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    Advice for the future…


    You will not regret taking DS106. Do not drop this class! It may seem like it is going to be too much work at first, but it is fun. When I first received the email from Professor Bond warning us about the class, I will admit, I almost dropped it …

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    Mericful found her sidekick!


    Merciful Mise en Place is in need of a sidekick! She is so busy helping people and tending to her food truck that she needs some help. She needs culinary help and someone that can protect her from villains when she is in the zone.

    She posted this hiring ad …

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    Merciful Mise en Place needs some help!


    For this week I brainstormed and partly began my final project. Even though we knew about this project last week, I was way to busy getting things done for other classes so this one was on the back burner. This was also one of the last things I have done …

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    Week 12 Summary


    I did some mashup assignments the first week of class and really enjoyed it so I was excited for this week. I did some photo, audio, and video combinations! I had never used the Remix button but it was actually fun to do. Check out what I have done this …

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    Guess the song?


    10 Second Song Mashup – 3.5 Stars

    For this assignment I had to chose some songs and do a mashup of just 2 seconds of each song to see if you can guess the songs. I chose all pop/upbeat songs for this assignment. I also chose songs that I feel …

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    2 in 1 Line


    Two Movies, One Line – 3.5 Stars

    For this assignment I had to take 2 scenes from different movies and mash them up into one line. I chose the scene in Suicide Squad where Rick Flag and lecturing the squad about not going against him. He is being intense and …

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    Week 11 Videos


    I was really excited coming into this week of videos again. I have taken a liking to doing them! All the assignments I did this week were really fun and I enjoyed spending time editing them all. This is what I did this week:


    I was not too sure …

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    1 Sec Video


    1 Second Video – 3.5 Stars

    For this assignment I had to make a 1 second video that tells a story. I decided to incorporate my superhero into this assignment.

    Since she is a super chef, I decided to tell a story with her favorite appliance. A convection oven. It …

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    Superhero Crisis


    For the final crisis I am not sure exactly what you are looking for but I have a couple ideas:

    Make a side kick for our superhero and use one of the medias we learned about to introduce them. Do the same thing above but with your superheroes arch enemy.…
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    Suicide Squad Music Change


    Video Crack – 4.5 Stars

    For this assignment I had to take clips from a movie and place music over it to change the scene feeling. I decided to use Suicide Squad again because I had already downloaded clips from my video essay. I watched the clips and thought about …

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    Week 10 – Videos


    This week was not what I had expected! I expected this to be one of the worst weeks because I do not like making videos but so far I feel like it was the best. It was great to learn about the cinematic effects that film makers use. I will …

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    Suicide Squad Video Essay


    For my video essay assignment I chose to use a scene from Suicide Squad that really stood out to me. It stood out the most because of the use of cinematic effects that are presented in it. At first I was worried about this assignment because I know nothing about …

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    6 Second Butterfly


    Six Second Art – 4 stars

    For this assignment I had to make some art in 6 seconds. I thought it would be easy but quickly realized that I was wrong. I am not good at art and it is really hard to do something in 6 seconds. Time flies!! …

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    Clothing Life Hack


    One assignment that we could do was Life Hacks . It was actually really fun to do! It took awhile to think of a good hack to show but my boyfriend told me about this one! When traveling and have limited space to pack things, combine clothes, fold them like …

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    Web Week 9


    This week was web week! While reading the assignment post, I got worried. I saw we had to change code of websites and I got super nervous. I am currently in a programming class and it is not easy so when I saw that we were going to do that …

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    Birthday Cat


    Daily Create Story:

    There once was an overweight cat that had no home. He was did not have any friends and it was his birthday. Nobody had acknowledged that it was even his birthday. He loves to run when he gets upset, it helps take his mind off of things. …

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    Super Chef Jacket for Sale


    For this web story telling assignment I decided to use my super hero. She loves her chef jacket and wanted to share it with the world at an affordable (for what you get) price. She sells the chef jacket that she wears on Amazon.com. This is a fashionable yet safe …

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    Reflection on Radio Shows


    I have class Tuesday nights so I tuned into DS106 Radio Monday night. I got to hear my group’s show, Sweet n Sour, and SCARR Network. It was really different listening to these on the radio. I edited my group’s show so I heard it many of times, but it …

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    Super Chef on Social Media


    Socialize Your Media – 3.5 Stars

    For this assignment I had to make different social media accounts for someone else. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to put my superhero, Merciful Mise en Place, on some social media sites. She uses the top sites right now like Twitter, Facebook, …

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    Week 8 Summary


    Well it is already week 8! Half-way through the semester and all the way complete with our radio project! I am very excited to be done with our radio show. It was definitely not easy but overall I really enjoyed it and my great group made it so much better. …

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    Sweet n Sour Progress


    The progress of Sweet n Sour is now complete! We finished it on Thursday night and I am very happy with it! We worked on all the in-between products for the radio show last week. The beginning of this week we began to organize the order of our radio show. …

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