1. @BriannaDAlbis

    Design Reflection


    Everything that is not made by nature is designed by someone.

    It sounds obvious. Of course, everything is designed by someone. Someone had to have the idea for the item. Someone had to design the item. Someone had to make it. But when you really think about it, the sheer …

  2. @cooper_llindsay

    Thoughts About Design


    Design is critical. Having a good design is crucial for products being sold and grabs peoples attention. Design is key for selling things but also is seen throughout our daily lives. Book covers, TV shows, Movies, products, art. Design is literally a daily part of our lives. Theres different types …

  3. @aislingberri

    Design Thoughts


    I’ve never really thought of design as anything more than just fancy colors or photos that just happened to be there and were appealing to the eye. That is, until I started reading into these articles.

    As I read these articles on my laptop, I came to realize that absolutely …

  4. @katiereif6

    Design Thoughts


    Should I have done this earlier in the week? Yeah, probably, but I didn’t, so here we are.

    One big thing that stuck out to me was that ambiguity isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I would think if you’re trying to design something, you would want the purpose to be …

  5. @ammmybrookeee

    Thinking about design


    I think the readings really helped me complete my design blitz. I realized what was important, and what I could focus on in order to tell a story.

    Graphic design needs your willing mental participation, even if it’s subconscious. Graphic design is message-sending into the brain. It is a cerebral …

  6. @WorldEmpress1

    Looking at Design


    I think what stood out for me most in the articles is that graphic design is not, as Kidd says, “purposeful planning that uses any combination of forms, pictures, words, and meanings to achieve one’s goal,” but is in a way, problem-solving. I think that’s an interesting way of …

  7. @CeliaSdigitally

    Thinking About Design…


    Design is something that I find interesting. The word design is so broad because it applies to many different things – like interior design, web design, clothing design, organizational design. Essentially, design is a part of everyday life and influences the world around us. Speaking more directly about design in …

  8. @Bendire Thrasher

    Maria Popova Does The Unimaginable


    The extent of my design knowledge is pretty much just me saying “oh, that looks like a sick album cover” at any picture anyone takes that looks like it could be a sick album cover. I’ve never really designed anything. Though I have heard many blanket requests for various club …

  9. @JHolburd

    Design Is the Gift of Sense


    Thinking about the importance of good design, it is important because it helps us make sense of our world. It creates linkages for us.

    James Verdesoto distilled movie poster design down by color themes and use of negative space and wow, it became so obvious how I’ve been personally influenced …

  10. @wade_764

    Design Decisions Rock!


    Man, where to start? That was a lot of information! The video posted by Vanity Fair had so many great ideas. I was amazed when the presenter showed so many posters of similar design, and he provided great details into how the movie poster’s messages are conveyed to the viewer. …

  11. @jwcpsc

    Brian Pickings Read and Reflect


    Reading this article makes me realize how much thought goes into each design, of course there are obvious aspects to the design like bright colors are meant to draw your eye to the colors but I didn’t realize that minimalism was essentially supposed to do the same thing. Everything has …

  12. @skyler0455

    design thoughts


    This article really got me thinking about how much of what I see on a day to day basis has been designed by someone, like street signs, posters, food packaging, etc. It’s something that can easily be overlooked. People put their creativity and effort into designing these common things around …

  13. @1kid3pets1hub

    Design thoughts: I have a few


    One thing that struck me, both from the videos and the Vignelli reading, were how important typeface is to design. It seems pretty simple when you first begin to think about it, but as you think deeper about the meaning, motivations, balance, contrast, size, etc. that surrounds the typeface of …

  14. @PabloMccrimmon



    I took a “Graphic Arts” course all four years of high school with a wonderful and passionate teacher (Mr. Erik Leise) who adamantly rejected the name “Graphic Arts” because in reality it was focused on Design. My work fluctuated in quality over the course of my tenor as his student, …

  15. @Marie-Lynn

    Thoughts on Design


    In many ways we do not think on a day-to-day basis how much thought goes into the design process of the world around us. Design is something we are presented with everyday, everywhere, all the time. Everything from the appearance of everyday objects to the decisions we make have a …

  16. @maymaygodek

    Design Thoughts


    In a way, it is fascinating to me the way the world of graphic design functions. I figured most of the time companies of graphic design have a team of individuals who look to the market to make the most money. However, when looking at the way Chip Kidd takes …

  17. @wchiltonumw

    My View On Kidd’s View


    The point that Kidd made that stood out to me the most was his speed bump example. He said that a man designed a bump to slow people down, but not a graphic design example which would be slow down bump ahead. This truly shows the separation of the two …

  18. @HumIsDum

    What I Learned in Design School is…


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    Despite having always possessed a passion for graphic design, I’d never truly considered the thought that goes into it. Typically, when designing a visual piece, I simply go with whatever feels creative and looks good. However, so much more goes into professional graphic design. In his book, …

  19. @ekardos106

    Graphic Design Intro


    I guess I never realized how intricate and prevalent design is. It’s just something I’ve never given a lot of thought. The readings and videos provided so far have been very insightful. The themes portrayed in movie posters based on color is something I never really put together. It is …

  20. @haylie5800

    Late night design thoughts


    After watching the two video and reading the two articles I have a different outlook on design and its features. Often times I only pay attention to design when it (picture, building, home, etc) is over the top, but now I think I will start to notice the subtle things. …

  21. @KendraB999

    Design Thoughts


    After reading the “The Vignelli Canon” short booklet, I learned many things about design, but the main idea was that design can be done in many different forms of art. This can be color, textures, typefaces, and images. I liked how this booklet sheds light on, different forms of design …

  22. @kjax18271

    Define Design


    Everything is design. From the poster you walk passed in the hallway to the back of cereal box in your pantry, everything around us that tells some sort of information is carefully and precisely designed to portray a specific message in a very specific way. Design can be simple or …

  23. @MasonOberle

    Thoughts about Design


    Reviewing the materials on design helped me understand a lot about what goes into creating appealing advertisements. I had noticed some of the film poster tropes that were described in the Vanity Fair video, but the presenter’s breakdown of each genre really helped me understand them better, and the examples …

  24. @mgedney

    design thoughts


    When looking at the “Brain Pickings” articles and Chip Kidd’s article about his children’s book, I learned a great deal about how to correctly design my assignments this week. But I also learned about what graphic design is. In the past, I had always thought it was associated with deliberately …

  25. @josephineds106

    Everything not made by nature


    Design is everywhere. Every little thing has some sort of look to it. In reading the assigned articles, I am starting to see more and more how design plays a role. Apps have designs, websites, food, clothes…..! “Everything not made by nature” as said in Kidd’s book.

    Figuring out what …

  26. @grace_long88

    The Importance of Design


    Before reading these articles I did not know how much thought went into design. I did not know different genres of movies typically use different colors in their movie posters. In addition the use of white space, and the quality of the images can tell so much about what a …

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