1. @PabloMccrimmon



    I really enjoyed Mason and Grace’s project ideas. A lot of my idea was about reflecting on my college experience, what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown, etc. I think Grace’s concept for doing something focused on giving back to younger generations by exploring the lessons learned from college life.

    I …

  2. @eendip

    Final Project Ideas


    So there are 2 final project ideas that my peers came up with that I think are pretty interesting. Skyler came up with the idea to do something related to keep the final project centered around Bob Ross and recreate one of his paintings using one of his videos. I …

  3. @jwcpsc

    Future Project Ideas Expansion


    I think Skylar’s idea of recreating a Bob Ross painting by following one of his videos is very cool. What is there were two options: recreate a painting by following his video or recreate it from memory/looking at the finished product. After finishing the recreation I think there should be …

  4. @skyler0455

    project ideas round two


    I really liked Kendra’s idea of making a podcast about the different areas of creativity you can develop in ds106. I think it would be interesting to talk through some of the skills learned and medias we used in class, and this would be a great way to share with …

  5. @HumIsDum

    Plan Expansions


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    Having to come up with our own ideas for a final project is a unique approach that I can’t recall having done before in any of my college courses thus far. It’s been super interesting to read through the final project ideas others have published over the …

  6. @KHavertDs106

    Others’ Ideas


    I know what I want to do now for my final project thanks to some much needed advise. I originally had the topic idea of doing something pertaining to the dog rescue I volunteer at. There are two ways I could expand on this. The firs is make a picture …

  7. @maymaygodek

    Capitalizing on Others’ Ideas!


    I loved Pablo’s idea of combining animation and music into one piece of multimedia! To further build on such an idea I would like to make some sort of soundtrack to this as I have some audio editing software that would be great to make some basic beats on throw …

  8. @wchiltonumw

    Expanding On Peer Ideas


    The first idea that I wanted to expand on was one that was generated by Skyler.

    final project ideas

    I believe there was good thought behind this idea, but I definitely can expand on it. I was thinking when recreating one of the paintings you could share some of your …

  9. @Marie-Lynn

    My Project Idea


    I had a lot of fun looking over everyone’s ideas for the final project for this class. It really gives insight to how different everyone is, and the types of things they are interested in. I really liked the idea of each of us doing something different, that displays our …

  10. @grace_long88

    More Project Ideas


    Reading through everyone’s project ideas was very inspirational. Everyone had great ideas and I am excited to see how they turn out. The first idea that really stood out to me was Carrie’s. She talked about how overcoming obstacles and achievements can tell a great story. I think this …

  11. @KendraB999

    Project Idea Expansion


    I think to expand on Josephine’s Project Idea, along with showing how marginalized people have had their voices silenced, I would include some of the instances where people have not been heard. I would also highlight the marginalization that occurs nowadays, along with creators who passed away too young. …

  12. @ekardos106

    Project Expansions!


    I loved reading through everyone’s project ideas! Everyone is so creative and there are so many great ideas out there!

    I loved Kylie’s ‘Peculiar Vantage Points‘ idea. It is something I probably would have never thought of. Instead of showing just one day from that vantage point, maybe …

  13. @kjax18271

    Here’s a Second Thought


    After looking through my classmates’ project ideas, one of them that stood out to me was Erica’s Way of Thinking. I love the idea of using music in a final project. I did not even think of that idea. She has a good baseline idea that she wants to …

  14. @Egon2688



    In my last week’s post for project ideas I wanted to share the story of peace and love through music. I think that music can connect us through emotions, experiences, and most importantly memories. I looked through my peers blogs and they all had great project ideas.

    The two who …

  15. @MasonOberle

    Stealing Other People’s Ideas


    Last week, I spent some time looking over a few of my classmates’ ideas for their final project. Now, I have the opportunity to revisit some of them and give some of my own thoughts on how to expand upon them.

    On her blog, Kylie said she was interested in …

  16. @mgedney

    project ideas x2


    After posting my first project proposal, I wished I had looked at some of my classmates’ ideas for inspiration! I had come up with one idea I could go many ways with, but people had whole lists of ideas. After reading them, I considered doing something more music related or …

  17. @michaeldgs106

    Project ideas week 11


    I might switch around what I previously said and create a project that uses music and the moments that immortalized it. I think there are songs that created a culture of the time and if I could spend some time finding evidence of what influenced a certain time period in …

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