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  1. @abiles11


    Reading Professor Bond’s ideas on our projects really helped me shape what I was thinking about more. At first, I was dead set on doing the project by myself, but after reading some of the other students ideas, and reading what Professor Bond said about physical distancing but still being socially connected, I am having … Continue reading "ideaspart2"
  2. @abiles11

    Future Project Ideas

    Sittng down and thinking durning this craxy time was a peaceful treat. I was able to brainstorm a few awsome ideas of future projects that I could do that involve the 80’s. The 80’s were such a diverse and vibrant time, it is hard to focus on just one aspect. One idea that I had […]
  3. @abiles11

    Weekly summary

    This week brought forth a lot of new challenges. The most obvious one was getting together with my group and figuring out what we were going to do for our radio show. Meeting up with Everyone was very exciting because they all had some really good ideas on what we should do and how to […]
  4. @abiles11

    Radio show design project

    You should be more than excited to hear this radio show about the 80s, The 80s through space-time! This fast paced exciting radio show will detail a lot of different aspects from the 1980s. You will learn a lot about the 80s and also have a lot of fun! Be sure to tune in next […]
  5. @abiles11

    Radio show progress

    This week my group and I met up and talked about what we will be doing for our project. I decided to revolve my part of the project around the movie super 8. This movie is set in the early 80s. The audio assignments I did this week will be incorporated into the show. I’m […]
  6. @abiles11

    Weekly summary

    This week let me tap into some of my design skills. I really enjoyed the weekly creates this week. It was fun creating hypothetical posters for different events. I felt like my potter for the Mary wash hospital toy drive would be a poster that I would actually see around. The poster that I made […]
  7. @abiles11

    Design Bliz

    Well, I’m trying to do all this on my phone due to some technical difficulties but I can say that the WordPress app is really good. I decided to orient my design blitz around posters and signs on campus. I felt like this would be a good way standardize all the pictures that I took. […]

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