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  1. dogtrax

    Music Themes In Morning

    It’s not unusual for me to use music as my theme for some morning creativity — either making it or using music to inspire writing or art. This morning was no different, with my morning poem (with prompt of “sunshine” off Mastodon) leading to a guitar haiku poem and the DS106 Daily Create (“complete this […]
  2. dogtrax

    A Room Becomes A Turntable

    For today’s Daily Create, the prompt was to “remix your world” using an image. I had a photo of an empty basement, where my band used to practice, and when I did a little tinkering in LunaPic, the room became a turntable (by accident). And of course, a turntable requires some scratching. Peace (and sound), […]
  3. dogtrax

    Four Poems: Moth, Silence, Flower, Flood

    Here are four poems from today and yesterday. The one above is from the Daily Haiku prompts off Mastodon, where today’s prompt was “moth.” This second is inspired by a poem shared by Terry, along with some explanations and possibilities and the concept of a “silence map” took hold in my mind. A third poem […]
  4. dogtrax

    Daily Create: DawnRise

    The prompt for today’s DS106 Daily Create was about a “dawn chorus” and I patched together a little song with an image of a dawn over a horse farm I drive by every day on my way to school. Peace (and quiet), Kevin
  5. dogtrax

    A Foolproof Guide to Daily Creating

    ds106 is Open flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0) (Note: this blog post is via a daily prompt from the DS106 Daily Create, which had us using a site to generate titles for a blog post and then to write that blog post. My phrase […]
  6. dogtrax

    Chordiflora Harmoniosa

    Today’s DS106 Daily Create prompt was to “be a plant” and so I thought, let me invent a musical plant that doesn’t exist. I used ChatGPT to help me think of some musical scientific names and then Adobe Firefly to create an image of a plant with a musical theme, and then Soundtrap to compose […]
  7. dogtrax

    World Poetry Day: Finding A Poem

    For World Poetry Day, the daily prompt at DS106 Daily Create was to explore poetry of endangered languages. I went black-out with mine, using a collection and some text from the editor. A simple idea: collect poems in endangered languages Help document how poetry exists The conversations and encounters with poets from all over the […]
  8. dogtrax

    Daily Create: Coloring

    The prompt for this morning’s Daily Create via DS106 was to use Scrap-Coloring to color an image or file. I’ve used the site before and it’s easy to get lost in it, particularly if the image has a lot of little details. I chose the cover design of my album of sound sketches from last […]

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