1. @CatyWarner

    Final Summary


    In this summary, i’ll just discuss some behind-the-scenes action with you all about the final project we just did.

    I chose to do my final project on the disappearance of Helga Schwarz, my beloved spy character. While I didn’t have a clear idea for how I would’ve liked to follow …

  2. @CatyWarner

    “The Oma”: MIA


    There seems to be an issue in the deep countryside of a remote undisclosed place in Germany-and that issue is one of deep importance.

    Helga Schwarz, less formerly known as “the Oma”, was an extremely valiant and courageous operative until 5 years ago, when she retired and became the leader …

  3. @CatyWarner

    Progress Report/Weekly Summary


    This week is such a hectic week for me. I’m getting married! Whaaat! Anyway, because of this, I have decided to do a very detailed plan of what I will do next week, just so I know where I’m heading in terms of assignments and projects for the final assignment. …

  4. @CatyWarner

    Weekly Summary #12


    This week was all about Mashups and remixes, and honestly it was really fun. I thought that all mashups and remixes were about music, but it was exciting to hear I could involve video and photography work too, which are some of my favorite areas to do work in.

    This …

  5. @CatyWarner

    Mission Remix


    I really like the idea of doing a final mission, one that kind of emcompasses everything we’ve created in this class.

    Most of what we have done has really been an art form. Yeah, its on the internet, but we design and create things that we are proud of as …

  6. @CatyWarner

    50 Shades of Cinderella


    For this assignment, I had to look deeeeep into Cinderella’s past.

    No but really, I had to find many of the remakes of a particular character and involve it in a evolution video of them. I found some really weird, surprising Cinderella movies, but I decided to make it PG …

  7. @CatyWarner

    Countrify..my dog?


    So for this assignment, I had to take a selfie with my dog…but for the remix attached, I had to “countrify” the picture. At first I was thinking I would stick a hat on him or something (although Declan hates hats) but then I read the description of the remix: …

  8. @CatyWarner

    Weekly Summary #11


    Thank goodness that its been a short week! Life happens in the background while classes go on. What a crazy concept

    This week, I mainly worked on two big projects-a movie about my daily life and a movie trailer about my spy pets. They were pretty cool, but very time …

  9. @CatyWarner

    A Day In the Life….


    For this 5 star assignment, I made a movie that took my two weeks to finish, haha.

    I know, that sounds like a lot. What the heck!!!

    But I saw this assignment last week, and I knew that it took way too much time and effort to do in just …

  10. @CatyWarner

    Potential Future Missions…??


    For this week, we were required to reflect and ponder on where were heading…meaning new missions for us all. Now at first I thought, well, we’ve done a lot of mission-like assignments already. My senioritis is kicking into high gear, my graduation attire is sitting in my closet ready to …

  11. @CatyWarner

    Weekly Summary #10


    This week was all about video! From recording myself, video clips, and others, it was a pretty crazy week. I think my favorite part was the character interviews, just because the people in the videos (especially the lady) were so weird and funny with the way they asked the questions. …

  12. @CatyWarner

    Character Interview!


    For the character interview, I felt so awkward! My character is a very old german woman, and there was no way I could impersonate her (trust me, I tried.) So instead, I decided to sit in place for her, since she doesn’t like being filmed and she was feeling under …

  13. @CatyWarner

    Video Analysis of Mr. & Mrs. Smith


    This week we are doing video! While I only know video in the realm of iMovie, its not too difficult to learn from a few quick Google searches. For the video essay, I decided to analyze a clip of the infamous dinner scene from Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I love …

  14. @CatyWarner

    Weekly Summary #9


    What a great week! It was definitely busy, there were so many assignments and tasks to do but honestly it was pretty fun!

    At the start of this week, I really didn’t think I could do anything with web design. I thought we were going to have to do some …

  15. @CatyWarner

    Social Presence of Emmalyn


    So I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but I GOT A NEW PUPPY!! She has been a huge handful, but I love her so so much. She has taken up pretty much all of my free time, (just to let anyone know NOT to get a puppy …

  16. @CatyWarner

    Rewooooork: Fix up this Haiku


    I have been WAITING for this moment to do a rework since I completed the assignment!!!

    I know I was supposed to do a rework on a 3-5 star assignment, and while this Haiku one is less than that, I think that because I added in the calligraphy aspect I …

  17. @CatyWarner

    The Greatest Journey to Dogs


    I’m going to tell you a story of the great journey of finding the perfect dog. Here goes.

    First of all, I just wanted to say that I really love dogs. It’s apparent to anyone I meet. It might only be able to be explained by this gif of a …

  18. @CatyWarner

    Helga’s Own Website


    I’m not gonna lie, when I saw that we were doing web design this week I was just about to piss my pants. I have NO idea about any of that coding nonsense!!! I really thought I was just gonna have to skip this week or something. But, after carefully …

  19. @CatyWarner

    Radio Talk


    This past Monday and Tuesday we got to listen to the radio shows of other groups, and it was pretty cool to see what people came up with. My group, Girl Power, came up first and I was really nervous and excited to see what people had to say about …

  20. @CatyWarner

    Weekly Summary #8


    This week was hard to get into the groove of (rightly so, with spring break now far behind us.) But once progress was made on the radio show, it all went downhill from there (in a good way). My group and i finished the radio show and it is now …

  21. @CatyWarner

    Week 2: The Radio Show Finale


    Well, folks, we finished it! This week, my group and I worked on the radio show to completion, and it sounds great if i may say so myself. It honestly reminds me of the radio shows that I listen to all the time on my way to class or work. …

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