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    That’s All, Folks!


    I spent this class making. I’m one of those people who’s always coming up with ideas for projects but never completes them, but this shows just how much I was able to make I learned how to use new software, and I got better at using software I’ve used before. …

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    The Unluckiest Week


    My main contribution this week was this. This project kind of felt like nothing was going right, and I got frustrated because I knew how to make it better, I just didn’t have time, and I won’t have more time to make it better until after finals are over. …

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    In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream


    I’m not going to lie, I’m not super proud of the final product, if only because I knew what I wanted it to be, I knew how to do it, and I would have done it if I hadn’t run out of time. When making this project, I had all …

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    There’s a lot more story here now…


    The original:

    The final:

    This was another fairly simple change, but it adds a lot of depth to the original. The remix button told me to add another, incongruous character, so I did. While the last one gave edgy, I’m-14-and-this-is-deep vibes, this one seems like more of a story. Who …

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    Jurcatsic Park


    The prompt

    So I may have done this for the Daily Create originally, but I spent way too long on it and I realized it would make a good mashup assignment, so I made it one. Maybe it’s double-dipping, maybe it’s being efficient and proud of my work.

    The process …

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    Remix: On Death’s Door


    Vs the original

    This seemed like an easy one to completely change the message of. I took the book cover I made for a dime-store thriller novel and changed it to an anti-smoking poster. It was a fairly easy change but it sort of reverses the message of the book …

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    X-Men: The Live-Action Series


    The assignment

    This took me way longer to do than I thought it would. I have been hyperfixated on this show for months, so of course I wanted to do something with it. At first, I was going to use my own arrangement of the X-Men: The Animated Series theme …

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    Specially Safara


    I felt like it was easier to do the writeup and progress update in one post rather than do two that essentially say the same thing, so here we are. I linked the final video above.

    The idea came partially from the fact that I wanted to experiment with overlaying …

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    Week 10 Summary, Summarily


    Daily Creates:

    @ds106dc #tdc3721 "I know it's expensive for a brontosaurus, Sarah, but how are we going to take over the world without a brontosaurus?"
    "But we could get two stegosauruses for that price!"
    "I can't ride a two stegosauruses! I can ride a brontosaurus!"

    — Katie Reif (@KatieReif6) March

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    Video Essay


    I know it’s not the best thing I’ve ever made. Between copyright robots, needing to completely redo my audio, and my computer not really doing what I want it to, things are just not going my way. This isn’t really a format I’m used to and I wasn’t really sure …

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    Video Show Plan: Specially Safara


    Safara creates a vlog of her daily life after the apocalypse, although she doesn’t recognize it as such since this is the only life she’s ever known. I’m not thinking it’s going to be super scripted, I’d rather adlib so it sounds more natural, but here’s the order of events.…

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    Conspiracy Theories


    I listened to the Conspiracy Theories show on Monday. (Along with several others, but I’m not analyzing those guys.) It definitely gave me the vibes of a podcast more than a scripted radio play like we did, which was kind of cool. I was able to keep track of everyone …

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    Project Ideas


    The project idea I had, I don’t think will really work for this assignment, so that will have to wait another day. For this project, I love doing tragedy or a style that I have dubbed “fluff falling apart,” namely something that seems simple and quaint at first is actually …

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    Radio show week 2


    These past two weeks, I wrote Act II of our show and recorded lines for two characters. We all got together and recorded in person, and then Wade mixed it. It wasn’t a lot of complex work for me this week, but it did take me a while.…

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    It’s Spring Break


    It’s spring break y’all, this is going to be a short summary. This week was a lot of meetings (I think two-thirds were unnecessary, but my team may disagree) so I don’t have much to link to. I talked about it here.

    @ds106 #tdc3692 Jeffery Bradley, from Preston, Dyfed, …

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    Radio Show Progress Week 1


    Alright, I have not done my part yet for the show, but I’m not going to before this is due so I’m just writing this now.

    This week we planned our show and outlined it as well as assigning roles in the creation process. We have everything set up and …

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    Radio Bumper


    The prompt

    This is a fairly straightforward assignment, done out of necessity, so it has a fairly straightforward finished product. We need bumpers for our radio show, so I made one for when we come back from a commercial break. It’s pretty simple. I took some stock music I already …

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    Gandalf and Pippin


    The prompt

    Ok, this may seem random and like a waste, but I promise it’s not. Our radio show has more characters than we have actors, so I wanted to try my hand at editing voices so they sound like two different people before offering this up as something we …

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    Radio Show Design Project


    So, not going to lie, we haven’t actually decided on a name for our show yet, but I thought this name was clever (it’s a play on “death of the author”). Our show is about the murder of Bob Ross and the trial that followed. I drew this by hand …

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    But I have promises to keep


    I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off all week, and I’m going to keep going until very late tonight, so while I have a moment let me write the summary.

    Daily Creates:

    Children laughing
    A car passes
    People walking their dogs

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