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    Week 14-Final Week!


    This week was a ton of work! I am so happy I finished it a day early!! I had the idea of creating this finale part of Olivia’s story. I thought it would be interesting if you look at my blog as a whole and see the character change. Here …

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    Week 13/Progress of Final Project


    Well, I can’t believe we only have one more week! This has been a very helpful class in just working with the computer.

    But anyways, let’s get to the real subject. This final project, I have been thinking and planning for all week. I do not have any completed work, …

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    Week 12


    This week wasn’t too bad! It was all about mashups and remixes. It was slightly confusing to memorize the difference between the 2, but I just used this website for every time I was doing an assignment.

    The first assignment I did was a tutorial of how to do one …

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    Put a ‘stache on it


    The final remix that I chose was to put a mustache on something or someone that I like.

    I will simply put a mustache on my dog because I like her and it would be funny.

    SO it was a pretty simple assignment. Look!

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    Remixing Spider Seuss


    This remix was quite fun to make. I had the assignment to create a banner for my favorite superhero.

    The remixed part of it was to introduce a Dr. Seuss inspired character into the assignment.

    Ever since I was little, I liked Spiderman. So, I used him and then I …

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    Edited Logo


    This is my final assignment for the assignment bank. I picked the one where we have to edit a logo and have it include one of my favorite things from the place that the logo was made for.

    I took my favorite place of wawa and added a cup of …

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    Home Alone? Roller Coaster?


    The next assignment I picked was 4 1/2 stars. This one was also pretty easy and fun.

    The assignment was to take a dramatic close-up of an actor in a movie and mash it up to tell a story.

    I used (of course) the well known Home Alone surprised picture. …

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    Superhero in real life?!?!


    I picked the superhero in everyday life assignment from the assignment bank. It was worth 4 stars and seemed pretty easy.

    I was right!!

    I simply went online and found 2 pictures, a picture with a superhero flying, and traffic. I did this because if I could fly, I would …

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    Week 11


    This week was pretty easy in terms of assignment! All I had to do was continue doing stars. We did have to do the blog and the videos in a more detailed fashion. But that was fine with me because it was still not much work.

    The first assignment I …

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    The Number 0 In Nature


    This was the last video assignment. It is worth 4 stars! This assignment was to make a compilation of findings of a number in nature or other places. I thought the easiest one would be “0”.

    I started by typing in oval shapes in nature. This gave me a lot …

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    Social media in a story


    This video assignment is also worth 4 stars! It was pretty simple: tell your story in a narrative with only using social media pictures. I enjoyed doing this because it allowed me to look into my past and see how embarrassingly young I was. Here’s how I did everything:

    Step …

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    Video Joke


    This assignment bank assignment was pretty quick and easy. It was actually 4 stars! All we had to do was make a quick 5 second clip and change the story in some sort of way, or make some sort of parody of it. I immediately went to the famous movie …

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    Week 10 Summary


    This weeks video assignments were incredibly time consuming. First thing I did was read the article that written about how to do a video essay. You can read it here.

    I then began doing my video essay. The least to say is that it is a very complex assignment. You …

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    Places to be


    The assignment that I picked was worth 4 stars! This assignment was to create a video of pictures of places that I want to go to in my lifetime. I picked 5, but there are way more places than even that. The places are:

    Paris, Australia, Bahamas, New Zealand, and …

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    Transitions and pictures


    This Assignment is worth 4 stars! The assignment was to create a video montage of my favorite transitions and pictures. It was fun to create! I did both my favorite pictures and my favorite things and events!

    Tiger in the snow-i absolutely LOVE tigers. The pictures where they are in …

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    How To……Survive


    This video assignment I chose was worth 4 stars! The assignment was to create a how to video without using any words at all. I chose to do my how to on how to survive a long week of work. I wanted to have fun with it and show to …

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    Video Essay


    This video essay wasn’t too bad for me. I was able to figure things out quickly and I didn’t mind doing it.

    First, I found a clip on Youtube that I wanted to use from a movie I wanted to analyze.

    Then I downloaded it using 4k video downloader

    I …

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    Week 9


    This week has been longer since I have a lot of work for other classes as well. This first thing I did was listen to the radio shows. They were so great and everyone clearly worked so hard on them. I talk about them all here:

    Listening in on DS106

  19. @Alexis54552906

    Ebay through time


    This assignment was to look at how a website has changed over time. Take a look at eBay since 1999 (the year I was born)








    As you can see, Ebay has changed quite a bit over time for the last 19 years. The …

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    DS106 Haunted


    My first assignment from the assignment bank was ghosts of ds106 past. I went onto Instagram and typed in #ds106 and found someone that put a reflection of an object into an eyeball. I thought that would be fun to do, so I tried it out myself!

    It was harder …

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    Website Recreations


    This project was R.O.U.G.H.

    It took me 3 hours to complete what I wanted to do. Once I completed it I was very proud of it! Then it stopped working! Let me explain,

    When I clicked the p in the corner of the page, it came up a link that …

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    Listening in on DS106 Radio!


    This week we got the opportunity to listen to radio shows that us as well as our classmates have created. I enjoyed this opportunity to hear the different ways people went with this assignment.

    I listened to the “Myths, Legends And Character Conversations” radio show! And it was so good. …

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    Second and Final Week of Radio Show


    Well! We finished our radio show! It was a long process, but we did it!! The way we did it was from a few steps:

    We created a google doc and explained/discussed what we would be doing. We then, each on our own, created both our commercial and our radio …

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    Week 7


    This week was actually fun to do!! We got to spend a lot of time planning and figuring out what our radio show will be. I enjoyed it because I got to work with other people, people that I’ve been commenting and replying on on Twitter and the blogs.

    But …

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    Progress of our show!


    As this is week one of working on the radio show, my group and I have thought about a lot. Zae was the one who asked the group of us if we would be in a group. I was very thankful for that because I didn’t have a group really …

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    Radio Show Bumper!


    When considering what I should make the bumper sticker for our radio show, I was thinking about our topic. Our radio show is going to be all about our characters and the stories they tell. Of course I needed to add in a story book in some way. But I …

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