1. @schoolaccMNL

    Final Project Progress Report


    For my final project I have decided to create a podcast about my grandpa; His Parkinson’s disease, rare forms of cancer, and his overall life and love for family. What I started by doing is writing out questions for my family members, creating a zoom link for us to talk …

  2. @schoolaccMNL

    weeks4-8 Summary


    The truth is I have been struggling a bit too hard with my mental health for my own good. I have been through the wringer this semester and honestly have not seemed to catch a break. All I can do is really thank you for being understanding as I try …

  3. @schoolaccMNL

    Week 3 Summary


    Again, I waited until the last minute to get this assignment done. I only did one digital create, but I did the readings and the writing assignments! All the links are below to those:

    A letter to my mom Welcome to Paradise I like to move it move it Dream…
  4. @schoolaccMNL

    Story Analysis: Readings and Video Clips


    So what is the difference between storytelling and digital storytelling?

    I think one of the biggest differences after reading is the different mediums you can use on platforms to tell the SAME story. Take this blog for example, I am writing to you right now, but I could have easily …

  5. @schoolaccMNL

    I like to move it move it.


    I am the oldest sibling in my family, therefore the first sibling to go to college. To be honest it was a really emotional day for me. I think a bittersweet memory I have is when my sister and I hugged when I was about to pull out of the …

  6. @schoolaccMNL

    Welcome to Paradise


    My dream trip is going to the Bahamas.

    If I were to go in a perfect world, I would just bring myself, my boyfriend and my cat (assuming he was not afraid of dogs and other animals). I would bring a cat backpack so he could come everywhere with me. …

  7. @schoolaccMNL

    To my Mom


    Dear Mom,

    I am so grateful for everything that you have done for me the last few weeks (and my whole life, haha). You coming to Fredericksburg two weeks ago really made me feel so much better going into the second week of school. I am so excited to see …

  8. @schoolaccMNL

    Dream it…write it


    I would say the most prominent dream that I remember is when in 6th grade I had just seen the Hunger Games. So naturally, every person that was in my 6th grade class was in the hunger games arena in my dream with me. Spoiler Alert: I won. But it …

  9. @schoolaccMNL

    My Emotions Poem


    Truthfully, Emotions are not my strong suit. And apparently neither are poems. First of all, I was today years old when I realized that Haikus are based on syllables and not words. So obviously that made it a bit more difficult. Here is my poem:

    These two weeks of school …

  10. @schoolaccMNL

    Being My Own Bestie

    Go Hokies!

    For this assignment we had to create a panorama and move positions to create almost two separate frames in one panorama. To be honest I thought this would be a lot easier than it was. Here is me watching the game and then my reaction when they got …

  11. @schoolaccMNL

    Week One Summary


    Hello DS106! I have seriously had to re-learn how to use word press. I have not fully used wordpress in SO LONG. I guess the good part is is that it has not really changed! This week, I started off working on creating a twitter account for this class!

    I …

  12. @schoolaccMNL

    Bob Ross


    Oh Bob Ross, what a calming voice he has. You can tell that he just really loves art. I was assigned “Lake of the Valley.” and he has SO many quotes that I absolutely loved. It is so amazing to me that he can just easily relate live and painting …

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