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    This is a continuation of the Glitch project for the portfolio. Originally, I planned to find pictures of a flower at different stages of growth to add a more intense glitch to each further phase down the line. Unfortunately, it was really difficult to find any solid images to use, …

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    When looking for inspiration for what to turn into glitch art, I was really hoping to find one single theme or type of thing to use. I was originally thinking of doing landscapes or sunsets, but I almost felt like those were both too generic and not interesting enough. While …

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    Thank You, DS106


    This final week, I want to keep the blog post short and sweet. This semester has been an absolute rollercoaster of emotions, full of various projects and resulting in an incredible amount of knowledge soaked up along the way. This class has been unlike any other I’ve taken and was …

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    Better Days Are Coming


    While getting close to the end of the semester, I wanted to invest a lot of time into some very high quality graphic design work. While the assignment had a heavy emphasis on the idea of creating a story, I put a bit of a twist on things to still …

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    It seems that we’ve gotten to the point in the semester where we’ve covered most of what we’ll learn and are now being slowly let free to create whatever our hearts desire and I couldn’t be happier about it. I was hoping that we would be gifted another week to …

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    Bob in Paradise


    Photo Mash

    I twisted this assignment a little bit because it’s been a while since I’ve done a post relating back to Bob Ross and I found the perfect picture for this kind of assignment. I wanted to create this idea of Bob Ross still being alive but off in …

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    This week, I decided to create my own assignment to help push myself to do something creative and learn new skills using the “mashup” concept. This is my first time creating an assignment, but I think that it’s a really interesting option to be able to guide your own creative …

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    Another Clip Gone Viral


    This week felt like the most chill, laidback week we’ve had yet. It’s been so chill that it almost feels as though I’ve missed an assignment or two. Regardless, I still think I did some good and entertaining work. One of my videos seemed to get quite a bit of …

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    Spring Break 2020


    Tell us..

    I found this assignment to be pleasantly freeing, allowing me to just create something fun with almost no bounds and take a bit of a break from the rigorous editing and scriptwriting process. The video ended up being a bit longer than a vine would typically be, but …

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    Wheels Win


    Make an Argument

    While I’m not much of a confrontational person, I find myself getting very passionate about some things to the point where I would die on a hill to defend them. This argument is one of those situations, as pointless and cheesy as it sounds: I am 100% …

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    Week 11 Summary


    This week contained a lot of learning from a lot of different sources. With another round of peer teaching, I found it to be very enjoyable once again. Being at a table with some very interesting, respectful, and engaged students helped to create a lovely experience. Starting off the week, …

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    Another Scene Edited


    Though I’d love to say that I’m walking away from this week feeling accomplished, I wouldn’t be telling the complete truth. While I do feel this way, I’m also extremely relieved that it’s over. Video assignments were the thing that stressed me out the most in the class as video …

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    Laidback Chat with A Camera


    Get To Know Me

    I’ve been searching for opportunities to share a bit more about myself without stretching any assignments too far, so this assignment was the perfect opportunity to just sit back and have a casual chat with my camera. I reached out to some friends to provide some …

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    Attention to Detail


    As someone who doesn’t watch much television and has difficulty remembering scenes from films, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take this assignment. I debated taking a look at the beautiful bits of cinematography within the new Spider-Man film, though I knew I would struggle to find clips for …

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    Adding On


    You know an idea is a great one when you see it and want to expand on it even more. This week, I’m taking a look at two different project ideas that really stood out to me, seeing how I’d expand on them. First is Brianna’s story idea.

    Looking Ahead:

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    Quirky Cat


    TikTok of your pet

    For this assignment, I was told to create a funny TikTok of one of my pets with narration and/or a popular sound playing in the background. In order to check off every list, I decided to showcase my cat Luna’s “rituals,” or the way she reacts …

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    Week 10 Summary

    AI and Ethics

    The following is a response to this given prompt:

    Using your experience with the simulations — and taking for granted that we all hopefully agree that AI should behave ethically when possible — how do you think designers of AI should account for potential ethical decisions?

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    Another Song Remixed


    Creativity was really flowing through my veins this week, and I’m pretty happy with what I came up with. On top of that, we had some really phenomenal radio shows to listen to this week. I’m very grateful to have been a part of such an amazing team when creating …

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    Creative Connections


    Directly out of the gate, I’ll admit that I went about this assignment incorrectly this week. I typically do a decent job of getting Daily Creates done on the day they are posted, but sometimes I’ll find myself a day behind one week or potentially not liking the prompts at …

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    A New Approach


    This week, I wanted to reimagine two pieces of work that were very different from one another: a graphic design for a nonprofit organization and a story made from every letter of the alphabet. Going into these originally, I had no comparisons that I could make, but revisiting them allows …

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    Time to Brainstorm


    This semester has been a very creative one across most of my classes. I’m learning to code in Python, which innately has a creative element to it. I’ve focused in on the communication that takes place when working with small groups to find creative solutions to problems. My digital fluency, …

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    What Really Happened to Bob?


    This week has been full of incredible shows already, with more to come tonight. While I have been a bit on the busier side and haven’t been able to listen to everything all the way through, I was able to catch the entirety of the Bob Ross murder mystery show …

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    Week 9 – Self-Ev(AI)uation

    Artificial Intelligence

    This week, we dug a bit deeper into AI and how it looks in the real world compared to how it appears in fictional media. It feels very fitting to be touching on this subject at this time as just the other weekend I watched Free Guy with …

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    Another Tale Written


    Things felt quite a bit different this week than usual. The lack of assignments from the bank and only a couple Daily Creates were almost off-putting, but the replacement was nothing but a fantastic experience. Let’s talk about that a bit.

    Coroner’s Tale

    Working on Coroner’s Tale, the radio show …

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    Becoming the Coroner


    The first week of creating this radio show was all about planning. This means finding a group, creating a vision, conceptualizing, writing the script, and other general preparations for production. The second week, though, is when the real fun came about. This week, we made our concepts reality, taking on …

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