1. @hannahkolkmeyer

    A New Mission:


    I think a fun new mission for us would be to do like a scavenger type of hunt. We each create a blog that leads to another spies blog basically. Like one person shows peach and that leads to this other person’s blog that shows a peach tree. It would …

  2. @JasmineAlanis2

    Mission Idea


    DS106 agents have gone missing! We are losing more agents every hour! Create missing agent posters and find a way to bring our agents back home. Follow the clues on twitter to find out who is taking all of our agents.…

  3. @madeleine_ds106



    For a top secret assignment idea all of DS106 agents are on a mission to save all the animals on the endangered species list. How they will accomplish this is unclear at the moment. However, it is an important mission. …

  4. @KendallResnick

    Mission: Recruit and Train New DS106 Agents


    We’ve completed so many missions throughout the semester that it’s surprising how long it took me to come up with a new idea! After thinking it over for awhile, I ended up with some plans that I am actually really excited about. Hopefully I will be able to complete them!…

  5. @biggs_hank

    DS106 Saves the World


    For this week we needed to come up with an idea for a mission. I had a lot of things going through my head about what kind of mission it could be. What I ended up deciding was a mission where some supreme leader has the ability to send nukes …

  6. @https://twitter.com/SecretAgentDunk

    Our Mission Objective Is…


    So much to do, so little time…

    As secret agents, we’ve done so much over the course of this semester. We’ve practiced various techniques, and utilized these to go undercover, wage covert attacks on our enemies, and more! But, there comes a point in time in which subterfuge doesn’t help. …

  7. @Katie73536604

    What’s the Mission?


    I believe our next mission should involve several things that we have learned so far this semester (that includes our characters). I like the idea of creating a video collage or a video story of our characters. I have really enjoyed looking and playing with iMovie and think that a …

  8. @mattmilesds106



    I think a mission needs to serve a purpose. As I began thinking about what our future mission should be, I referenced all of the movies that I have seen in the past and most of them involve going for the girl.

    After seeing Girl Power on ds106 I realized …

  9. @gmoore333

    New Mission


    After doing a lot of different types of storytelling, I think we should all make a scene by video of a mission our characters go on, or make audio of our characters engaging with their enemies, or make posters and use photoshop to show how a mission played out. Some …

  10. @morgan_ds106

    New Mission


    This week I was tasked with coming up with a new mission for the class. Being a senior at Mary Wash, one of my ideas was to create something sentimental. Video montage of some sort. Something that warms the heart and thanks those who have helped you get this far. …

  11. @tiffmooree

    New Mission


    I think for this new mission we should incorporate everything we’ve learned in this class so far. This means incorporating video, audio, and photography.

    I think for this assignment we should get into groups again and create the idea behind a movie. We could then create a video trailer, and …

  12. @kdzebdi106

    Secret Mission


    As secret agents we have to go through obstacles in our daily work life. Secret missions usually have hard obstacles that we have to plan and solve for.

    A mission that comes to mind is a bomb that will go off in 12 hours in France and we have to …

  13. @christinac106

    Did someone say mission?


    As secret agents we’ve encountered numerous missions since our time here in ds106. Now as the semester is nearing an end, am I seeing one last mission in our future?

    A couple ideas come to mind for a potential last mission…

    One idea that I have is that our secret …

  14. @CatyWarner

    Potential Future Missions…??


    For this week, we were required to reflect and ponder on where were heading…meaning new missions for us all. Now at first I thought, well, we’ve done a lot of mission-like assignments already. My senioritis is kicking into high gear, my graduation attire is sitting in my closet ready to …

  15. @caholt2000

    Final Mission


    We have been through a lot in the past ten weeks. Some of us may have unfortunately blown our covers at one point or another. With a villain getting smarter and more dangerous each week, we need to protect our identities to prevent ourselves and our loved ones from getting …

  16. @Riley80256802

    What’s the Next Mission?


    The Next mission: These traitors need to be found and stopped immediately. The Directorate is a direct threat to our spy program and may be using it to gain some of our secrets by implanting some of their agents into this program. Your mission if you accept it is to …

  17. @bfrullads106

    Mission plans


    Hello fellow agents, today we’ve been assigned the task to brainstorm a new set of mission goals for our spy group to take on. As a group, I don’t think there’s anything that our spy skills cannot complete. The first thing that we need to take on is the world’s …

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