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  1. @CarbonCarmen725

    One Second Story: A Toddlers World…Is Odd.

    by much of a story can you tell in a 1 second video? Inspired by this: Stars I didn’t really know what to record. I mean, there are countless things I could have recorded. A nice sunset, my cats/dog, the stars…I don’t know. But I decided to record my baby sister, Jessica. She confuses me Read More
  2. @DigitalStoryTeller

    Week 11 Video Assignments

      This week I will be sharing a more personal side of my character Fiery the Dragon. She has chosen to share her pets, her favorite season/ holiday and a few make – up tips. You will discover that she is just your average dragon. Lets get started. Below you will find some videos of …

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  3. @k8lynclements

    1 Sec Video

    1 Second Video – 3.5 Stars For this assignment I had to make a 1 second video that tells a story. I decided to incorporate my superhero into this assignment. Since she is a super chef, I decided to tell a story with her favorite appliance. A convection oven. It is small but heats up quickly so that she can complete her dishes without having to wait for a big over to heat up. In the 1 second video the oven...

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