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    The Aspects of Feed


    The movie that I will review for one of my daily assignments is “Feed”.

    Let me quickly explain the plot. A girl and her twin brother attend a party over the weekend. They get into a fight because they are both drunk, and they get into the car. The brother …

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    Yes, This Is My Bucket List


    This is my bucket list for the current 2k18..well 5 items off of it! I was able to achieve 2 stars for this! It was very fun to do!

    Attend a least one major award show: Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to actually be at an awards…
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    Say Hi to Olivia


    Welcome to the world of Olivia.

    Olivia is is the Queen B around school. She gets what she wants. She gets WHO she wants. She feels like she is on top of the world. Everything she does appears to her peers as perfect.

    Olivia is very short and skinny with …

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    Storytelling in the Eyes of Hercules


    Hercules is the first movie that comes to mind when I consider good storytelling of a myth. This story has many aspects that make it great. Such as: it’s memorable, it inspires action, etc. I believe this myth is one that needs to be modeled after, when in a day, …

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    Dear Past Alexis


    Hey there!!

    Wow you are 14 and a freshman in high school! Congrats! I know middle school was tough. You need to stop thinking it was hard because of you. Let me tell you, it is hard for everyone!!!

    You had an interesting friend group during 7th and 8th grade. …

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    Week 2 Summary


    This has been a long week! After learning from my mistakes of last week, I started the assignments from this week a little earlier. These tasks were a little more fun and creative!

    I started the week with reading a post about how to write blog posts. You can check …

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    White Flag


    My final assignment for the assignment bank was to pick a song and explain what the song makes you feel. Here is my tweet regarding the assignment! Look at the full description of the assignment here.

    For this song, I think about how you can never give up and should …

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    Best Picture!


    This picture is one of my favorite ones I’ve taken. This is my service dog in training, Rilee. The picture was taken on her first birthday. I love it so much because it represents how crazy it is to attempt to train a dog for service work. That’s her most …

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    Google Guesses!!!


    Ok so originally I was looking for whichever assignment was the easiest. I clicked on the Quick Draw assignment because I figured drawing would be easy! This was actually a lot of fun! I ended up playing it a few times!

    I guess I took longer on the assignment than …

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    Week 1 Summary


    Well….this week has been quite the week! The start up for this class wasn’t all that bad. It was very simple and easy to create all the different accounts. It did get hard when it came to connecting these to the full D106 class website. I did many look overs …

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    Thoughts on Myth/Folklore Theme


    This type of theme will be very interesting to study for this class. Yes, many different myth-based stories share the same reasoning on why to tell it. They all are an over exaggeration of the truth about humans/animals/world/etc.  During this course, we will be able to differentiate and compare between …

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    Hi DS106!


    Here are all my accounts! It was confusing, but I think I did it all!

    Hey! Im Alexis Byers!! I am a sophomore and a Political Science major!

    Hello everyone! Im Alexis, a sophomore, and a Political Science major! I look forward to the semester! #ds106

    — Alexis (@Alexis54552906) August

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