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    Using resources wisely


    I’m always a little dismayed when I show up to a big Girl Scout event put on by a service unit, association, or council, and there are stacks and stacks of disposable everything. Tiny water bottles, zip lock bags, disposable silverware, juice boxes with tiny straws and wrappers, and more. …

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    Bribery and Troop Management


    Wow that title sounds boring.

    But really, bribery; what parent or teacher has not used bribery to motivate their kids? I know substitute teachers who show up in a new classroom with bags of candy to bribe the kids into decent behavior with, and I’m not even mad about it. …

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    Cookie Madness!

    Not my council but I love this so much!

    Welcome to the madness that is Girl Scout Cookie Season!
    It may be your first;  it may be your 40th.  It may just feel like it’s your 400th.
    Either way, Girl Scout Cookie Season is here.  Let’s do this!

    I try …

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    You know you’re a Girl Scout Leader when…


    Your house looks like a Michael’s Craft Store threw up all over it.

    You have a Girl Scout room.

    And a Girl Scout closet.

    Possibly also supplies in the garage.

    Your “camping” supplies are actually Girl Scout supplies.

    It’s no longer “trash” or “recycling,” it’s supplies for a future craft …

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    Adventures in Girl Scouting 2018-10-21 00:39:27


    I’ve been lucky in the sense that my girl hasn’t had any allergies to deal with.  However, I have known so many friends whose kids have;  and the bravery it takes to send them out into the world every single day hoping that someone won’t do some silly small thing …

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    The Slime Report


    This year one of my goals is to boost our money earning events.  I have a lot of girls whose families are unable to contribute financially to fund our more expensive adventures.  And there are *so many* adventures I want to take my girls on!  When you consider that there …

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    Blood! Blood, blood, blood!


    Well, that’s an alarming title isn’t it!  Not exactly what you expect to see when you’re nosing around something like a Girl Scout blog!  To be fair, it isn’t what I expected to see either.

    blood, blood, blood!

    Disclaimer:  The girl in question is totally fine.  Spoiler:  She wound up …

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    In my journey to become a better blogger/social media wizard, I’m taking an online course called DS106.  All DS106 posts will be in this category.…

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    Fun game idea for the girls


    I’ve been so busy doing Girl Scout stuff that I’ve had no time lately to write about Girl Scout stuff! But I did want to share this idea because it was a huge, huge hit at our last meeting and I think it’s so versatile and the girls loved it!…

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    More spiders, because who doesn’t love spiders?


    Hey now, stop shrieking.  Put down the blowtorch!  You do not need to take an ax to your computer screen.  It’s *just* spiders.

    Feel free to take a few minutes to laugh at Superwoman’s skit about being scared of spiders, here.

    OK, now take some deep breaths people!  How …

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    A Tale of Two Spiders


    Warning!  Post contains spiders!

    I took my girls for our fall camping kickoff last week, a day after our first meeting of the year!  They were so, so excited, and so was I;  I managed to reserve a campsite that we all love at our local Girl Scout camp, the …

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    Girl Scouts and Radical Inclusion


    First I need to say that this is not an official Girl Scout blog;  I am just a person with her own opinion and feelings and thoughts about current events. 

    One of the things I love about Girl Scouts as an organization is that they believe in, encourage, and practice, …

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    Things I learned at Girl Scout Camp


    I haven’t written in several weeks because I’ve been so busy with Girl Scout Camp!  I volunteered to be a unit leader at 2 different camps, and aside from the sheer exhaustion following the experience, I learned some definite lessons.

    During the overnight, you need more food than you think…
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    You know you’re a Girl Scout leader when…

    There is a mysterious bag full of random recyclables, lids, and plastic straws, hidden somewhere in your kitchen. You have stashes of to-be-reused plastic zip bags on your desk.  Next to your purse, and also in your Girl Scout bin. If you had a penny for each time a parent…
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    Camp Out Scream Out


    The first time I took my girls camping, I was in for so many surprises.  Of course!  At the time my troop consisted of several girls who really spent so much time with me and my daughter, at my house, that I didn’t give a second thought to taking them …

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    Girl Scout Crazy!



    Like most other Girl Scout leaders out there (and I am not talking about our heroes, those leaders who came to scouting because they just WANTED to), I became a Girl Scout leader because there was no one else. The nice lady from our service unit essentially explained to …

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