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    Final Project


    The final project required me to use at least three different media forms to tell a story. I wanted to create something that young children would enjoy listening to, watching and something creative for them to do. My project consist of a 7-8 min radio show that includes  a story, …

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    Final Project Part 1


    Radio Show,  How To Craft Video, and a Series of Images.

    The first part of my project will be a mini radio show. This radio show will be for young students. I would like to tell  a holiday story, a few holiday kids jokes or riddles. I will add bumpers …

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    Week 12 Summary


    Daily Creates for this week, must complete  at least two for the week. This week I did two of the Daily Creates. I did the Cartoon Caption and Celebrate 2500. The Cartoon Caption reminded me of a Christmas movie. Celebrate 2500 reminded me of a game I played with young …

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    Week 12 Tutorial


    Tutorial for The @IamTalkyTina Headswap.

    For this assignment I used a phone app called Faceover Lite. I saved the two photos I wanted to use. Then, I imported both photos into the app. Used the selection tool over the face and copied it. You can adjust the selection tool over …

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    Week 12 Remix


    For both of these remixes I used Canva to edit the photos I found online. I use photos online because I do not want to put pictures of my family on my school website. This was a fun assignment once I figured out what I was doing.

    First remix, add …

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    Week 12 Daily Creates


    First Daily Create of week 12. For this assignment, I was suppose to caption this New Yorker cartoon. The person dressed up as a bunny reminded me of the movie A Christmas Story where Ralphie is dressed in a Halloween costume as a pink bunny.

    Cartoon Caption Contest. Looks like …

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    Mashups Assignments for week 12


    Mashups assignments    12 Stars

    Logo Switch Up     2 Stars

    For this Mashup, I combined two of my kids favorite places to eat. We now have McDonald’s selling pizza. I used Canva to combine the McDonald logo with a pizza from Pizza hut. I tried to put the pizza behind the …

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    Week 11 Weekly Summary


    Daily Creates

    I think the flat earth was my favorite Daily create of this week. It was fun taking a trip down memory lane for the Distant Memory Daily Create. I had a hard time picking a memory to share this week. Below is the link to all  of the …

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    Week 11 Video Assignments



    This week I will be sharing a more personal side of my character Fiery the Dragon. She has chosen to share her pets, her favorite season/ holiday and a few make – up tips. You will discover that she is just your average dragon. Lets get started. Below you…
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    Week 11 Daily Creates


    3 Daily Creates for this week.

    What would a flat earth be like? Does stuff just fall of the edge or is there a giant fence to hold things on earth. I have never given much thought to the idea of a flat earth. Interesting question.

    Daily Create: What would …

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    Week 10 Video Essay




    Video editing is a challenge for me but I did it and it works. I do need to learn to use this software better. The sound echos in the beginning but gets better as it goes along. Unfortunately, this was a free trial and you will see the …

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    Week 10 Video Assignments


    Video Assignments    12 Stars                                           4 Stars

    The assignment: You probably have watched at least one arts and crafts video in your life. Now is your chance to make your own! Record yourself making a fun arts and crafts project tutorial.

    I did a tutorial on English Paper Piecing, it is …

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    Daily Creates week 10


    This week I was only required to d 2 Daily Creates. The first one is about Ratty Old T-Shirts. I have several but do not believe they should be posted online. My t-shirts are over-sized and comfortable. The are so comfortable that  I really enjoy having a day at home …

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    Week 9 Summary


    This week I got to hear my groups radio broadcast online. It was really strange to hear my voice on air. For some odd reason I felt like I was listening to it for the very first time, but I wasn’t. It was magical the way the characters came to  …

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    Web Assignments Week 9



    Create Your Dream Vacation On Pinterest!    3 1/2 Stars

    My dream vacation would be going to beaches around the world. I believe beaches are a very calming and relaxing place to visit. This is a collection of pictures of beaches all around the world. Plenty of different furniture styles …

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    Daily Creates for Week 9


    The real story behind this weeks Daily Creates. This is my favorite dog, his name is Taco. After I went to school, he decided to get on my laptop and explore the web. He is very creative and likes to create things online.

    Today's Daily Create: Dogs online.
    I know …

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    Week 8 Summary


    Daily Creates

    As the old New Yorker cartoon goes, “On the Internet, nobody knows you are a dog.” For today’s Daily Create, imagine what a tech savvy dog would do with its online access.

    If my dog had access to the internet, he would order his favorite dog treats, steak …

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    Design Summary Week 6


    This week was all about design. Daily creates were a lot of fun as usual. I did struggle with “Yourself As A Classic TV Star”, this was my biggest challenge this week. I had never put my face on someones  body in a picture.  The design category left me spending …

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    Design Thoughts Week 6



    “Graphic design is message-sending into the brain.”  I really liked this quote from graphic designer Chip Kidd. I never really thought of a design as being a message to your brain. Designs can be anything from simple to complex, just depends on what the design is trying to portray. …

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    Week 6 Design Assignments 12 Stars


    This week I needed to complete 12 stars from the Design Assignments. It was hard to pick the assignments I wanted to work on this week. all of them were fun and took a little time to figure out how to complete.

    Character Word Cloud    2 Stars

    I used words …

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    Week 6 Daily Creates


    Daily Creates for the week.

    First Create: What Has Bat Boy Been Doing Lately? He finally became an adult and is now know as BatDad. This was a challenge for me, I took me a while to figure out how I wanted to proceed with this Daily Create.  Since I …

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    Adventures in Audio Week 5 “tweet – along”


    I participated to  my  first “tweet – along” Thursday night. I listened to ds106radio. The radio broadcast was Orsen Wells War of the Worlds. I learned about this broadcast in history class but  never took the time to listen to the radio broadcast until Thursday night. It was interesting how …

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    Weekly Summary – Week 4 – Picture the Myth


    This week was about the photography, the visual side of digital storytelling. I analyzed my photography skills. My photography skill have plenty of room for improvements. I did have to look online for collage building sites. it was fun looking at all the different types of collages. I enjoyed making …

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    Becoming a Better Photographer – Week 4


    The above picture is from the movie Thor.

    How many of the points below can you find? How do they impact the storytelling aspect of the image?

    – selection

    Myths and Legend. The ending scene of the battle with characters that are legends and or myths.

    – contrast

    There is …

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    Picture in Myth Visual Assignment


    You in Collage Form. Make it about the character that was created last week.

    This is a preview of my character that I created in last weeks assignments.

    Week 4 Visual Assignment

    2 Stars Places of Piece       

    Create a collage of photos with all of your favorite spots where you …

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