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  1. natalie

    New Beginnings

    ? Listen to the audio on ? A week had passed. Pippa had worked all week on the designs for an event agency that had planned a massive opening party in spring. Pippa had created the whole concept, including the artwork. These were the kinds of jobs you could get on the internet. You would… Continue reading New Beginnings
  2. natalie

    Chapter II – Exploring the city

    from the book The Weekend: Love, Ambition & the Lisbon Drea Saturday morning, Paige walked towards Oeiras station and took the local train for a 20-minute ride with a sea view towards Cais de Sodre Lisbon station. She passed by little towns such as Praia de Caxias, Alges, and Alcantar Mar, looking out the window… Continue reading Chapter II – Exploring the city
  3. natalie

    Sunday Listening

    Listen to Chapter I “First days in London” – part I from the book Blossom Hill Join Mia on her journey to a new life…. Mia had just left the shutlle at Folkestone after passing through the Euro-Channel from Calais and traveling the fifty-mile route through the world’s longest underwater channel by train with her car – thirty-seven miles… Continue reading Sunday Listening
  4. @FlOv_evelyn

    Thoughts of Lo Radio

    TED Radio Hour & ScottLo “What you put into the course is what you get out of it.” I have heard this phrase a couple times from different people regarding this course and I definitely think it is true. With ScottLo on the LoDown and his review of previous DS106 students work, it became more […]
  5. @mto_morgan

    Radio Show Progress

    We are now officially done with the radio show! Check it out here: I worked on the interview portion of the show. Last week we compiled most of the audio needed to complete the show this week. This week we essentially completed the show by adding everything together and adding more audio when necessary. We start the show with some […]
  6. @mto_morgan


    For this assignment I interviewed a peer and recorded the answers. We will be using these for our radio show next week! The questions are: What would you say is your biggest achievement to date? What are you so passionate about that you would have a hard time living without it? (Figuratively) If you were a candle, what scent would […]
  7. @MaddySlunt

    Radio Show Commercial / Assignment 2

    80’s Product Radio Commercial I was late to one of my classes because I was having so much fun mixing this and putting it together. I wanted to have the vibe of those 2000s kids product commercials that would annoy my parents so much because I would BEG for the products. This, like the bumper… Continue reading Radio Show Commercial / Assignment 2

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