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    Final Summary


    What a semester! I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of the term! I decided I wanted to make the best of how the semester ended and to have fun with my final project. I wanted to incorporate both themes, 80s and Covid-19, so I decided to create a list …

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    Final Project


    My goal for this assignment was to create a bunch of 80s inspired activities that one can do while in quarantine. I had so much fun making the content and I hope you all enjoy it! 

    List of Quarantine Activities That This Project Will Consist Of

    Quarantine Recipe 

    Recipe: Sweet

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    Final Project

    This assignment was super fun! Although I felt quite frankly, ridiculous, it was still fun to move around and act silly during these hard times. 

    P R O C E S S

    So I had decided since I wanted to really take the role of the 80s, that …

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    Best of the 80s

    Final Project

    This was by far the hardest assignment of my project due to how time consuming it was. Despite the difficulty, it was so fun to mash up some of my personal favorite movies and music from the 80s. 

    P R O C E S S 

    The first thing …

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    80s Hair/Makeup

    Final Project

    I had so much with this assignment! I was able to (attempt) to recreate the 80s look for big hair and bold makeup, but found it to be more of a modern twist of the 80s.

    For this assignment, I filmed myself doing the tutorials off of my …

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    Drinks: Refresher

    Cucumber, Coconut, Lime and Mint Cooler

    This has to be one of the most delicious (and simplest) refreshers to make. Throughout this epidemic, it has become evident that our Summer will most likely not be spent outside, so long as the shutdown is put in place to save the lives …

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    Recipe: Sweet Tooth

    Cookie Dough Truffles

    I used this recipe, as this is a quick and easy treat to make during this quarantine. My mom always talks about her sweet tooth as a teen in the 80s, and how she could eat so much sweets and to take advantage of our sweet tooth …

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    Quarantine Activities; 80s Styles

    What would people have done in the 80s during quarantine?

    For my final project, I decided to incorporate activities that are 80s style themed to do during this quarantine. I first began with thinking, how would someone of the 80s done during quarantine? So I based my project off this …

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    Week Twelve Summary


    Possibly, the most hilarious week in ds106. I seriously had way too much making some of these assignments. I definitely needed this relief this week as my procrastination and motivation is getting bad. Even though we’re so close to finishing the semester, I have the worst case of lacking motivation …

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    Holiday Mashup

    4 ½ stars 

    I decided to create this assignment because I felt I needed a reminder of the most exciting times of the year. 

    To really resonate how amazing these holidays are, I decided I couldn’t just use a plain and still photo; this called for a gif …

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    Hips Don’t Lie: Animoji


    Animoji Karaoke

    5 stars 

    For this assignment, I had way too much fun creating! It was definitely the most amusing assignment I had this week, as I had to do a couple of retakes from laughing. 

    I went onto the feature on my iPhone on iMessages, and began recording by …

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    Week Eleven Summary


    This week I was excited for another week of video content, as I had a lot of fun creating videos last week through the video assignment bank. It was not a hard week, and was very rewarding (thank goodness as I had a bunch of homework this week, such as …

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    Week Eleven Daily Creates


    Week Eleven Daily Creates 

    I decided to participate in four daily creates, there’s no harm in doing more, and I thought this week they were very interesting.

    I first created a virtual t-shirt, after a famous vine that was one of my favorites before the platform shut down. If you …

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    Final Project; 80s and Quarantine


    After looking back at my original idea, I decided to incorporate my theme of MTV videos with a quarantine twist. I felt since we will be stuck in quarantine, might as well have some fun with it and incorporate both themes for my final project. 

    One brilliant idea I had …

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    One Second of Meaning


    1 Second Video

    Lastly, for this assignment I decided to use a short video clip that I took at Huntington Beach, California two years ago. I thought this assignment would be a quick, yet meaningful one. It is nice to relieve these moments, especially during a time like this. There …

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    High School Mems


    High School Memories

    For this assignment, I decided to use the iMovie app as I thought it would be the best platform considering I have a ton of memories I wanted to share. I decided to use only memories from my senior year, as I realized I had too many …

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    Glow Up Challenge


    Observe Something Grow

    For this assignment, I once again decided to use the platform TikTok as I found it a super simple and creative way to create content. I had observed a challenge, the glow up challenge, and decided to create one myself. I was excited for this assignment as …

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    Week Ten Summary


    This week, I actually began strong, but ended up procrastinating bad, again. I started off my week by creating my video assignments (which surprisingly, I had a lot of fun doing). I never considered myself to be the type to vlog or create videos, even though I had always wanted …

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    Pretty In Pink Critique

    Just Kidding, Pretty In Pink Is Too Perfect to Critique!

    I do an analysis instead:

    For this assignment, I had decided to rewatch Pretty in Pink as my 80s movie, since I can’t seem to get enough of this movie whilst being stuck at home (and 10 things I hate …

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    Ad To Cope With Rona


    DS 106 Commercial

    Lastly, the last assignment I decided to do was a ds106 commercial. However, I added a twist with the idea of the theme COVID-19, that is beginning to dawn on me as I realized I could use ds106 as a platform to spread positivity during these negative …

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    Dance Highlights


    Sport Highlights

    For this assignment, I used the apple software iMovie to create this video. I imported videos from my camera roll and was able to begin constructing my video. 

    I did not have a hard time with this project at all as this software was very easy to use. …

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    Week Eight Summary


    First and foremost, I accidentally switched up the weeks (it’s been hectic, okay) so decided to make this week eight as I did not want to have two week nines. 

    Although these past two weeks have been crazy and scary, I’m starting to find gratitude and normalcy in this all. …

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    This week I was able to rework on some assignments, which I thought was neat as I had rushed through some work. 

    The first one I decided to work on was a picture I had edited for a visual assignment ages ago. 

    One of my assignments for my visual assignments. …

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