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  1. @kmaproductionss

    Weekly Summary #8

    This week was really light which was nice due to the closing of the school being pretty hectic. Not having extra assignments and small amount of Daily Creates allowed everyone to really focus on their part of the radio show. With the support and help of my group the project wasn’t overwhelming. It’s dope seeingRead more
  2. @kmaproductionss

    Weekly Summary #7

    This week wasn’t as difficult for me as the other weeks. After watching tutorials and reading articles online I am starting to get a hang of audio editing. I am using multiple apps for my assignments which improve the product. I also really enjoy working with a group and seeing their spins on digital storytelling.Read more
  3. @kmaproductionss

    Radio Ad

    Creating this ad was a lot harder than it looks. I found a note of a free website and used a photoshop app to change it from black to white. I used a different app to add our radio show name and the segment of my portion of the show
  4. @kmaproductionss

    80s Through Space Time pt 1

    Preparing for the show went a lot smoother than I thought. One of my group members created a shared Google document and we all started dividing up work. We took the initiative to meet in person because we found that was a lot easier to communicate ideas. During our meet-up we found our radio name,Read more
  5. @kmaproductionss

    Thoughts on Design

    After reading the book and the articles it made me pay attention to the finer details of all designs. I have always subconsciously made opinions on ads, logos, signs and paintings. Now I know it is because of colors or the underlying messages incorporated in the design. I have a new appreciation for people’s designsRead more
  6. @kmaproductionss

    Weekly Summary #5

    I really enjoyed this week because freshman year I took a theater class and we played around with Audacity. It was cool to see how the program changed and the new features. It was really fun playing around with the different sounds. I couldn’t figure out how to record internal audio at first but afterRead more
  7. @kmaproductionss

    Blog #5

    How does sound drive stories? How does it impact mood and create atmosphere? How do the ideas in Abumrad’s videos relate here Sound allows people to be in the atmosphere a storyteller is trying to create. Sounds are like words with connotations each sound creates a certain mood. Abrumrad talks about how sounds enable storytellersRead more
  8. @kmaproductionss

    Blog #4

    My photography experience is very limited. I’ve never taken a class on it or looked at pointers before this course. I usually take pictures of nature (especially mushrooms) or things that just look cool to me. I really like taking pictures w distorted mirrors. After reading articles I can definitely improve on my angles andRead more
  9. @kmaproductionss

    The Life (& death) of Carol

    Growing up, I used to ride around in my grandma’s car bumping to the same 80’s tunes. She did not an aux but she did have tapes. After my grandma passed, I bequeathed her car as well as the tapes of 80’s music. Below shows my first and last ride and between that it portraysRead more

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