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  1. @wade_764

    To Blog, or Not To Blog… Nah, I’d like to pass this class!

    Whew! So much reading this week. If you are like me, this week has been a challenging one. Learning more about how stories are told is a lot deeper than I had imagined. The article about hyper-linking and how digital conversations can be transformed into works of art was fascinating. When I first heard about Netflix’s idea to transform a movie into a digital narrative in a “Choose your own adventure” style called Bandersnatch I was elated! Even more so when I heard it was in the Black Mirror world. (Complete detour, but if you like that show, check out Inside No. 9,…
  2. @OliviaF98845588

    Story Analysis

    The story that I chose to analyze is the show Arrested Development (but only seasons 1 through 3). The “I link, therefore I am” text talked about the idea of linear storytelling. This show does a really good job of making several different stories all connect to become linear. Each episode will follow separate sets ...
  3. @Tillysisland

    Storytelling that Works

    In the past few years, I haven’t done much reading for pleasure. I’ve picked up the odd Harry Potter book or an old graphic novel from my dad’s collection, but with the overwhelming presence of technology and the distractions that come with it, I’ve found it quite difficult to have
  4. @josephineds106

    Same story, different link

    Stories have shape. The diagram Vonnegut drew when explaining his made-up story really made me think about how many different mediums and sizes stories have. Some stories start in the future, some stories change time, place, and even universes. When comparing this to the Szumer’s piece and the video on the evolution of hypertext, it… Continue reading Same story, different link
  5. @skyler0455


    I just finished watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. The storyline follows a famous family that loses their money. They are forced to relocate to Schitt’s Creek, a small town that they bought as a joke gift. Since there are 6 seasons on Netflix, the characters go through a lot over time, but I would graph […]
  6. @PabloMccrimmon


    I know, I know. It’s serious. One of my favorite novels is Girlfriend In A Coma (1998) by Douglas Coupland, named after The Smiths song. As I was considering what story I would like to revisit, this was pretty much the first thing that popped into my head. I first read it the summer after […]
  7. @grace_long88

    Story Time

    I do not have a lot of time during the school year to read for fun but during the summer I try to read at least one novel. This past summer I read Such a Fun Age. This story centered around a young black babysitter, Emira Tucker. It talks about
  8. @mgedney

    digital storytelling through movies

    After reading the first chapter of The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narratives with New Media and watching the two videos, I wanted to do my story analysis on the Divergent movies.  They were originally a trilogy of books then made into movies because of their popularity. By making them into movies, the series appeals
  9. @Egon2688


    I often decide to read the Serial podcast instead of listening to it. Usually, I need to be quiet, or I’ll wake up the baby, therefore, it is better to do it that way. Serial is an investigative journalism podcast, hosted by Sarah Koenig. As she tells the stories she gives detailed information of each… Continue reading Serial
  10. @KendraB999

    Story Analysis

    After reading and viewing the videos on storytelling, I realized that many people do not expect storytelling to be completed digitally. The idea of “Creating Narratives with New Media” reading, demonstrates how many people tell stories using different types of technology every time some new media is created. Just like writing a story without media, […]

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