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  1. @justzaying7

    Mambo number 2

    For my last mashup assignment for this week, I edited another one of my old projects. The Snappy assignment, was probably my favorite that I did. Just because of the style I put in it. So for the mashup portion, I decided to take it in the opposite direction, and exchange the snazzy music in … Continue reading Mambo number 2
  2. @justzaying7

    *Chewing bubble gum sounds*

    Hay, I did this mashup assignment, number 1871. Pretty fun assignment except my Mac started updating in the middle which was super inconvenient because I had to restart. Anyway I just youtubed one liners, for inspiration. Following that I just watched the video and found two lines that jived to me. No real backstory behind … Continue reading *Chewing bubble gum sounds*
  3. @justzaying7


    This week I listened to the radio show, “The Legends ds106 Radio Show!” I thought that this show was done fantastically! I was really interested from the start, due to their being so much activity in the show, and so much going on. I found that it was hard to follow sometimes due to the … Continue reading WOW

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