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    Radio Bumper


    This was super awkward and embarrassing as I don’t like recording myself in any form but I tried to go for a soothing but energetic voice. I don’t know if it worked. The sound is kind of choppy where I edited it and I don’t know how to fix that …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    I think a radio show where people talk about their hobbies and compare them to each others would be interesting. Listening to everyone’s favorite pastimes is a good way to find out more about other people as well as seeing if there are anything in common. It’s also a …

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    Audio Assignments: All the Relaxation


    I decided to bring all the sounds of a night of camping in to one audio file to give that relaxing feeling. Listening to this, you can just imagine being outside looking a the stars, a campfire burning nearby, the stream in the distance, and the sound of the bugs …

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    Audio Assignment: Sound Effects Story


    For this assignment I decided to describe my perfect nature walk. You can hear the sounds of the leaves, the birds chirping, the background sound of the bugs. All the things that nature should be, it’s my perfect relaxing nature walk. …

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    Audio Assignment: Spooky Season


    I tried to find the creepiest sounds I could and overlap them into some nightmare song. Once I found my base sound I got more and more into it and got better ideas and I’m pretty proud of my work. …

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    “Moon Graffiti”


    Sound drives stories by telling the plot without actually using words. Sound can telly you where a character is or what they’re doing without actually telling you, if you hear the click of dishes you known the character is in the dining room eating, if you hear the rapid sound …

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    Ds106 Radio


    I absolutely loved it this radio session. It was so captivating, from the sounds to the drama to the dialogue. It definitely reminded me of an old Lifetime scary movie series that comes on late at night. I want more and I’ll definitely tune in to see what else comes …

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    Week Four: Weekly Summary


    This week has been fun and a little hard. It was fun taking photos but trying to actively use proper technique and focus on making sure my pictures had enough lighting, depth, contrast, etc has been tough. It was also tough doing some of the visual assignments, like the splash …

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    This was the starting picture to mark the time of when I started, it also includes the tasks.

    This is a picture of the tree in my backyard. I tried to get a good picture to show my photography skills but the tree is awkwardly large so my pictures came …

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    Becoming Better Photographers


    This is definitely one of my better photographs. It has contrast between the bright leaves and the dark trunks and ground, I think the green bush in the back and the path give it great depth, perspective, and foreground/background. This is a great example of a picture worthy moment, it …

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    My Photography Experience


    I honestly don’t have that much experience with the professional side of taking pictures, I’m more of a “oh that’s pretty, wait for the camera to focus, and snap” kind of person. I do know basic things like how to focus on a specific image and blur the background and …

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    Weekly Summary #3


    Alrighty, so this week has definitely been more interesting and I’m starting to really like this class and all the posts we have to make. It was a little challenging trying to find writing assignments that I would like to write about without fluffing the whole story but I found …

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    Weekly Assignments


    For this week’s reading and analysis, I chose to read I link, Therefore I am and what I got from Zacharias Szumer’s essay was that he stated that authors use hyperlinks as a way to interconnect different stories and/or information within the central story. Hyperlinks are used to provide access …

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    Writing Assignment: When and Where Would You Live


    If I could live anywhere and in any house I would choose a log cabin mansion from this time period but put it some where scenic, mountainy, and beautiful like Iceland. I love log cabins because have an overall rustic vibe and give your home a very timeless feeling. Also …

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    Writing Assignment: Think Of A Poem


    Happiness comes, Happiness goes

    Tiredness comes, and it stays and stays

    Anger, isolation, hunger they all come too

    How do I cope with all of these emotions?

    Overwhelmed and drowning

    Work and school demand me

    I can’t breathe, mentally or physically

    I’ll just go to sleep

    And hope it all …

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    Writing Assignment: Nonhuman Perspectives


    “Why do they keep calling me Little Buddy? That’s not my name.”

    “I know squirrel, people are weird.”

    “Why do they keep trying to touch me and feed me? I don’t want your weird food and I don’t like being touched.”

    “Why do humans do that? We were surviving just …

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    Writing Assignment: Another Day


    This post isn’t really a hard assignment for me as I always like to go outside and enjoy nature either during a walk or hike but I tried to find a special memory just for this post. I chose to remember when I went to the Shenandoah Mountains during the …

  18. @jwcpsc

    Writing Assignment: Nonconformity


    One thing that has always caused me stress is my gender identity. Society has this idea of the male/female assumption where looking at people’s features, they must fall into one of those two categories. Nobody seems to think that people may fall out of the cisgendered spectrum which is annoying …

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    Week Two: Weekly Summary


    This week I really tried to mess around on my blog and figure out what all the buttons mean and do. There was a lot of trial and error with the design, and it’s still not perfect, but it’s coming together. I figured out what the Daily Creates were on …

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    Assignment Bank: Design Assignment


    The “Vogue” Challenge

    This is a quick picture I snapped while walking around on campus. It captures the beauty of nature while also being snazzy enough to look like an enhanced picture on a magazine. …

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    Assignment Bank: Visual Assignment


    By Any Sketch of The Imagination

    This is a picture I took while hiking in some mountains in northern Virginia. It’s a pretty decent picture that captures the beauty of nature as well as my love for hiking and the outdoors.…

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    Assignment Bank: Web Assignment


    If I could have my dream bedroom if would have a bed like this. I tend to lean towards darker color schemes so this bed is perfect for me.

    I would have these lights behind my bed just so I can use the colors to set the vibe in my …

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