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  1. @Tillysisland

    Time to Brainstorm

    This semester has been a very creative one across most of my classes. I’m learning to code in Python, which innately has a creative element to it. I’ve focused in on the communication that takes place when working with small groups to find creative solutions to problems. My digital fluency,
  2. @JHolburd

    Final Project Ideas

    Wade, Katie and I have started discussing final project ideas and are just in the brainstorming phase. We are thinking of a video format for the project and want to include the theme of joy of creativity, which will definitely be exhibited by our work! The assignment says the project should be something that matters […]
  3. @wade_764

    Project ideas!

    I want to make some short intro music for a radio story. After doing this last project, I think that I enjoy making audio recordings, which will allow me to learn more about recording with audacity. I need to start working on some script for an original story, and I am curious if anyone else would want to work together on another radio broadcast like the last group project? Perhaps this project could turn into some sort of YouTube video. Does anyone know how to make digital animations? EDIT Mar 16th So after talking to some of the people in…
  4. @OliviaF98845588

    Project Ideas

    I got really inspired in the last two weeks by the group project. I really enjoyed interviewing, editing, and creating a radio show segment. I also really loved the topic of my segment and the conversations I got out of it. For my final project, I am thinking about creating a multimedia narrative about Taylor ...
  5. @skyler0455

    final project ideas

    I was not expecting it to be so hard to brainstorm ideas. There are so many directions we could take the project! An idea I’ve been thinking about that keeps with our Bob Ross theme is maybe recreating one of his paintings following one of his videos. I want it to be a painting that […]
  6. @eendip

    Looking Ahead

    I’ve spent a little bit of time thinking about what idea I’d have in mind for the final project. There’s one idea I have in mind that I think embodies ds106 as well as people in general. I think it would be cool to share the story of how there’s a different kind of creativity...
  7. @PabloMccrimmon


    I would like to create some sort of audio-visual experience that details my artistic journey throughout life. It would display my artistic identity and its evolution, with me beginning as primarily an animator and filmmaker and eventually finding a passion for music which propelled me to UMW. It would be a multi-media work and its […]
  8. @KendraB999

    Project Ideas

    For the final project prompt, I think I would like to work together with some of my fellow peers. The main idea I have in mind, would be maybe to do a podcast talking about the different benefits and areas of creativity that one is able to develop in DS106. I think that it would […]
  9. @Carrie F.

    Project Idea

    Happiness can be the result of success experienced from overcoming a single challenge or a collection of challenges, either great or small. Like the landscape artistry of Bob Ross, each painting is a process, a journey. The journey begins with the first stroke on the canvas and continues as anticipation builds eventually culminating with the …
  10. @mgedney

    project ideas

    What story do I want to share with the world is a super broad question. There are so many little things I would want to share, but what would be meaningful for an audience narrows it down. I think a story the world could relate to would be about my

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