1. @StarTaytu

    Maleficent or Magnificent?


     Pick a story, in any medium, that is important to you in some way, and revisit it with an analytical eye. What makes it a good example of storytelling?

    Bring it all together: How do the ideas in the readings and video apply to your chosen story? How would you …

  2. @aliboo1432

    Story Analysis


    The story I wrote about was very out of the ordinary, which is why it pulled me in so much and grabbed my attention the entire time. One of that I think would be an appropriate way to present this story is using images. My main character in the story, …

  3. @MeMcMe3

    Reading, Some More


    I don’t read many short stories, because I’m not a huge fan of the genre. There, I said it. I enjoy longer books, with more substance and plot to them. Illustrations are of course nice, but not something that I’d consider crucial to getting something out of reading. Thus, I …

  4. @ammmybrookeee

    Nicholas Sparks did it again


    I’ve probably spent hours thinking of a story that means something to me, and my mind is literally blank. I ended up going on Netflix and seeing what movie I watch the most is (that has to mean something to me), I ended up picking the movie/book Safe Haven. I …

  5. @WorldEmpress1

    Childhood Analyzed

    Picture from Goodreads

    I chose to analyze a series of books my ten to twelve-year-old self read so many times that I still have the plotline of the original six books memorized, and that ended up inspiring my love of reading other books. I know for a digital storytelling class, …

  6. @ChianeseCecilia

    Analyzing, You…


    The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narratives with New Media explains how digital stories can use problem based storytelling by breaking down a story into three parts. The first part of the story has to have a problem, obstacle or a goal. The second part has to involve the character(s) changing …

  7. @OliviaF98845588

    Story Analysis


    The story that I chose to analyze is the show Arrested Development (but only seasons 1 through 3).

    The “I link, therefore I am” text talked about the idea of linear storytelling. This show does a really good job of making several different stories all connect to become linear. Each …

  8. @Tillysisland

    Storytelling that Works


    In the past few years, I haven’t done much reading for pleasure. I’ve picked up the odd Harry Potter book or an old graphic novel from my dad’s collection, but with the overwhelming presence of technology and the distractions that come with it, I’ve found it quite difficult to have …

  9. @CeliaSdigitally

    The Yellow Wallpaper


    The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Stetson is one of my personal favorite short stories. I was introduced to this short story in high school, where I was a member of the scholastic competition team. This is an older short story, however, the context in which it was written and the …

  10. @josephineds106

    Same story, different link


    Stories have shape. The diagram Vonnegut drew when explaining his made-up story really made me think about how many different mediums and sizes stories have. Some stories start in the future, some stories change time, place, and even universes. When comparing this to the Szumer’s piece and the video on …

  11. @thisist00hard

    Storytelling from the Past to the Present


    Our writing style and the way we communicate today has changed tremendously compared to how we wrote and communicated in the past. Before, we were confined to written or printed media. In this way, writings were typically more formal, excluding letters, and we were not able to receive them very …

  12. @jwcpsc

    Weekly Assignments


    For this week’s reading and analysis, I chose to read I link, Therefore I am and what I got from Zacharias Szumer’s essay was that he stated that authors use hyperlinks as a way to interconnect different stories and/or information within the central story. Hyperlinks are used to provide access …

  13. @Carrie F.

    Pitch Perfect Analysis


    I have chosen to do my story analysis on Pitch Perfect. Pitch Perfect is a musical comedy that was first introduced in 2012. I liked the pacing of the movie. It was not too fast or too slow. The characters were awesome, even the antagonists were enjoyable. It was never …

  14. @skyler0455



    I just finished watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. The storyline follows a famous family that loses their money. They are forced to relocate to Schitt’s Creek, a small town that they bought as a joke gift.

    Since there are 6 seasons on Netflix, the characters go through a lot over …

  15. @PabloMccrimmon



    I know, I know. It’s serious.

    One of my favorite novels is Girlfriend In A Coma (1998) by Douglas Coupland, named after The Smiths song. As I was considering what story I would like to revisit, this was pretty much the first thing that popped into my head. I first …

  16. @grace_long88

    Story Time


    I do not have a lot of time during the school year to read for fun but during the summer I try to read at least one novel. This past summer I read Such a Fun Age. This story centered around a young black babysitter, Emira Tucker. It talks …

  17. @maymaygodek

    My Digital Storytelling Review.


    For my Digital Storytelling review, I would like to take a look at the work of the Netflix interactive movie known as Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. This movie is a unique piece of storytelling and an advancement in digital creation as it allows for an interactive yet creative experience by the …

  18. @ekardos106

    “Jumanji” Analysis


    I decided to analyze one of my favorite movies Jumanji (the 2017 version). This movie is hilarious, comforting, and fun to watch. I feel like if I were to graph and find the shape of this movie, it would start low, have a couple waves, and then end going up. …

  19. @Marie-Lynn

    Creative Storytelling Analysis


    Storytelling is a simple yet complex thing. As shown by Kurt Vonnegut, stories are easy to chart as curves in terms of events. Most stories are predictable, yet people will continuously read them and create new ones following the same formulas. This got me thinking about fanfiction, because it has …

  20. @mgedney

    digital storytelling through movies


    After reading the first chapter of The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narratives with New Media and watching the two videos, I wanted to do my story analysis on the Divergent movies. 

    They were originally a trilogy of books then made into movies because of their popularity. By making them into movies, the series appeals …

  21. @wchiltonumw

    The Three Little Pigs and DS106

    Favorite Childhood Story

    After going through the reading and the two videos, I immediately started comparing these thoughts to actuals stories. The first one that came to my mind was The Three Little Pigs. In the video about the shapes of a story I was easily able to draw one …

  22. @kjax18271

    What is Storytelling?


    Storytelling is not only about giving information, whether it is fictional or nonfictional, it is about captivating the reader, holding their attention, and inspiring thought. Storytelling compels the reader to want to know more or to the listener to wait with anticipation for what might come next. Digital storytelling puts …

  23. @Egon2688



    I often decide to read the Serial podcast instead of listening to it. Usually, I need to be quiet, or I’ll wake up the baby, therefore, it is better to do it that way. Serial is an investigative journalism podcast, hosted by Sarah Koenig. As she tells the stories she …

  24. @haylie5800

    One of the best stories!


    One of my favorite stories is the plot line of the old TV show One Tree Hill. All nine seasons and 187 episodes share a little more of the greatest story. Each episode pulled me in a little more and I got invested in the show. After reading the chapter …

  25. @KendraB999

    Story Analysis


    After reading and viewing the videos on storytelling, I realized that many people do not expect storytelling to be completed digitally. The idea of “Creating Narratives with New Media” reading, demonstrates how many people tell stories using different types of technology every time some new media is created. Just like …

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