1. @eggstve

    ds 106: Play DJ & Make A Song (again!)(4.5 stars)


    Back at it again with another song! This time I focused much more on making an ambient track rather than a fully fledged song, and I’m pretty happy with the end result. I wanted something that you’d hear as the backing music to a graveyard or haunted woods at night, …

  2. @eggstve

    ds 106: Story time fun time (3.5 stars)


    There are a lot of options in regards to telling a story. I could talk about anything, tell any sort of tale for this. What really inspired me was the idea of continuing off of a gif assignment I had completed last week. The story revolves around a monstrous dog …

  3. @eggstve

    ds 106: Play DJ & Make A Song (4.5 stars)


    I saw this assignment and immediately knew that I wanted to do it. I was inspired by a prompt from a discord server to “Introduce the listener to a space adventure”. I used an online sequencer called Modbox to make this song, which gives me all sorts of fun chiptune …

  4. @eggstve

    ds106: Eat Your Hear Out Beethoven (5 stars)


    I thought it’d be fun to make a cover of a song with a style that’s drastically different from the original. For starters, I’m not that big on Let Her Go, but my partner sure is and I thought it’d be a nice surprise for him and this class. I …

  5. @FlOv_evelyn

    Audition Radio Ad!


    Original DS 106 Assignment: Fictional Radio Ad (4 1/2)

    Avery is on her way home from another 12 hour shift at work. She’s tired of hearing the same music she has on shuffle, while she does love it, everything just feels monotonous. Instead of taking her regular route to work, …

  6. @FlOv_evelyn

    The Return Of Muffs?


    Original DS106 Assignment: Story Time Fun Time (3.5 stars)

    A story based on events! An on going investigation of what happened to Muffin. Did she escape? Is she under the couch? Will I get her back?

    Step 1: Open Audacity. Record your original story to add as the first audio …

  7. @FlOv_evelyn

    Was It A Sweet Escape?


    Original DS106 Assignment: Dramatic Reading Remix (4 stars)

    In my upcoming days, I have multiple stops for my tours. I have gotten a lot of recognition for being a cover artist and this is one of those songs! Songs are all about interpretation and the music/instrumentals in the song. This …

  8. @JHolburd

    Look Ma! See What I Learned!?!


    My skills have blossomed, and so has this photo collage! What was once a static set of five photos is now a photo video with background sound. Wonders are not ceasing. I took the five images from VisualAssignment2109 and decided that if these are supposed to be Places of Peace, …

  9. @nalujoprojects

    The Yowl


    My group’s radio show is centered around a dangerous, monstrous alien wreaking havoc on a spacecraft and evading capture. I thought of an edited dog howl I heard a long time ago that was made to sound creepy and figured I’d have a go at it myself, but with a …

  10. @nalujoprojects

    Walkie Talkie Bumper


    I made a bumper for midway through our radio show, The Coroner’s Tale. Because we plan to tell a lot of our narrative through some kind of radio communication between our characters across a spaceship as they try to solve a mystery, I thought a bumper that sounded like I …

  11. @BriannaDAlbis

    Chrome Music Labs


    I used the Song Maker application on Chrome Music Lab to create a tune that would be inside of a Nintendo videogame. I was inspired by my urge back in the early pandemic days to have my old 3DS back to play with (it was sadly traded in into a …

  12. @BriannaDAlbis

    Remake That Genre


    Many artists find joy in taking a song and adding their own musical twist to it. They give a reggae flair to pop songs. A Latin twist on classical music. A Rock and Roll surprise on rap. So on and so forth.

    Sofia Karlberg is a Swedish singer and songwriter who …

  13. @Tillysisland

    NoseChap and a “Thank You” from the Cast


    For the digital assignments this week, I took it upon myself to learn some more techniques in Audacity. For the radio show, my group agreed that we’d like to start our segment out with a commercial followed by a bumper. At the end, we agreed to have a bumper and …

  14. @JHolburd

    Bumping in the Night


    This bumper is for AudioAssignments2616, part of our radio show that we’re putting together. I don’t want to give any more away so suffice it to say, I found two pieces of sound: background music and birds chirping. Then I recorded a message to keep listening to Radio7 for the …

  15. @Bendire Thrasher

    Six Statics and an American James


    “Now that we have a #ds106 radio up and running creating a 15 to 30 second bumper for the station. What is a bumper? It is a short recording that identifies the radio station with signature music or an expression that makes sure the listeners know what they are tuned …

  16. @amick_hailey

    Rain Droplets


    I thought this assignment was fun and simple. I basically looked at all of the objects around me and tried to make it sound like I was in some type of weather or in some weather. The weather I chose was rain droplets. I am sitting right underneath my air …

  17. @JHolburd

    Radio7 Show Introduction Draft


    For this audio assignment, I’m bending the rules a bit in the interests of the radio show project. How about a dark take on Audio Assignment 1745, “Good Morning Message to the Village? It’s still a message to a village, that is, our village in DS10,6 and a message of …

  18. @ammmybrookeee

    Radio Bumper


    I used https://freesound.org again to find a background sound. Then I transferred it over to Audacity, and recorded my part of the radio bumper.

    I can’t always think of what to say for a radio bumper, I usually go through like 10 different scripts before I find the right one …

  19. @WorldEmpress1

    Pump Down the Volume


    Since the radio show is dealing with advice for college students, I went in that direction with my bumper. I hope our advice will help and bring a little joy to the listeners.


    I used SoundTrap to make the bumper. I began by recording the message. I actually used …

  20. @cooper_llindsay

    Katora Wants to Hear from You


    I decided to make a commercial for our on campus Katora. I know a bunch of students have all kinds of thoughts about how good or bad Katora is so I wanted to give them some publicity. It can be serious but also I wanted to make this commercial a …

  21. @cooper_llindsay

    Who is Bob Ross Radio Promo


    I wanted to create a cool promo/introduction for our radio show rather than just a commercial. I wanted to make something that show cased what are show was and to grab the listener’s attention and draw them in. I took some samples of Bob Ross comments and set them on …

  22. @aislingberri

    Tongue Twister


    For this Audio Assignment, we had to say a tongue twister as fast as we possibly could and then add some nice background music to it.

    Well, that’s mostly what I did. See, as we speak, I am currently about to board a 16 hour flight. I wasn’t about to …

  23. @MeMcMe3

    Commercial Number Two


    I took this prompt and twisted it to fit into my group project. As the protagonist would eventually need this product….

    This one was pretty fun to make, I incorporated some interesting sound effects into it to make it less monotonous.…

  24. @ammmybrookeee

    Radio 7 Sound Effects


    I really liked doing this because it is kind of it’s own promo. I used sound effects from https://freesound.org and Audacity. I wanted to find sound effects that related to our radio show. I looked up the specific sounds I wanted, and imported them into Audacity. I messed around with …

  25. @katiereif6

    Radio Bumper


    The prompt

    This is a fairly straightforward assignment, done out of necessity, so it has a fairly straightforward finished product. We need bumpers for our radio show, so I made one for when we come back from a commercial break. It’s pretty simple. I took some stock music I already …

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