1. @JasmineAlanis2

    Final Project Summary


    This week, Hannah Duncan, Morgan Roane, and me (Jasmine Alanis) completed all the elements to our final project.

    We started off our project with collaborating ideas on a google doc.

    We then laid out the responsibilities regarding each member’s contributions. I was in charge of writing out the plot of …

  2. @JasmineAlanis2

    Week 13 Summary – Project Outline


    This week, my super awesome radio show group (Rogue Agents) decided to reunite for our final project! Our group consists of Hannah Duncan, Morgan Roane, and me (Jasmine Alanis).

    We decided to outline our ideas on a google doc.

    Essentially, we plan on telling a larger story with many …

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    Weekly Summary: 12


    This week, pollen not only tried to kill me, but it tried to steal my voice this week. It was successful for two days. It’s been fun.

    SO, as miserable as I felt, I still started my week off right with some daily creates. I highly recommend head over to …

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    Mission Remix


    My original mission idea:

    DS106 agents have gone missing! We are losing more agents every hour! Create missing agent posters and find a way to bring our agents back home. Follow the clues on twitter to find out who is taking all of our agents.

    The mission I would like …

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    Missing: Dr. Oblivion & Mustache


    For this assignment, I created a missing poster for Dr. Strange. This assignment was remixed to include a mustache! I created the missing person poster on Canva and used their templates as a guide. All in all, this took about fifteen minutes. I enjoyed this assignment, not only for the …

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    Logo Switch Up


    For this assignment, I took Bob’s Burger’s logo and mashed it up with another brand, specifically, Sponge Bob. Recently, I saw a post on Instagram or Twitter, and it said that Bob’s Burgers could be a valid name for the show Sponge Bob. This sparked the idea for this assignment.…

  7. @JasmineAlanis2

    Super Hero


    For this assignment, I took Iron Man and put him in an everyday situation… out in space! Okay, not exactly an everyday situation, but probably one that could be considered “everyday” for Iron Man.

    Superhuman in Everyday Life

    Take a look:

    Okay, I also had him flying past school… maybe …

  8. @JasmineAlanis2

    Favorite Movie


    For this mashup assignment, I took my favorite movie, The Iron Giant, picked out my favorite scenes, and edited them together to explain the story.

    Favourite movie clip

    In order to do this assignment, I looked up several clips from the movie on Youtube. I downloaded those clips through 4K …

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    Tutorial: BuzzFeed Personality Quiz


    To create a BuzzFeed Quiz, you first need to create an account. Once you have done that, you can really begin.

    On the upper right hand side of the screen, there is a little face icon. Move your mouse to the icon, and a list of options should appear. Click …

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    Daily Creates x2


    This week I have been dying of allergies and rethinking ever leaving my house again. So having some daily creates brought some pollen-free sunshine to my week.

    Day 1: This daily create was dedicated to librarians everywhere! I created the image on Canva and found the quote through a quick …

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    Mission Idea


    DS106 agents have gone missing! We are losing more agents every hour! Create missing agent posters and find a way to bring our agents back home. Follow the clues on twitter to find out who is taking all of our agents.…

  12. @JasmineAlanis2

    D-D-Daily creates


    First: For my first daily create, I added a caption to a random image. I don’t have much to say about this other than LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS!! I captioned the photo with the exact thought that popped into my head when I saw it.

    I can fly, …

  13. @JasmineAlanis2

    Meet Jess Carter aka Mona Lisa


    For this assignment, I needed to: Tell your character’s story or a story from their life through video. This can be as simple as adding images and putting a voiceover, or recording a bit from your character’s life. Use MovieMaker or iMovie to put together the video and throw in …

  14. @JasmineAlanis2

    Spy Movie Trailer


    Directions: Make a movie trailer that has to do with your spy. After making the trailer, write in a blog post what the movie would be about and who it would star and co-star. Be specific and creative!

    Remix Card: “Where’s Waldo? It.”

    For this remix assignment, you want to …

  15. @JasmineAlanis2

    ?tahw si eman yM


    Instructions: take a video of yourself or someone else and finger spell a word or a phrase in Sign Language alphabet and let others guess what you have spelled. Make sure you do a word that is bigger than 5 letters so you can learn some of the letters.

  16. @JasmineAlanis2

    Daily Creates


    I am back to my old ways, I started my week off with some daily creates!!

    For my first daily create, I shared a Tolkien quote. I decided to make a visual on canva. All in all, it took about five minutes total.

    The directions for this daily create were: …

  17. @JasmineAlanis2

    Week 9 Summary

    Assignment Rework

    I started my 9th week with an assignment rework!

    I was actually looking forward to do this assignment the most, which is why I didn’t start my week with the daily creates. I was so excited because I am the type of person that loves to reflect. …

  18. @JasmineAlanis2

    Radio Show Reflection


    This week I was finally able to listen to everyone’s radio shows! Unfortunately, I could not tweet along due to work commitments. With that being said, I was so impressed with what all the groups were able to come up with, especially Girl Power’s radio show. I am obsessed with …

  19. @JasmineAlanis2

    How It All Began


    For this assignment, the directions are: Create a page on your website that goes into detail how a group came together. Talk about the motives behind joining forces, real or fictional. This can be serious or comedic, have fun!

    I decided to tell the story of the Rogue Agents! The …

  20. @JasmineAlanis2

    Which Rogue Argent Are You?


    For my first web assignment, I created a BuzzFeed quiz that helps the quiz-taker determine which Rogue Agent (from our radio show) they are.

    In order to create the quiz questions, I went through my group’s google doc to find the commonalities that would allow for the best questions. This …

  21. @JasmineAlanis2

    Daily Creates with a Twist (pt.3)


    Surely, if I was a spy, I wouldn’t want my actual picture ever taken. My identity would need to stay concealed of course!

    After some consideration, I go home and create my very own spy selfie. I include two of the most important spy tools (okay what I would consider …

  22. @JasmineAlanis2

    Daily Creates with a Twist (pt.2)


    Little Ella is the sweetest and most jealous dog I have ever met. The thought of leaving her is terrifying. So again, I try to focus on the positives.

    I see a couple of kids at DMV playing a card game, with a closer look, I can see they are …

  23. @JasmineAlanis2

    Daily Creates with a Twist (pt.1)


    As I registered to become an organ donor, I tried not to think so morbidly. It was becoming difficult, so I decided to focus on the positives. I could save someone’s life…after death!

    That is undeniably cool!

    So I thought about what my heart contained, because I have heard stories …

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