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  1. @jwcpsc

    Remixed Assignment: Dull Presenter

    I don’t really have a favorite holiday so I decided to mash up the most popular holidays into one picture. I chose to do Christmas, Halloween, and New Years Day because they’re so close together but since the assignment is remixed I tried to find the worst possible pictures to use. Didn’t go so well …
  2. @jwcpsc

    Mash-Up Assignment: Favorite Movie Clip

    For this assignment I decided to go with one of my all time favorite movies Harry Potter, I just chose the first one, and edit some of my favorite movie clips from the movie that explain the plot. I decided to focus more on the first half of the movie just to keep the video …
  3. @jwcpsc

    Daily Create: 11/12

    I just wanted to share the amazing drink I discovered on my trip to Mexico. I drank so many of these, it was that amazing. I would definitely mix and add different fruits to see how the taste would enhance and change. The regular recipe tastes like sprite so it can be too bad.
  4. @jwcpsc

    Mash-up Assignments Remix: Is This The Right Movie/Turn Up The Cheese

    I saw this assignment and I immediately got an idea to create a summer/ spooky contradiction movie poster. I clicked the remix button just to see what it would give and then decided to roll with the remix and make it extra cheesy. I was using instagram as an editing program for the picture so …
  5. @jwcpsc

    Video Assignment: Favorite Actor/Actress Highlight Reel

    So I was flipping through the video assignments to try and find one last assignment to do for this week when I saw one. I immediately thought of Ryan Reynolds because his dry humor matches mine perfectly and he never fails to make me laugh. So with my person in mind I started to look …
  6. @jwcpsc

    Video Essay

    Typically when someone uses the phrase “reading a movie” one would think of reading a movie but thetas not the case in this circumstance. In this situation it refers to looking at all the editorial aspects and how they come together to help tell the story. For example how do the angles, lighting, close ups, …
  7. @jwcpsc

    Video Assignment: Fake Propaganda Video

    Jesus Christ. The amount of offensive propaganda on the internet is crazy. I tried to find some non offensive pictures to promote recycling and convince people to start. I think I have a pretty good video to convince people to start recycling. I don’t really have much more to say because I’m still traumatized from …
  8. @jwcpsc

    Video Assignment: Save the Sloths

    This assignment was originally titled “Save The Sea Turtles” but I decided to remix it and do “Save The Sloths” because sloths are one of my tied favorite animals and I feel like there is less recognition for sloths than there are sea turtles. Pygmy Three-Toed Sloths are a critically endangered member of the sloth …
  9. @jwcpsc

    Video Assignment: Observe Something Grow

    I did this assignment on something very emotional for me. My dog died about two months ago and I’ve been avoiding looking at all the pictures I have of her on my phone because its still hard for me. I thought this would be a good chance to piece together a video of her good …
  10. @jwcpsc

    Daily Create 10/26

    I’m not a really good person to turn to when you need encouragement because 9/10 it will be extremely sarcastic and/or embarrassing. I felt like this is a good representation of what would happen if I was asked to root for someone. Just imagine a really awkward “Yay” and that’s me.

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