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  1. @MeMcMe3

    Weekly Things

    “Another Day” Well, I chose this assignment from the “Writing Assignments” section of the DS106 website. I kind of randomly picked something that seemed somewhat intriguing to me. This particular assignment focussed on natural beauty and being able to take a moment to truly take the world in for what one can see. It is …
  2. @HumIsDum

    Another Day, Another Blogpost

    by Thomas Pulsifer Ever since I started meditating a few years back, I’ve found myself gaining a much greater appreciation for nature’s beauty. I try to meditate about 40 minutes every day, and I encourage anyone reading this to do so as well! While the sights of the outside world are certainly lovely, the thingContinue reading "Another Day, Another Blogpost"
  3. @abiles11

    Another Day

    After I picked this assignment, I started to go through my camera roll, looking for a beautiful picture from one of my travels. I thought I had found the perfect picture, a picture of an island in Thailand, but then I realized that that picture was not just “another day” I had traveled to that […]
  4. @jollykyles

    Another Day…

    In my time living in Fredericksburg, Virginia, I haven’t actually taken time to pick apart its beauty. It’s a large, historic city that hugs the rough Rappahannock River. It is filled with welcoming neighbors who, unlike many cities, actually make an effort to acknowledge your presence. Its downtown restaurants excite the inner foodie in me. … Continue reading "Another Day…"
  5. @ds106_mckayla

    Another day on the porch.

    This is the original link to this assignment. I chose to pick my favorite spot when it comes to going outside at my house. This is the view from my screened in porch on the front of my house. I love this view because there is so much to see in just two acres of land. The black-eyed susans just died because summertime is over, but usually there is fresh mulch and beautiful black-eyed susan flowers in the flower bed shown. I also love this location because I can hear all the little birds, squirrels, and other animals talking and

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