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  1. @jwcpsc

    Radio Bumper

    This was super awkward and embarrassing as I don’t like recording myself in any form but I tried to go for a soothing but energetic voice. I don’t know if it worked. The sound is kind of choppy where I edited it and I don’t know how to fix that but I did my best …
  2. @jwcpsc

    Ds106 Radio

    I absolutely loved it this radio session. It was so captivating, from the sounds to the drama to the dialogue. It definitely reminded me of an old Lifetime scary movie series that comes on late at night. I want more and I’ll definitely tune in to see what else comes on. It definitely had me… Continue reading Ds106 Radio
  3. @jwcpsc


    This was the starting picture to mark the time of when I started, it also includes the tasks. This is a picture of the tree in my backyard. I tried to get a good picture to show my photography skills but the tree is awkwardly large so my pictures came with either weird angle of… Continue reading PhotoBlitz
  4. @jwcpsc

    Writing Assignment: When and Where Would You Live

    If I could live anywhere and in any house I would choose a log cabin mansion from this time period but put it some where scenic, mountainy, and beautiful like Iceland. I love log cabins because have an overall rustic vibe and give your home a very timeless feeling. Also placing the cabin in my… Continue reading Writing Assignment: When and Where Would You Live
  5. @jwcpsc

    Writing Assignment: Nonhuman Perspectives

    “Why do they keep calling me Little Buddy? That’s not my name.” “I know squirrel, people are weird.” “Why do they keep trying to touch me and feed me? I don’t want your weird food and I don’t like being touched.” “Why do humans do that? We were surviving just fine before they came and… Continue reading Writing Assignment: Nonhuman Perspectives
  6. @jwcpsc

    Writing Assignment: Nonconformity

    One thing that has always caused me stress is my gender identity. Society has this idea of the male/female assumption where looking at people’s features, they must fall into one of those two categories. Nobody seems to think that people may fall out of the cisgendered spectrum which is annoying as well as offensive to… Continue reading Writing Assignment: Nonconformity

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