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    Week 7


    To begin the week, we took a look at Colab, learning a bit more Python to create a Magic 8 Ball. Ultimately, the code is quite simplistic and understandable, but the real fun comes with inserting custom responses. For my 8 Ball, I’ll admit I approached it a bit immaturely …

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    Another Galaxy Explored


    This week started off a bit slow but the ball started to get rolling around Wednesday when my group truly began communicating. Up until that point, we had been off brainstorming a bit on our own in hopes of coming together to create something great. Come Wednesday, the group got …

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    A Chronicle of Confusion and Pain


    This week, when thinking ahead about the kinds of things we’d need to create for assignments to contribute to the project, I couldn’t keep my mind off of the design aspect. Design has my heart and has for quite a while, but I often don’t find opportunities to use my …

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    NoseChap and a “Thank You” from the Cast


    For the digital assignments this week, I took it upon myself to learn some more techniques in Audacity. For the radio show, my group agreed that we’d like to start our segment out with a commercial followed by a bumper. At the end, we agreed to have a bumper and …

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    Establishing A Narrative


    This week has been both extremely stressful and extremely exciting. Things started off a bit confusing for me, admittedly, as I was under the impression that the radio show assignment would be individual work. Because of this, I slotted myself into a group pretty last minute. After this, a few …

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    Another Bridged Gap


    This week was a very special week for me as Wednesday, February 16th, was my 22nd birthday! Last year, in the midst of all the craziness with the pandemic and before vaccines were widely available, I wasn’t able to go out and celebrate my 21st. This year, I’m looking forward …

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    The Soft Truth About A Radical Week


    The readings and activities for class this week were very interesting and engaging, covering a wide variety of genres and topics. We read a short story called “The Soft Truth” this week, a story that fits into the “algowave” genre of writing. In the story, the main character …

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    The Scavenger Hunt


    During the pandemic, I’ve spent a lot of time inside. Saying that may even be an understatement, as it may be safer to say that I’ve spent the vast majority of my time indoors. Having high risk family members has made it a scary time and the state of the …

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    Love to Contradict


    Contradiction Creation

    Any assignment that makes me chuckle upon reading the description of is one I’m definitely taking on, so here we are. I’ve seen plenty of images like these before and I’ve always found them hilarious, but unfortunately have never gotten around to making my own. I figured this …

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    The Joy of Painting Foundation


    Charity Ad

    I’ve always been one to seek opportunities to help others and make a difference where I can, while my family collectively often donates to charities in hopes of seeing some real change in our world. Because of this, when seeing this prompt I knew I had to pick …

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    Another Tour Completed


    Working with audio creatively is not an area I’m particularly experienced in. While I consider myself a huge music guy, always listening to something and coming up with melodies in my head, I’ve never truly taken the time to figure out any programs to actually create something. I’ve played around …

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    A Future in Radio


    I’ve always been fascinated by radio and podcasts, noting that it takes a lot more talent and charisma than someone may initially assume to do the job correctly and do it well. There’s a lot of nuance to both what people speak about and how they speak and it’s a …

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    The Spill


    Sound Effects Story

    This assignment was extremely exciting to me at first glance. Honestly, I’m glad that it was assigned because I probably would have picked it anyways. When addressing this prompt, the first thing I thought about was setting. Where was this going to take place? Would it be …

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    Explore in Peace, Rest in Peace


    I found myself easily getting lost in The Truth Podcast’s “Moon Graffiti,” an audio journey through interactions between Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin during the moon landing. Similarly to how Jad Abumrad described sound and radio, I felt as though I had been given a paintbrush to paint this incredibly …

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    Birds, Beets, Battlestar Galactica


    On Wednesday night, I tuned into DS106 radio to listen to stories about different iterations of The Birds by Daphne du Maurier, such as Alfred Hitchcock’s. While each story has the same basics, such as a fear of killer birds, the broadcast pointed out many differences in the audio from …

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    Another Valley Crossed


    As usual, this week was another exciting, creative, and incredible experiences in this class. Graphic design is a passion of mine, especially when it comes to logo design and creating flyers and posters. Back in high school, I created the logo used by Rappahannock Aviation Outreach, which was essentially the …

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    Tips in Action


    After reading Becoming a Better Photographer, I found myself taking a lot of consideration throughout the week as to how I compose my photos and the elements that go into each shot. As a beginner, I feel like I’ve subconsciously used plenty of these tips before, but it’s always fun …

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    Emperor Zuck


    Splain that Dystopia in Six Slides

    The Metaverse is a concept that seems daring and like the next step in human evolution to many, while remaining a potential nightmare situation to others. Currently, I’m not sure where I stand. Fortunately, though, it’s always fun to joke around about The Zuck. …

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    Bubble Blower


    Sticky Note Animation

    This week, though I feel more in my element with many of the potential assignments, I wanted to try to challenge myself with something new. I’ve never really tried animation that isn’t pixel art, but I’ve certainly never tried creating my own gif using sticky notes like …

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    Happy Campers


    Camp Poster

    When I see the opportunity to create a fun and/or nostalgic poster, I jump at the opportunity. I’ve absolutely loved graphic design for years and recently started using Canva to create some professional looking posters. This assignment really spoke to me on a personal level for more than …

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    The Joy of… Pixels?


    256 Points

    There’s absolutely no way I was not going to do this assignment at some point. Not only do I love a creative challenge, but I adore pixel art. I’ve done my fair share, but haven’t really shared any of my work with anyone. It’s been a while since …

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    Week 4 in Retrospect


    This week was unlike most weeks in a semester, as the majority of it was spent on peer teaching. Initially, I’ll admit that I was nervous about the idea, but after looking more into it, and now in hindsight, I think it was an extremely productive experience. Firstly, teaching to …

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    On Photodonner and Photoblitzen!


    What a fun activity! This one really had me running around and getting creative, for sure. At first, I was under the impression that 20 minutes was enough time to knock out all of these, but as you can tell, that was not the case. I had so many ideas …

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    Thinking Like A Photographer


    When thinking like a photographer, it is important to address the story and emotion behind each photograph, but one should never lose sight of the technical aspects. As much fun as it is to create a full and fleshed out narrative for a photo, it is also important to assess …

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