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  1. @MonicaG71488057

    Create A T-Shirt [Remixed]: Dr. Suess It

    GREEN EGGS AND HAM T-SHIRT!!! For this assignment, I had to design a t-shirt with an added remix of Dr. Suess! So, I decided to create a shirt based on my absolute favorite book by Dr. Suess; Green Eggs & Ham! One of the classics! 🙂 ← Here is the front! This is the back! …

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  2. @k8lynclements

    Dr. Suess at UMW Remix

    Bring your pet to school remixed- Dr. Suess it! – 4 Stars For this assignment I did a remix of a visual assignment. The original assignment was to take my pet to UMW but the remix asked me to use a Dr. Suess character and add a quote from him. My pet is this fuzzy little orange creature that I call the Lorax. He has always wanted to come check out UMW with me and I decided to take him one...

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