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  1. @JHolburd

    The Final Curtain

    BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front):  From this course, I gained a tremendous amount of capabilities to tell stories in the digital world but also left a lot on the table.  When I first started the semester, there was a wide, open space in my mind, not knowing what I’d be experiencing but I knew I […]
  2. @JHolburd

    Final Project, Weekly Summary–Week 13 All in One Post!

    World War I Flying Aces and the Music! Movie At first, I thought about doing a short movie of popular aviation songs from 1918-1938 but it became apparent that I should focus on how an event like WWI flying aces and then Amelia Earhart’s last flight was memorialized in music both at the time of […]
  3. @JHolburd

    Weekly Summary–Week Twelve!

    Daily Creates Mashup Assignment 771, Actor Transformation, 2.5 stars Mashup Assignment 2124, On Broadway, 3 stars Mashup Assignment 1864, Mash Thyself, Before Ye Trash Thyself, 3.5 Stars Remix Generator, Where’s Waldo Jump Shrimp Remix The mashups and remixs were a lot more fun than I expected, and more straightforward. I was grateful to have found […]
  4. @aislingberri

    Week 4 Summary

    This week was a bit more difficult, BUT, fun nonetheless! One of the assignments I had to do was this “Become A Better Photographer” assignment. I essentially sort of analyzed some photos that I had previously taken from a photographer’s...
  5. @JHolburd

    Weekly Summary–Week Four

    Twitter I figured out the three Daily Creates this week, trying to see how I could accomplish the task as quickly as possible and still satisfy the intent of the assignment. For the first Tweet, it was just too obvious to pick a photo that I had taken while hiking along the Rappahannock River a […]
  6. @JHolburd

    Weekly Summary–Week Three

    This was a much more manageable week. I got an earlier start, figured out how to do hypertext links and didn’t have problems with my laptop’s performance. I spent a lot more time on my Daily Creates than is expected but it’s still not easy for me to just throw something together. I wish it […]
  7. @aislingberri

    Week 1 Reflection

    This week was really interesting in regards to this class. I learned a lot of things about how to create and share media that I did not know previously, and I’m so excited to learn more! I made used accounts for this blog, for example: a new twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, and even YouTube! Here’s some […]

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