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  1. rowan_peter (Rowan Peter)

    Books for Everyone (including animals and the machines) #dailycreate #tdc4396 #ds106

    This 1929 poster is from the Library of Congress archives on Flickr. Let’s do an update (maybe most needed now more than ever in the era of banned books in the US). Make your poster or meme more modern but keep the love of books alive in your art. My poster was generated with … Continue reading Books for Everyone (including animals and the machines) #dailycreate #tdc4396 #ds106 ?
  2. @jwcpsc

    Daily Create: 11/12

    I just wanted to share the amazing drink I discovered on my trip to Mexico. I drank so many of these, it was that amazing. I would definitely mix and add different fruits to see how the taste would enhance and change. The regular recipe tastes like sprite so it can be too bad.
  3. @jwcpsc

    Daily Create 10/26

    I’m not a really good person to turn to when you need encouragement because 9/10 it will be extremely sarcastic and/or embarrassing. I felt like this is a good representation of what would happen if I was asked to root for someone. Just imagine a really awkward “Yay” and that’s me.

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