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    Summary Fourteen: The Finale


    Ace Love, Senior Recruiting Officer for the SSPA, Secret Service division – Ace Love is sending this report and objective memo to his lower level associates – Report: Date: April 26, 2197 Location: SSPA, HQ Topic: Future Recruitment Process This round of recruitment is over… Some fine recruits have made …

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    DS106: Secret Service Radio Commercial


    The Work Itself: Behind the Work: This DS106: Secret Service commercial best showcases my skills in the art of audio editing and design. I continued with my recruitment theme for my final project and designed a radio commercial that will help attract future agents. This commercial represents my ability to …

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    Adobe Photoshop Mix Tutorial Part 2


    The Work Itself: Behind the Work: With this tutorial, I was able to showcase my skills in audio editing and photoshopping. I decided to do another Adobe Photoshop Mix app tutorial because I felt like I could have gone into a little more depth than I did in the last …

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    DS106: Secret Service Recruitment Video


    The Work Itself: Behind the Work: This video illustrates my video and audio editing skills I gained over this semester. To start the semester I already had a pretty good base understanding for video editing; however, throughout the semester, I gained additional knowledge on the subject and feel that my …

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    DS106: Secret Service Poster


    The Work Itself: Behind the Work: This DS106: Secret Service poster I stuck with my spy recruitment theme. I believe this poster showcases my photoshop, design, and photography skills that I acquired throughout the semester. I wanted to design this poster in such a way so that it could be …

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    Weekly Summary Report Thirteen


    For my final project, I have decided to do the Recruit and Train Mission which was given as an example in the Final Project: From ds106 with Love blog post. I believe I will be able to best showcase my ds106 abilities along with being able to help future students …

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    Weekly Summary Report Twelve


    Remixing and mashing Up! What a fun week. Along with the perfect amount of work again. This week I explore the remix and mash up section of Assignment Bank, to further enhance my digital storytelling skills. This week I had to complete: a tutorial, 10 starts of assignments, 2 remix …

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    Mission Remix


    Create a 3 to 5 minute movie trailer for your character. The movie will be about their life and their missions. Involve changes in music and video styles to attract the audience. Design the trailer so that there is a beginning and a possible end for your character (you know… …

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    Dinosaurs had Mustaches??


    Urban Dictionary defines “mustache” as: “A universal icon representing the epitome of authority and raw manhood… Resting just above the upper lip, the mustache is a beacon to all mankind that there is hope for this world and a bright future for all who have been gifted with this treasure …

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    Remixing my Favorite Photo


    Use this assignment to create an advertisment or a recruiting tool for ds106. http://remix.ds106.us/remixassignments/your-favourite-photo-remixed-ds106-ersizing/ The Work Itself: Behind the Work: This remix comes from my original assignment “My Favorite Photo”. When I went back into this assignment I hit the “Remix Button” and this is what I came up with. …

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    This week I was asked to complete and design a tutorial on an assignment that I thought was tough throughout the semester. I took a little spin on this and I made a tutorial on the tool I used the most throughout the semester and that is the Adobe Photoshop …

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    Mashup two or more of your favorite websites using Firebug or photoshop. Try to be creative, giving the page a new name, and having attributes of both sites in the page. Take a screenshot of your work to share it (2.5 Stars) http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/twittr/ The Work Itself: Behind the Work: For …

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    Telling a Story Through Text


    Chances are you’ve probably seen those creepy ads on YouTube which tells horror stories through text. Now it’s your turn to tell a story. It can be horror, comical, or serious… it is up to you! Grab a friend (or two phones and text yourself back and forth) and text …

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    My Favorite Super Power


    Everyone has a superpower that they’d love to have. Show yours in a mashup by editing at least two photos together to show how you’d yours in an everyday situation. (4 Stars) http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/superhuman-in-everyday-life/ The Work Itself: Behind the Work: This Assignment what pretty straight forward. What super power would I …

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    Weekly Summary Report Eleven


    Another perfect amount of work this week. This week we continued with the topic of video. Like I said last week, I love this topic because of video editing. I also think it is cool being able to combine all of our tools we have covered this year into a …

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    Daily Creates


    Saturday, March 30th: Todays #dailycreate asked to show two things that don’t go together. Check my example below! Wednesday, April 3rd: Today’s #dailycreate asked to put a random caption with a photo. Check mine out below! Thursday, April 4th: Today’s #dailycreate asked to list things that described the size of …

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    What’s the Next Mission?


    The Next mission: These traitors need to be found and stopped immediately. The Directorate is a direct threat to our spy program and may be using it to gain some of our secrets by implanting some of their agents into this program. Your mission if you accept it is to …

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    My Favorite Transition


    Use your editing software of choice to show us your favorite video transition!  http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/favorite-transition/ The Work Itself: My favorite transitions are the Zoom In and Zoom Out ones. I think the allow the editor to move through their video really smoothly and it gives the video a level of travel. …

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    Speeding Up and Slowing Down


    This is another Final Cut Pro transition that you don’t need any addtional plug ins for. Watch the Youtube video attached to get an understanding on how to create this transiotion. Once you are finished post a short video to Instagram or YouTube of you using this transition with some …

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    Elevator Opening Transition


    This is a really cool transition in Final Cut Pro that you do not need any additional plugins to use. Check out the YouTube view attrached to learn how it’s done. Once you have figured it out, try it out on some of your own video and post your final …

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    Weekly Summary Report Ten


    This week was the PERFECT amount of work! The material was exciting to watch and read. The assignments were perfect length and great concepts. Everything was great for DS106 this week in my opinion. Class Material: This week I had an article on Roger Ebert’s How the Read a Movie …

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    Video Essay


    The Work Itself: This week I had some material to read and watch. The first was Roger Ebert’s How to Read a Movie. I really enjoyed reading is the reasoning behind why subconsciously, we see things moving from left to right as positive and things moving from right to left …

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    Spy Interview


    The Work Itself: This week my character, Ace Love, was interviewed by a set of upper-level agents. Some of these questions were basic, while others were a little personal. I captured the questions and responses in my recently posted YouTube video, which you can find below. Behind the Work: I …

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    Draw Mask Effect


    In Final Cut Pro, there is an effect called “Draw Mask”. All you need to do is drag and drop this effect on your video and layer your next video correctly to get a smooth transition. Check out the link video for help! Post you final product to Instagram. 4 …

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    Screen Pop Out Effect


    This is an effect that can really make your clips come alive. Watch the instructional video and make a short clip yourself. After post what you have to instagram. You may have to look up another video on how to do this in iMovie. 4 Stars http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/pull-back-effect/ The Work Itself: …

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    Green Screen Keyer


    I am not sure what it is called on other software, but on Final Cut Pro, there is an effct called “Keyer”. Keyer allows you to use a green screen effect in your video. All you need is a green screen, a camera, and Final Cut Pro. Mess around with …

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    Weekly Summary Report Nine


    Another jam-packed week of DS106. This week’s topic was “A View of the Web”. This week I was challenged to dive a little deeper into the world of the world wide web. To begin my week, I was assigned to listen, tweet along, and write a review of my favorite …

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