1. @ekardos106

    My Dance Story: Final Project


    For my final project, I wanted to tell the story of my relationship with dance. I have been dancing since I was 3, but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing since then. There have been ups and downs and there was even a time where I danced very little over …

  2. @ekardos106

    Final Project Progress Report


    For my final project, I want to tell the story of my relationship with dance. Dance has almost always been a huge part of my life. It helps me express my emotions and it de-stresses me on a hectic day. Being a dancer has always been a big part of …

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    Where’s Waldo?


    In this remix assignment I took an assignment I already completed and added Waldo to the picture. This is what the remix told me to do:

    I put Waldo into my places of peace. To do this, I used Superimpose and got a photo of Waldo and edited it into …

  4. @ekardos106

    Remix a place


    For my first remix assignment, I remixed a project that I have already worked on. This was what the remix told me to do:

    At first, I wanted to edit the Chattery Café sound I had already made, but then a completely new idea came to me. Here is the …

  5. @ekardos106

    Merry Hallowgiving!


    In this mashup assignment I mashed up my three favorite holidays into a photo.

    My three favorite holidays are Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. In this photo I mixed up elements from each. I got a photo of a ghost, a candycane, a jack-o-lantern, a pilgrim hat, fall leaves, and a …

  6. @ekardos106

    Personal gag reel!


    For this assignment, I put together silly videos from my camera roll to make a gag reel.

    To do this assignment I scrolled through my camera roll a few months back and collected all of the videos I wanted to include. Then, I went on iMovie and put …

  7. @ekardos106

    Dance highlights


    For this assignment, I put together highlights of me dancing! I wanted to complete this assignment because I was thinking of doing some type of dance video for my final project and wanted to get a feel of what it would be like to edit it.

    To complete this, …

  8. @ekardos106

    What I eat in a day


    For this assignment, I recorded everything I ate in a day. This was interesting because I never really think of all of the things I eat in a day collectively. I decided to make it a TikTok because I see videos like this all the time on TikTok.


    assignment …

  9. @ekardos106

    That’s it for this week!


    This week was focused on video assignments. I really enjoyed completing these assignments because I have always been into video editing. It is tedious, but that is what makes it so satisfying at the end!

    Also, I did a couple Daily Creates. These are always fun because it is so …

  10. @ekardos106

    GRWM nighttime


    For this assignment, I made a get ready with me video!

    I decided to do a get ready for bed with me. I liked doing this because it forced me to do my nighttime routine. I recorded my process and then put all the clips together on iMovie. I …

  11. @ekardos106

    Every hour vlog


    For this assignment, I took a little video every hour that I was awake!

    I took the clips throughout the day, and then put them all together on iMovie. I decided not to put any music over it because I like the little sounds that come from each clip. …

  12. @ekardos106

    Freshman Memories


    For my first video assignment, I decided to make a video of all of my favorite freshman year memories. I decided to focus on freshman year because COVID-19 took over the last part of my sophomore year and also my junior and now senior year. Here is the video!

    To …

  13. @ekardos106

    Project Expansions!


    I loved reading through everyone’s project ideas! Everyone is so creative and there are so many great ideas out there!

    I loved Kylie’s ‘Peculiar Vantage Points‘ idea. It is something I probably would have never thought of. Instead of showing just one day from that vantage point, maybe …

  14. @ekardos106

    Bringing it all together


    This week, I started by listening to the ds106 radio show on Monday night. I heard ‘How to Survive: Advice from The Five’ and also my group’s radio show. I reflected on that in a post. I really liked hearing the other groups’ work and it was also cool …

  15. @ekardos106

    Final Project Ideas


    Brainstorming final project ideas seemed kind of overwhelming at first. However, as I have been thinking I realized it doesn’t have to be as scary as I am making it out to be. I want my project to involve something that I really love. The first thing that comes to …

  16. @ekardos106

    Radio Show Listening


    On Monday evening, I listened to the ds106 radio! I listened to ‘How to Survive: Advice from the Five’ and ‘The Tea on Social Media’ (the show I helped create). It was so fun to hear our shows live on the air!

    ‘How to Survive: Advice from the Five’ was …

  17. @ekardos106

    Weekly Summary


    This week summed up the radio show project! I am really proud of how my group worked together and got it done.

    This week, I did two Daily Creates.

    My group divided the content we would be talking about and started recording! We all individually recorded and then I …

  18. @ekardos106

    Radio Show Progress


    This week, my group has been mainly focused on dividing up the content part of our show and getting our recordings done! We have been communicating on Discord and figured everything out. I volunteered to put all of our individual recordings together to create the show. We are making sure …

  19. @ekardos106

    Weekly Summary 7


    This week I worked on the beginnings of my group’s radio show: The Tea on Social Media. So far, it has been going really well.

    I completed my Daily Creates at the beginning of the week, and made a separate post for them.

    I spent a lot of time discussing …

  20. @ekardos106

    Radio Show Progress


    My radio show group is me, Kendra, Carrie, Elijah, and Jasmyne. We are talking about social media and it’s pros and cons. We created a Google Doc and a Discord group chat to communicate with each other and divide work. We have come up with some good ideas!

    Personally, I …

  21. @ekardos106

    Radio Show Logo


    I decided to make a logo for my group’s radio show. I wanted to keep it simple with the tea cup and the words. I thought the font goes with the theme of social media because it has a youthful feel. I used Canva to create this. I really like …

  22. @ekardos106

    The Yoga Studio Commercial


    For this assignment, instead of making an 80s themed commercial, I made a commercial for my group’s radio show! Since our radio show is all about the pros and cons of social media, I thought it would be a good idea to make a commercial for something that would …

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