1. @abbcass100

    Final Thoughts/Final Weekly Summary


    I really enjoyed working on this final project!

    The Tubular Tunes group got back together for the last time and we had a great time working together and reflecting on how this semester has gone and everything we learned.

    We decided to change directions slightly with our final project: we …

  2. @abbcass100

    Final Project



    For the design aspect of the project we each made a collage of 80’s fashion. I chose to focus on aspects of 80’s fashion that has started to make a comeback in fashion today.


    We included the sounds of the Challenger Shuttle exploding, the creation of the arcade, …

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    Weekly Summary Week 12


    I will be working with my Tubular Tunes group again for the project. We are thinking of doing a reaction video based upon something from the 80’s. The three mediums that we are going to use video, audio, and design.

    We haven’t figured out the subject of the reaction video …

  4. @abbcass100

    Week 12 Down


    The mashup assignments were really fun to do! My favorite was probably Changing Character because I really liked getting to revisit Harry Potter and get to see the characters grow up again.

    The remix assignments were cool to do as well, I ended up doing both of them as random …

  5. @abbcass100

    A Changing Character


    4.5 Stars

    For this assingment, I had to choose a character and show them growing up. I decided to show Matthew Lewis growing up. I mainly used Harry Potter photos since he did Harry Potter for so long.

    In case no one knows, Matthew Lewis plays Neville Longbottom in the …

  6. @abbcass100

    Mashing Friends with Emojis


    4 Stars

    For this assignment, I used a picture of my friend Mary to showcase how an emoji would be used.

    This assignment was fun because I got to go through my pictures to see what stuff my friends have done that I could attribute to an emoji. I was …

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    The Weekly Review


    I really enjoyed getting to work with my group again to do this video project! We actually discovered that the HCC has a vocal booth which we used to make the video.

    We had some difficulties uploading the video to Vimeo because the file was too big and I would …

  8. @abbcass100

    Final Project Ideas Pt. 2


    After reading Prof Bond’s comments on my idea (comparing life today with life in the 80’s) the topic interests me even more now that no one has ever done it! In my mind I was thinking of interviewing my parents and maybe some of my grandparents to get different perspectives.…

  9. @abbcass100

    To talk about some progress


    This week has been pretty busy deciding what I scenes from Ghostbusters I want to analyze and discuss. I have found 2 that I think are really cool and I’m excited to discuss them with my group tomorrow!

    If you missed it from last week, here is my trailer for …

  10. @abbcass100

    A Week Winding Down


    This week has been really good! Tom, Lauren, and I are getting the band back together and creating a video show to analyze 80’s movies! I’m really excited to be working with them again and I think it will be a lot of fun!

    The biggest thing we have to …

  11. @abbcass100

    Video Show


    I am really excited to be working with Tom and Lauren on an 80’s movie analysis video show!

    We are each going to pick a movie from the 80’s and then we are going to analyze it!

    My movie is…Ghostbusters!

    Here is a little trailer to give you a sneak …

  12. @abbcass100

    Video Analysis


    I decided to do an analysis of Laurence, Anyways which is a film made in Quebec.

    This assignment was really interesting because I don’t usually analyze scenes in a movie. It was really cool to see how reading about movies helped me do this assignment.…

  13. @abbcass100

    Senior Year Photos


    2 Stars

    For this assignment I had to pick my favorite pictures from this school year. I really liked getting to go back and look at my photos and reflect on the laughs that were behind the scenes.

    I also realized that I need to be taking more pictures! Its …

  14. @abbcass100

    Daily Creates Week 9


    Connected daily creates:

    I am a team mom and it shows! I have a lot of crazy stories from my friends and I am always there if they need a shoulder to cry on or if they need advice. I also am constantly feeding them.

    @ds106dc #tdc2840 My response for …

  15. @abbcass100

    Project Ideas


    I have had a bunch of ideas for what kinds of projects to do, but not all of them have really been applicable for a full on project. The ones I think could be really good projects are comparative.

    My first idea is to compare the daily lives of people …

  16. @abbcass100

    Radio Show Tune In


    I listened to the 80’s television show and it was awesome!

    I loved the robotic voice in the intro. I would love to know how they accomplished that!

    I really liked the intro! #ds106

    — Abby Cassell (@abbcass100) October 23, 2019

    Kollin did a great job with analyzing Full House. …

  17. @abbcass100

    A Villain for a Superhero


    For my second re-do assignment, I decided to create a villain to go against my Superhero!

    This is Jasper and he can eliminate sound. He goes against Arianna because he is able to stop her from talking with her animal counterparts.

    With this character, I wanted to accentuate how …

  18. @abbcass100

    To talk about a Week


    This week was busier than I was expecting. Even though my group already had each of their parts previously recorded, it still took a long time putting everything together.

    The daily creates were cute this week and I always enjoy the ones that I get to doodle.

    I’m pretty happy …

  19. @abbcass100

    Radio Show Week 2


    This week has involved a lot of planning and bringing our ideas together.

    We are each going to come up with ideas about what 80’s music sounds like to us and then play a short clip or two to show what we mean.

    This project took a lot of time, …

  20. @abbcass100

    Weekly Update


    This week was busier than I was expecting. It took some time getting our group together and getting our ideas organized. In the end, I think we came up with a really cool idea and the radio show is going to be fun.

    The daily creates were cute this week! …

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