1. @Tillysisland

    Week 1 – Looking Back


    Week 1 served to be a great introduction to things, not only in terms of expectations regarding assignments and effort, but also simply getting to know Professor Whalen and beginning to loosely connect with other students. Even with something as simple as sharing our Wordle scores, I feel instantly more …

  2. @Tillysisland

    Week One (of the Rest of My Life)


    The first week is always an interesting one. Some will claim it’s the easiest week where you learn the least and can pay very little attention, but I’d like to challenge that idea. I typically prefer to take the first week pretty seriously and actually really engage with the content …

  3. @Tillysisland

    The Joy of… Life


    Back in the summer of 2017, I spent a lot of time inside and by myself as many of my friends went off on vacations or were constantly preoccupied. During this time, I was feeling extremely low and often struggled to feel better. Similar to today, I was often watching …

  4. @Tillysisland

    This is Ty (Tilly) Jubar


    For introductions, I really wanted to try to offer up something new with each form of media. First, I started on YouTube with my name and a bit of a description as to why my website is called Tilly’s Island.

    To follow it up, I wanted to dive a bit …

  5. @Tillysisland

    The Internet as a Fantasy World


    Looking back on the content of this semester, I wanted to see if there was something that drew me in enough to revisit it and go a little deeper. I kept finding myself thinking back to the concept of making a physical map representing the internet and the apps and …

  6. @Tillysisland

    Stan – Stories Within


    When looking at this assignment, the one thing that kept coming to mind was music. I feel as though for many people, music is simply something to put on in the background. With that being said, there are also plenty of artists that tend to lack high quality lyricism and …

  7. @Tillysisland

    Privacy in the Modern World


    Generally speaking, our lives are on the internet. It is as simple as that. Unless you are Amish, have been homeless your whole life, or live in an underdeveloped or Third World country, chances are there are traces of you online somewhere. For many people, a lot of this online …

  8. @Tillysisland

    Misinformation in Troubling Times


    We live in an age where information is easier to access than literally ever before. We no longer have to travel miles like Abraham Lincoln to simply get a book we haven’t read before. We have the ocean at our door and all the knowledge on the planet at our …

  9. @Tillysisland

    Videogames – What does it take?


    Growing up in the 2000s has created a much different childhood through early adult experience than ever before because of the vast advancements in videogame entertainment technology. Games are becoming both more complex and immersive, to the point that one can get completely lost in the character, world, and story-building …

  10. @Tillysisland

    Tilly’s Island Terms of Service


    Disclaimer: This site will be referred to as a physical island, entirely fictional and exaggerated to fit this theme.

    To establish a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment within the premises of Tilly’s Island, these terms of service have been put in place. Complaints about these conditions will not be tolerated, …

  11. @Tillysisland

    But Really… What is the Internet?


    Is it a place to learn and educate? Is it somewhere you can share and discover? Is it both revolutionary and overwhelming? Are there upsides and downsides? Is it’s impact ultimately beneficial to the entirety of mankind? I believe that the answer to all of these questions, put simply, is …

  12. @Tillysisland

    Double Edged Sword


    Advancements and innovations in technology sounds like an exclusively positive thing. How could a great technological breakthrough cause any harm? Something I found really interesting about the reading was this idea of improved technology and better services actually having negative side effects. For example, emails and made up online usernames …

  13. @Tillysisland

    First Reflection – The Fear of Bradbury


    Based on the tone and messages of both stories, from my understanding, Bradbury is fearful. Of what, though? The easy answer would be technology, as both The Veldt and There Will Come Soft Rains explicitly show terrifying scenarios that revolve around this idea of incredible technological advancements. But, I believe …

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