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    Weekly Retrospection #8


    This week my group and I completed our radio show, The Joy of Music. The video for that is down below. This was an interesting process. I used a lot of Audacity and convertors which was nice because it was the same audio work we have already been doing, so …

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    Radio Show Progress #2


    This week I met with Alex and Pablo to discuss the main content of our radio show before we recorded. I then recorded my part on my own. I used Audacity to record my voice and other sounds that I needed. I then sent the files to Pablo who is …

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    106 HORROR!


    When I think of horror, I think of the killer in the shower trope. My first thought was to have 106 written in bloody letters, but that seemed kind of basic. I found this picture online of a serial killer shower curtain that makes it look like someone is in …

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    Who Runs The World?


    Money. Money runs the world. BUT so girls, specifically women, specifically Beyonce.

    For this assignment, to mess around with money, I decided to replace the white man currently on the bill with someone more relevant, more prophetic…Beyoncé! I used Photoshop to remove the original face, but keep the same frame. …

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    Shouldn’t Be Shocking


    This assignment asked us to combine two images in order to create a shocking message. For me a shocking message is anything that causes controversy. My message is that breasts are not inherently sexual. I chose an image of a woman who is consensually showing her breasts and then found …

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    Radio Show Progress


    For my radio show group I decided to work with my younger sibling, Alex and one of his friends,Pablo. Alex and I had talked previously about being in the same class together and thought this would be an easy option because we have similar interests.

    We then reached out to …

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    DS106 Radio Mixtape


    For my 2nd audio assignment, I decided to make a mixtape, but for our radio show: The Joy of Music. I will go in depth about this playlist on our radio show. I picked the songs that bring me joy and always put me in a mood to dance no …

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    Radio Show Bumper


    For our second audio assignment, I made the intro bumper for our radio show. I used an 8 second snippet from one of my favorite songs, Get you by Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis. I converted the youtube video to an MP3 file and used Audacity to clip the song …

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    Radio Show Promo


    For my promo for our DS106 radio show, I wanted the design to align with my groupmates’ designs. I also went simple with the design and color scheme. I feel that the monochrome catches the eye without being too overwhelming and the image is super easy to recognize and a …

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    Design Blitz



    The symmetry of the spoons on this cereal, juxtapose the different grains that are being held very well. The spoons are all facing the same way and the distance apart, but they have things in their spoons that are falling out and that all look different. Yet, they are …

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    Pop Culture Venn Diagram


    There are so many cool design assignments and I couldn’t pick, so I did the random option and this assignment is what I landed on! The pop culture diagram calls for listing three traits and then putting a character who is all three in the middle and finding characters who …

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    Simple, but detailed logo


    When I saw this assignment, it reminded me of something I saw once. Someone I followed on Instagram from high school was asking if anyone could make a “snow sports inspired” logo for his podcast on winter sports. This was a few years ago and I could not find anything …

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    A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


    For this assignment, I decided to do the A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing assignment! I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the image of the Burger King logo, but with McDonalds instead. I decided to take a stab at it and came up with BinGoogle! I thought of two competitors …

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    Everything not made by nature


    Design is everywhere. Every little thing has some sort of look to it. In reading the assigned articles, I am starting to see more and more how design plays a role. Apps have designs, websites, food, clothes…..! “Everything not made by nature” as said in Kidd’s book.

    Figuring out what …

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    Audio Storytelling


    Audio is a medium that I struggle with. Visuals make me feel like my story is not being misunderstood. I feel that sometime it is easier to have visuals with no audio, but harder to have audio with no visual. But, audio can also tell some great stories when done …

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    I decided to re-mix one of the photo assignments! Instead of doing grass or the ground, I did the sky with some clouds. I decided that a sky is just as much part of the earth. I found an HD picture of the sky, one without too many clouds, so …

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    Picture of water other than the ocean:

    Repeating geometric shapes:

    Ordinary object made supernatural:

    Abstract photo that makes you ask…is that photography?

    Taking a photo without looking:

    Toy in action:

    Reminds me of my childhood:…

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    Becoming A Better Photographer



    In this photo, a hand of a Black person is holding a vanilla ice cream and a hand of a white person is holding a chocolate ice cream cone. I feel like a lot could be said about this photo and the juxtaposition of the people and their ice …

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    Weekly Retrospection #3


    This week’s assignments had me reading and writing more than I have in a while. I used to be one of those kids who always reading, but now it is hard for me to even read a book for my own enjoyment because of schoolwork. It was nice to be …

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    Dream Vacation


    My dream vacation place would be anywhere I am free.

    Free from stress, from pain, from guilt, and free from it all.

    I would love to be here. This is my dream vacation. …

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    The Way It Should’ve Been


    IT Remixed:

    Georgie was watching his paper boat glide down the little stream the rain had created along the lines of the road. He chased after it, yellow rain boots and coat sticking out like a sore thumb. His boat turned suddenly. Georgie gasped, he saw an open sewer tunnel …

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    A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


    It’s a hard life being a pepper.

    Everyone wants to use you, regardless of season

    To some people you belong on a pizza

    and to others salads

    Some even use you as a substitute for bread

    You have so many uses

    But you just want to be alone

    It would …

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    I’m Having An Old Friend For Dinner…


    It’s not that I want to

    It just felt like I had too

    She was in town for the first time in months

    “Invite her over for dinner! When was the last time you two talked?”

    7 months ago, but who’s counting

    My mother’s comment wasn’t a suggestion

    It was …

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    Same story, different link


    Stories have shape. The diagram Vonnegut drew when explaining his made-up story really made me think about how many different mediums and sizes stories have. Some stories start in the future, some stories change time, place, and even universes. When comparing this to the Szumer’s piece and the video on …

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