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    Radio Show Ideas


    Podcast format where we read ‘viewers’ stories/problems and give advice

    Guest speaker, use clips from celebrity audio and mix them with our own questions

    Reading/reviewing funny/crazy stories

    Feature specific artists before or after playing their music where we tell a story from their lives

    Us listening to a murder mystery …

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    I was really nervous to do this assignment, especially because I am constantly in a house with 10 people living in it, so there is so place of peace and quiet. I knew I would have to do this assignment in a closet whispering because the mic needed to be …

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    Week Five Thoughts


    I listened to this audio story with my headphones in while there was a lot of noise in the rooms around me. This really helped me realize the importance of an engaging and relevant story. Now we live in a world of short form entertainment and we all seem to …

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    Week Five Audio 3

    Favorite Song (ish) https://soundcloud.com/user-682371741/fullsizerender-online-audio-convertercom

    For this assignment, I cheated a little because this is not my favorite song, but it is something I saw on TikTok. In the TikTok, a creator performed a piano cover to this song and it sounded absolutely amazing and like the perfect wedding song. Of …

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    Week Five Audio 2

    Play DJ

    This assignment was very challenging and I wanted to give up so many times. I knew I wanted to take a speech or meaningful words and add it to a beat that I really liked. I found this audio which I believe was the point of this assignment, …

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    Week Five Audio 1

    Reverse Audio Quiz

    1. Dilly Dilly
    2. Flamin Hot Limon
    3. ____ away

    This assignment was pretty easy after I did some research. I work on an iPad not a laptop and it was hard to find a trustworthy app to modify my audio clips because the well-known programs …

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    Week Four Summary


    Week four was a little rough for me. The family that I work for came down with COVID, and I was exposed before the other caregiver, so I have had to double my hours while experiencing COVID symptoms. It has not been easy and the end does not seem to …

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    How I’m Becoming a Better Photographer

    Pay Attention to the Moment

    This photo was taken while my boyfriend and his little brother were sledding down a hill. I knew I needed to document this in a photo because his little brother is very unsure about the snow, so the fact that he was really enjoying it …

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    Week Four Thoughts


    Although most of my friends growing up were very into photography, with fancy cameras and Tumblr/VSCO pages, I was never very interested in it. I think it is because I have never been confident in myself or the things that I create. I felt that I couldn’t photograph anything main-stream …

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    Take a picture of something growing. Take a photo that represents the idea of openness Square is hip! Lose the rectangle. A photo with square (1:1) aspect ratio. Take an extreme close-up of an easily recognizable, common object. Two contrasting things, e.g. light & darkness, life & death, cats &…
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    Week Four Visual 4

    Color Changer

    This photo was taken in Italy at a skyline lookout, it had a gorgeous view, but the best part was the sky. In the original photo, the clouds were a very dark grey, but the sun was bright behind. This is shown in the photo and emphasized through …

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    That’s Not What I Expected

    I don’t think I am supposed to tell you what this item is, but because it is not an everyday item, I will tell you that you will find this in both a gym and a therapists office. I loved the texture on this and …

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    Bring Your Pet to School

    I have always wanted a dog and loved all of the submissions that included people’s dogs edited to be on campus, but I have never been allowed to have a dog. I have fostered dogs and I work in a house with two beautiful golden …

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    Can You See What I See

    I feel like I cheated the photography aspect of this week, however, the instructions of the assignment stated that I could find an image on the internet to use. I loved this image with the idea I had for this edit because the baby …

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    Week Three Summary


    Week three going strong! I am now very comfortable with how I am updating and running my website, so I am more focused on the content I am viewing and creating, which came at the perfect time of this class taking that step too. I hate writing. I am a …

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    Week Three Thoughts


    I decided to write about the book/movie After We Collided because I just finished reading it and watching the movie with my boyfriend’s mom. I just watched the movie today, so I will mostly refer to that because it is fresh in my mind. I think this movie relates really …

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    Week Three Writing 5

    Who Inspires You

    If you‘ve read my about me page or any of my assignments, (because half of them are about him) you would know that I work for a boy with a cognitive disability and he is my entire world, so who else would I write about here.
    I …

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    Week Three Writing 4

    Changing Fortunes

    “Live Each Day As If Tomorrow Is Your Last.” – I just wrote that fortune, and although it is really basic and vague, I am finally going to take my own advise. I sit here all day writing amazing fortunes for other people while nothing good has ever …

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    Week Three Writing 3

    Up-Goer Five Your Writing

    Last week, my boyfriend, his little brother and I went to a school near their house to play in the cold water that fell from the sky. There was a tall piece of land, so we took our small beds and rode down it. We went …

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    Week Three Writing 2

    TV Guide Remix

    Ratatouille – A poor man kidnaps and uses an innocent rat to fake his way into the workforce to ultimately take over the entire restaurant enterprise. …

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    Week Three Writing 1

    What’s in a Name

    I created this website based around my favorite nickname. My full name is Madeline, but I have gone by Maddy for as long as I can remember. My mom named me Madeline after her grandmother, but always intended that I would go by Maddy. Everyone in …

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    Week Two Summary


    I feel the first week of most college classes begin very slow and feel tedious and as if nothing got accomplished. I usually feel as though I am on a hamster wheel, constantly moving and feeling tired, but not moving anywhere or toward anything. This class was an exception. I …

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    Week Two Thoughts

    Theme? pt. 2

    Reading through and commenting on my classmate’s thoughts on the theme, I have realized two big things.

    One, we all live share the same time and experiences with others. Everyone alive has lived through this exact moment and share certain experiences together. For example, I know this …

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    Week One Summary


    Looking back on what I accomplished this week makes me so proud of my abilities with little experience in computer science or coding. Although I haven’t dove into the coding aspect of creating and modifying this website, I read through it and learned a lot. This is definitely not something …

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    Week One Web


    How do you mix your protein powder?

    — DeDe (@dailydede8) January 22, 2021

    I have been very tall and skinny my whole life and it has caused me a lot of insecurities. It is very hard to have an insecurity that others view as a blessing. Everyone around me …

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