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  1. @abbcass100

    Our Progress

    Our group is making great progress! We decided that we wanted to discuss mainly 80’s music and try to figure out what these songs have in order to make the “80’s sounding.” We are then going to talk about modern songs that have the same characteristics as true 80’s songs. I just created my version…
  2. @abbcass100

    Radio Logo

    I used Canva to help me create my version of our Radio Logo! In our google doc, Lauren already created an awesome logo, but I wanted to add my personal spin on it. I really liked how these turned out! The logo especially had a retro feel to me. Canva already had the formatting set…
  3. @abbcass100

    MWC Ad

    4.5 Stars I decided to use this assignment to help me in my group radio project. I decided that an add for the college would be cool to bring back as we discuss 80’s music and culture. I tried to learn more information about Mary Washington College during the 80’s, but I couldn’t find a…
  4. @abbcass100

    Its the Week-end!

    I really enjoyed this week! I love getting to show my personal design opinions in a bunch of cool exercises. My favorite assignment was probably creating my own superhero. It was cool trying to figure out her backstory while I was adding her outfit and figuring out what colors I would use. The Daily Creates…
  5. @abbcass100

    Design Blitz

    Here are the characteristics I found when doing my design blitz! It was really cool critiquing different things. The wall in my apartment has always kinda bugged me, but I really understand why now! My favorite characteristic I highlighted was the green label for the cheese. I hadn’t really thought about why they used the…
  6. @abbcass100

    Thoughts on Design

    Vignelli: I like how Vignelli acknowledges that each person has their own sense of style, but that there are rules that have to be followed within your own sense of style. I thought the point of semantics was one of the most important points. You have to know what you’re trying to create as well…
  7. @abbcass100

    A Week Down, Another to Go

    This week proved to be tough. Learning how to use Audacity was tricky at first, but it was rewarding when I was able to do what I wanted to do with my audio. My favorite audio assignment this week was probably Sounds of My Life. It was cool reflecting on what sounds are normally in…
  8. @abbcass100

    Radio Tweet-Along

    The Radio Show dealt with female protagonists in radio shows as well as movies. The subject of today was the renditions of the Vanishing Lady. Here are my tweets: This podcast was interesting! I didn’t know there were so few female protagonists. The creator did go a little over the top with some sound effects,…
  9. @abbcass100

    Radio Shows

    There are so many possibilities when it comes to radio shows. As I was brainstorming, I was thinking of shows I like listening to. Some of my ideas include: Changing the Decades: travel through the timeline of music for a fun twist on our theme. There are so many gems throughout history! All about UMW:…
  10. @abbcass100

    Daily Creates Week 5

    @ds106dc #tdc2812 One of my favorite nature photos is from UMW!— Abby Cassell (@abbcass100) September 24, 2019 @ds106dc #tdc2813Teacher: Beuller…Beuller…BeuerInigo: Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya, yo...
  11. @abbcass100

    Hey Neil, We’re On the Moon

    Sound drives the whole story of a movie. When there isn’t sound in an audio clip there isn’t any emotional experience that goes along with it. Sound creates suspense, the feeling of hope, joy, and concern. A movie without any background noise is empty and the emotions don’t come. Audio storytelling is just as important…
  12. @abbcass100

    All About My Week

    This week was a little difficult. It took a lot of time to reflect on my style of photography as well as the characteristics of each photo. I really enjoyed getting to know my photography style. The Daily Creates were a little interesting this week and I had to think more about them. The one…
  13. @abbcass100


    Here are my topics for the photos. All of these photos will be in order! This assignment was a lot of fun to try to think of how to get all of the requirements! It was also fun getting my roommate to help me and have her involved in the process.
  14. @abbcass100

    Photography Characteristics in 80’s Photos

    by For this assignment we are to find the following in photographs on this website. I will put the photo into this post and put its photo characteristic in the caption. Each of these points are present in a lot of the photos, its just they are focused on more in some photos rather than…

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