes 2024 will live up to expectations. Last year, Evan and I got married in our home town of South Lake Tahoe at Valhalla Tahoe. We missed a few friends, but were primarily surrounded by the ones who […]

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  4. natalie

    Leaving London

    Chapter I from the book DESTINATION DESIRABLE Paula was looking at the picture displaying her and her boyfriend Walt. The afternoon at a friend’s home in Beirut in 2015 when a friend took a photograph, the weekend they had met for the first time. Paula was working as Social Worker in the Lebanon, and Walt… Continue reading Leaving London
  5. @paceamorebella

    I Don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 2022!

    Another year has come and gone, and the world is still as unpredictable as ever. At this point not testing positive for Covid or one of its variants is like avoiding the ghosts coming at you in Pac-Man (okay now I’m really starting to show my age). 2021 was a lot of things – it […]
  6. @paceamorebella

    Utah puts the ho ho ho in Holiday Magic

    Merry Christmas Eve Grinches! I hope you have been starting to feel that ho ho holiday magic! And if not, I know a little bit of Baileys helps me get by.  This year I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas; and luckily, it looks like this manifestation will become my reality. It has been dumping snow in […]
  7. @paceamorebella

    The Bucket List

    Originally Published April 18, 2020 “Oh the places you will go” -Dr. Seuss There are three types of people in this world- your savers, spenders, and experiencers. For example, my mother is a saver, because she likes to deposit that hard earned cash into her savings. She doesn’t eat out much, engage in retail therapy, […]
  8. teresa

    How to See the Puffins of Witless Bay Up Close and Personal


    Let the puffins of Witless Bay be a super memorable experience when you visit the grand island of Newfoundland.  Take a boat tour (I highly recommend Molly Bawn Whale and Puffin Tours to see the unique birds perhaps closer than you'd imagine.

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