1. @MaddySlunt

    Final Project!


    And then it was over. I loved this class and the group I got to work with on this final project and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Maddie and Rosemary each did AMAZING work so please go check out their final posts!


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    Final Project Week Two Summary


    Although this week was the completion of our final project, I feel that the work I did this week was not as impactful as last week. I completed the majority of my contributions to the project last week, but I am still very happy with what I was able to …

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    Final Project Part One

    Untitled Video/Music/Design/Photo Project

    Didn’t mean to flex with my title, but Rosemary, Maddie and I are a quadruple threat! I don’t want to give too much away about the final idea of our project so I will just speak on the progress I have made so far. Please go check …

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    Week Twelve Summary


    Week Twelve and I am officially back on my school, work, and gym grind and it feels so good!

    The first assignment I created was the “Photo Mash” assignment. I used an actor generator website, so choosing the characters to mash was a very simple process. I used procreate to …

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    Remix Assignment 2

    Personal Project

    Some of you may know Dr. Slunt, well that is my mother, and she asked me to design a sketch for UMW Honors Program masks. I did and she had them mass printed and gave them out to Honors students on campus and all of our family and …

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    Remix Assignment 1

    Vogue Challenge x The Opposer

    The original assignment challenged people to add the “Vogue” font to the top of an image to follow a trend that was popular on tiktok not too long ago. However, the remix told me to do the complete opposite, so I decided to edit an …

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    Mashup Assignment 2

    I’m Ready For My Closeup

    When I read the description of this assignment, I knew without hesitation that this was the image that must be used. I loved the assignment image and how it had the background image of kittens, but I wanted to do something a little more realistic. …

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    Mashup Assignment 1

    Photo Mash

    I used a random actor/actress generator and after a few rolls of me not knowing at least one of the actors, I landed on these two. Chris Evans and Tom Hardy. I knew I wanted to use their characters, which I think is also the point of the …

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    Week Eleven Summary


    Week Eleven, I need to get back on my grind, the school work is starting to pile on. So here I am writing this post on Monday, go me!

    I was fresh out of ideas, so I decided to review the ideas of the people I hope to be working …

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    Final Project Ideas 2


    This week to further figure out what I want to do for my final project, I looked at the week 9 ideas of the girls in my radio show group. I loved working with them, so I am hoping they are on the same page as me and want to …

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    Video Assignment 7

    Countdown to Christmas

    I cheated a little because the assignment says to do a 25 day long countdown of Christmas movies, but I wanted to do a list that corresponded with the first letter of “countdown to Christmas” if that makes sense, so I only did 20. I am sad …

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    Video Assignment 6

    Spoil a Movie in 30 Seconds

    When thinking of spoilers, I immediately thought of Marvel, but this is also an amazing movie that has such a clear ending, but the guts of the movie is insane. I am someone that finds foreshadowing very easily and can usually guess endings of …

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    Video Assignment 5

    Period Piece Mashup

    The amount of time I spent on Youtube trying to find two good scenes from different movies to mash together is insane. I am not happy with the time this took me, but I am happy with the result. I found the John Wick scene first and …

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    Week Ten Summary


    Finally in the double digits! I have a planner that goes by week and I don’t go by the dates anymore, I know what week it is by writing the weeks of the semesters along the top as this class and another one of my classes this semester work on …

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    Video Essay


    I chose to do a trailer instead of one particular movie scene, however, I really loved the trailer and DC movies have improved so muhc over the years I am really excited to see this movie. The thought and editting that goes into these trailers are possibly even more important …

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    Video Assignment 4

    “But” Edits

    I had two ideas when I first saw this assignment, taking every cuss word out of “Fuc**n Problems” by A$AP Rocky, or using the song Roxanne. I chose to use the song Roxanne because at one point, that was the only lyric of the song that I knew, …

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    Video Assignment 3

    Paying Homage To What You Care About

    AHHH IM EMOTIONAL! Although this is a pretty long video (so long I had to split it to share it on my site), this did not take me long to create because I have been putting videos into this 1secondeveryday app for a …

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    Video Assignment 2

    Your Room

    If you have seen my two design assignments that had to do with my dream room, you can see that I am very far from that aesthetic. I love the floor length mirror and fake plant placed on the floor next to it, but as soon as you …

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    Video Assignment 1

    Of Most Importance

    Doing this video in 30 seconds was pretty difficult and I now have more respect for TikTokers and won’t be getting as mad when they make me wait for a part 2. Planning for this project was very easy because these are all things that are present …

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    Week Nine Summary


    Week nine! Almost double digits! This week was a very relaxed, but very time consuming week. I feel like I accomplished a lot and I had a lit of fun completing all of the assignments this week.

    The first assignment of the week that I tacked was to remaster two …

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    Radio Review


    I work most week nights, so I knew tuning into the live radio stream wouldn’t be possible so I just listened to the Un-University show off of Soundcloud. I loved the way this podcast had the conversation feel because they recorded the majority of the show together on a Zoom …

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    Project Ideas


    I believe this is supposed to be ideas for a video project. I don’t know if we are supposed to come up with ideas for a prompt or ideas for our own personal video. Either way,

    Idea #1: Act like we are celebrities on a red carpet or interview and …

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    Assignment Reworks

    Rework One: Bring Your Pet to School



    I am so much happier with the results of this. I used the same app and process to make this one as I did the second, but the most impactful differences are in the quality of the photos and the lighting …

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    Radio Show Week Two Summary


    I felt very lazy this week. The group I worked with did an amazing job planning ahead and assigning roles the weekend atfer the groups were formed. I was simply supposed to create my design poster, create a bumper, create a commercial, and recording my 5-ish minute long story. I …

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    Radio Show Week One Summary


    Going into this radio show group assignment, I was really nervous and anxious because I didn’t think I was going to produce anything that I am proud of because I have never liked my voice on recordings and I have never had any confidence completing assignments like this. I am …

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    Radio Show Commercial / Assignment 2

    80’s Product Radio Commercial

    I was late to one of my classes because I was having so much fun mixing this and putting it together. I wanted to have the vibe of those 2000s kids product commercials that would annoy my parents so much because I would BEG for the …

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    Radio Show Bumper / Assignment 1

    Create A Ds106 Radio Bumper

    This was so fun to make. I am extremely happy with how my group’s radio show is going so far. We have a very nostalgic Disney vibes theme and making these components are giving me an immense amount of serotonin and so many vibes of …

  28. @MaddySlunt

    Radio Show Promo


    This promo poster took me good amount of time to create, but I am beyond happy with how it turned out. I wanted to pull in many different styles and aesthetics of Disney movie and show posters. The first style I incorporated is the inclusion of the main characters at …

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