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  1. @hrashhDS106

    Week Four Assignment Bank: Capturing The Power Of Editing!

    This week one of the assignments we were given was to choose assignments from the “Visual Assignments” section in the assignment bank. All of the assignments combined have to have a total of twelve stars. The assignments I chose were “The Life Of A Superhero” (2 stars), “Colorize It” (3 stars), “ComboPhoto” (3 stars), and “Design To Shock” (4 stars). […]
  2. @k8lynclements

    Wonder Woman Reading

    The Life of a Superhero What do superheroes do when they aren’t out saving the world? Well, they don’t call Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman because she is a superhero. She also got her name for how she loves to help out her community. When duty does not call she is at the local elementary school reading to the children. I made this by finding the Wonder Woman image with a plain white background and an image of children sitting around...

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  3. @shleighduque

    Moon Dumpster Power!

    Sailor Moon: My favorite superheroine. Ever. This series led to my first experiences with online storytelling and community; at age eleven, I discovered the world of fan fiction, I began sketching manga, and even experimented with creating my own anime music videos. Sailor Moon inspired me to test the limits of my creativity and learn how incredible and fun the Internet … Continue reading Moon Dumpster Power!

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