1. @MaddySlunt

    Week Six Summary


    Only week six? Not even double digits?! That’s crazy to me and I am slowly falling behind in my work and seeing a little bit of burnout. I think this is a little evident in the work for this class, but I still really enjoy all of the work I …

  2. @MaddySlunt

    Design Blitz


    I received this flyer after getting my COVID test and it reminded me of a lot of the flyers that I got sent home to show my parents in elementary school. It was really interesting to me to see that they would make such an important and informational piece …

  3. @MaddySlunt

    Week Six Thoughts


    Being honest, I understood that a lot of time, money, and energy go into the design of most products around us, but I always felt that it was such a waste. I had heard stories of medical companies spending so much money and time to ask people questions about a …

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    Favorite Movie Quote

    I just recently got into the show WandaVision and it brought back all of the Marvel memories as I haven’t seen a Marvel movie since Endgame. The ant-man movie isn’t my favorite, but I still really liked it and this quote is so funny to me. This …

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    Advertisement Using a Cartoon Character

    The boy that I am a caregiver for is currently obsessed with Paw Patrol to the point where he will be dead asleep and the theme song can wake him up. He is technically non-verbal but yesterday morning he went and got his iPod that …

  6. @MaddySlunt


    Super Tattoo

    I have seen a few sketches and drawings very similar to this one and I have always felt that I resonate with it. I am a very caring and giving person and more times than you would expect, those qualities have come back to bite me in the …

  7. @MaddySlunt


    From Screen to Page

    I loved this assignment because I absolutely love this movie. I struggled a little with the organization of the panels and creation of the collage. I feel that if I was more knowledgable about software and what is available to me, this would have been a …

  8. @MaddySlunt

    Week Five Summary


    Week five! Maybe its just me and my crazy schedule, but I feel like this semester has lasted a year already. I am having a lot of fun in this course and it feels like my break from the madness that is my endless cycle of work and homework. I …

  9. @MaddySlunt

    Radio Show Ideas


    Podcast format where we read ‘viewers’ stories/problems and give advice

    Guest speaker, use clips from celebrity audio and mix them with our own questions

    Reading/reviewing funny/crazy stories

    Feature specific artists before or after playing their music where we tell a story from their lives

    Us listening to a murder mystery …

  10. @MaddySlunt



    I was really nervous to do this assignment, especially because I am constantly in a house with 10 people living in it, so there is so place of peace and quiet. I knew I would have to do this assignment in a closet whispering because the mic needed to be …

  11. @MaddySlunt

    Week Five Thoughts


    I listened to this audio story with my headphones in while there was a lot of noise in the rooms around me. This really helped me realize the importance of an engaging and relevant story. Now we live in a world of short form entertainment and we all seem to …

  12. @MaddySlunt

    Week Five Audio 3

    Favorite Song (ish) https://soundcloud.com/user-682371741/fullsizerender-online-audio-convertercom

    For this assignment, I cheated a little because this is not my favorite song, but it is something I saw on TikTok. In the TikTok, a creator performed a piano cover to this song and it sounded absolutely amazing and like the perfect wedding song. Of …

  13. @MaddySlunt

    Week Five Audio 2

    Play DJ

    This assignment was very challenging and I wanted to give up so many times. I knew I wanted to take a speech or meaningful words and add it to a beat that I really liked. I found this audio which I believe was the point of this assignment, …

  14. @MaddySlunt

    Week Five Audio 1

    Reverse Audio Quiz

    1. Dilly Dilly
    2. Flamin Hot Limon
    3. ____ away

    This assignment was pretty easy after I did some research. I work on an iPad not a laptop and it was hard to find a trustworthy app to modify my audio clips because the well-known programs …

  15. @MaddySlunt

    Week Four Summary


    Week four was a little rough for me. The family that I work for came down with COVID, and I was exposed before the other caregiver, so I have had to double my hours while experiencing COVID symptoms. It has not been easy and the end does not seem to …

  16. @MaddySlunt

    How I’m Becoming a Better Photographer

    Pay Attention to the Moment

    This photo was taken while my boyfriend and his little brother were sledding down a hill. I knew I needed to document this in a photo because his little brother is very unsure about the snow, so the fact that he was really enjoying it …

  17. @MaddySlunt

    Week Four Thoughts


    Although most of my friends growing up were very into photography, with fancy cameras and Tumblr/VSCO pages, I was never very interested in it. I think it is because I have never been confident in myself or the things that I create. I felt that I couldn’t photograph anything main-stream …

  18. @MaddySlunt


    Take a picture of something growing. Take a photo that represents the idea of openness Square is hip! Lose the rectangle. A photo with square (1:1) aspect ratio. Take an extreme close-up of an easily recognizable, common object. Two contrasting things, e.g. light & darkness, life & death, cats &…
  19. @MaddySlunt


    That’s Not What I Expected

    I don’t think I am supposed to tell you what this item is, but because it is not an everyday item, I will tell you that you will find this in both a gym and a therapists office. I loved the texture on this and …

  20. @MaddySlunt

    Week Four Visual 4

    Color Changer

    This photo was taken in Italy at a skyline lookout, it had a gorgeous view, but the best part was the sky. In the original photo, the clouds were a very dark grey, but the sun was bright behind. This is shown in the photo and emphasized through …

  21. @MaddySlunt


    Bring Your Pet to School

    I have always wanted a dog and loved all of the submissions that included people’s dogs edited to be on campus, but I have never been allowed to have a dog. I have fostered dogs and I work in a house with two beautiful golden …

  22. @MaddySlunt


    Can You See What I See

    I feel like I cheated the photography aspect of this week, however, the instructions of the assignment stated that I could find an image on the internet to use. I loved this image with the idea I had for this edit because the baby …

  23. @MaddySlunt

    Week Three Summary


    Week three going strong! I am now very comfortable with how I am updating and running my website, so I am more focused on the content I am viewing and creating, which came at the perfect time of this class taking that step too. I hate writing. I am a …

  24. @MaddySlunt

    Week Three Thoughts


    I decided to write about the book/movie After We Collided because I just finished reading it and watching the movie with my boyfriend’s mom. I just watched the movie today, so I will mostly refer to that because it is fresh in my mind. I think this movie relates really …

  25. @MaddySlunt

    Week Three Writing 5

    Who Inspires You

    If you‘ve read my about me page or any of my assignments, (because half of them are about him) you would know that I work for a boy with a cognitive disability and he is my entire world, so who else would I write about here.
    I …

  26. @MaddySlunt

    Week Three Writing 4

    Changing Fortunes

    “Live Each Day As If Tomorrow Is Your Last.” – I just wrote that fortune, and although it is really basic and vague, I am finally going to take my own advise. I sit here all day writing amazing fortunes for other people while nothing good has ever …

  27. @MaddySlunt

    Week Three Writing 3

    Up-Goer Five Your Writing

    Last week, my boyfriend, his little brother and I went to a school near their house to play in the cold water that fell from the sky. There was a tall piece of land, so we took our small beds and rode down it. We went …

  28. @MaddySlunt

    Week Three Writing 2

    TV Guide Remix

    Ratatouille – A poor man kidnaps and uses an innocent rat to fake his way into the workforce to ultimately take over the entire restaurant enterprise. …

  29. @MaddySlunt

    Week Three Writing 1

    What’s in a Name

    I created this website based around my favorite nickname. My full name is Madeline, but I have gone by Maddy for as long as I can remember. My mom named me Madeline after her grandmother, but always intended that I would go by Maddy. Everyone in …

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