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  1. @MeMcMe3

    That Bucket List  (2 Stars)?

    I never really have had a bucket list, but there’s a lot of things I’d like to do in my life that I’ve just never put on paper. Most of the bucket list things I have to do are travel related, there isn’t a whole lot of the typical “skydiving” or “go to Paris” that …
  2. @JHolburd

    My Bucket isn’t Bottomless Anymore

    This assignment asks if we ever made a mental bucket list of things we ever seriously or jokingly wanted to do.  Heck, I live by lists.  Lists for the grocery store, lists for what to do tomorrow, tonight, this month, next month, for you, for me, for the dog.  Wait–I don’t have a dog! Darn […]
  3. @trippthrumylife

    Cross DS106 Off Your Bucket List!

    When trying to figure out what assignment I want to remix, I searched through a bunch of my past work to gain inspo on old assignments I loved doing. Two that stuck out to me were my bucket list posts–because the first time I did it as a writing assignment and the second time I… Continue reading Cross DS106 Off Your Bucket List!
  4. @sunglasses260

    Future Experiences…

    Like many, many, many other people, I have a bucket list. I don’t usually think about it as a bucket list, though. I tend to think of it as things I’d like to do or try someday. The writing assignment “That Bucket List Though” from the ds106 Assignment Bank seemed to understand my thoughts on […]
  5. @samprice_ds106

    My Bucket List

    I remember when I was younger, my best friend, Kay, and I would constantly be coming up with bucket lists for us to complete. I actually still have a few of the ones we made tucked away somewhere at my parents house. Kay and I would spend all of our free time checking items off our list until we completed the list and had to start a new one. I chose this assignment because I thought it would be fun to reminisce on my childhood and also to come up with a new list for me to try and accomplish […]
  6. @tiffmooree

    Assignment Bank #3

    by I was very interested in this assignment. All the time do I say that something is on my bucket list, but never write it down. I thought this assignment would be easier than it was. I thought as soon as I was thinking of things I wanted to put on my bucket list, ideas would shoot out onto the page, but nothing came to me. I had to go to Pinterest for inspiration, and after about fifteen minutes I had my five things complete. Writing about why I wanted to do them were really simple, as I listed things I genuinely wanted to do. I wrote all of the things I wanted to do onto a sheet of paper and then went to my blog to make a post explaining everything. I plan to keep this as a part of a new bucket list that I will remember forever. I will add to it and eventually have a complete list that I will carry out through my life. I made a bucket list years ago that I thought I had stashed in my closet, but it wasn’t there. I either did everything on the list, or eventually thought it was time to part with it because I wasn’t interested in the events on it. I’m super excited to have started a new one. I hope to actually carry out the actions on it this time.
  7. @eafinto

    Frida’s Apocalypse Bucket List

    Figure every last thing out about Micah and the Group Figure out why the Millers committed suicide Live long enough to watch baby grow up Find our old house/neighborhood after this is over Eat pizza at least one more time Frida’s bucket list was found today inside her journal, and I felt like the bucket […]
  8. @jetjenk43

    Christina Eliopolis’s Bucket List

      That Bucket List Though (2 STARS): Create a bucket list for at least one character from your novel. Pre-war, Christina Eliopolis was an FA-22 Raptor pilot, one of the most advance pieces of tech ever to tickle the clouds. And when fighting zombies, it amounted to little more than buyer’s remorse.  Eliopolis’s main mission went from …

    Continue reading "Christina Eliopolis’s Bucket List"

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