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  1. @madeleine_ds106

    DS106 Phone Call

    This was the last assignment I completed for the 10 stars required in Audio Assignments for the week. This one required me to tell a story, basically pretend I was making a phone call, and add background noise to make it more realistic. I decided to incorporate my secret agent, Margo, into this assignment. I scripted it so that Margo was leaving Moscow to fly back to London with top-secret information she acquired in Russia. She makes an off-handed comment about how the weather was bad and that she would make an arrangement with a man named Thomas to pass along the information. I ended the call with Margo having to board her plane. To signal this, I inserted the background noise of a stewardess announcing it was time to board the plane. To complete the assignment, I recorded myself as Margo through the Voice Memo app on my phone and then uploaded it to my computer and transferred it to Audacity. I got the background noise of the airport from and uploaded the recording to Audacity. The assignment was relatively is to complete, it just required some creativty.

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