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    Final Project


    The novel coronavirus has taken over the world in the last four months and has even been quantified as a pandemic.

    To stop the spread of the virus, we have been having to close businesses and isolate indoors. This is no doubt something that is going to be in …

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    Final Project Plan


    I messed around with a few ideas as to what I could actually do for my final project.

    I really liked the idea of doing a documentary of a celebrity from the 80’s, kind of a then vs now. However, I know that I would need to use audio …

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    Week 12


    I couldn’t come up with a good name for this post.

    Weekly Summary

    First, I would really like to thank Paul for reducing the workload this week. It took a lot of pressure off of me and gave me time to focus on my other classes which definitely needed attention. …

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    Constantine x Exorcist


    One of the mash-up assignments I found this week was the movie mash-up where you combine movie posters, but the stipulation is that you should take two movies that have been compared to each other.

    I figured it would be easier to first think about what themes go together. I …

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    The Remixes


    The remix button is a little weird.

    I went through my old assignments that I thought might be good to remix. A lot of them didn’t make sense, and for one I just kept getting a picture that had no meaning to it.

    After going through some assignments, I found …

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    One month until college is over forever

    Weekly Summary Video Mission

    This week, I made two more videos.

    The first one I made was a 60 second video. I actually got to go out of the house (while distancing and before the mandate was ordered) and decided to do this assignment while I was doing something sort …

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    Tiger King in minutes


    Another assignment that I decided I wanted to do was the Discuss a Film Plot assignment. The title of the assignment pretty much describes what the assignment is supposed to entail.

    I wanted to put a twist on this assignment a little bit. Instead of doing a film, I decided …

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    more ideas?


    Not much has changed about my ideas.

    To be completely honest, I think I would rather work on the project alone. My schedule is starting to go crazy now that the end of school is approaching and I kinda need to work on my own timeline so I can manage …

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    quarantine week 2 – slowly going crazy

    Weekly Summary Video Essay

    I spent a lot of time reading and watching the videos that were posted. I was (lightly) offended by the criticisms of the Marvel Universe. I couldn’t even watch the one about the music. But, it was published in 2016 before the more popular movies such …

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    A day as my cats


    In the assignment bank, I found this cool assignment where you combine pictures and videos of your animals to show what a typical day looks like for them.

    What I decided to do was pick a day and record bits of my cats throughout the day and then put them …

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    Quarantine Vlog


    I stumbled upon the Vlogging assignment and I was super excited to give it a shot. There’s a vlog on YouTube I watch called FatheringAutism that has always made me want to get into vlogging because they do such a good job at it.

    Well…it was a little harder than …

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    Not So 80’s Video Essay


    I messed up.

    Only after finishing my video essay did I realize that this assignment was supposed to be for an 80’s movie.

    I could make the connection that the Titanic was discovered in the 80’s and that is what inspired James Cameron to make the movie.

    It’s a stretch.…

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    Workout at home!


    Most of us are stuck at home because of the coronavirus. It’s been advised to not go anywhere and a lot of businesses are taking things into their own hands and closing to help encourage social distancing.

    This means that most gyms are closed too. So, what I decided to …

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    The Week the World Changed

    Weekly Summary

    It has been a no good, horrible, terrible, very bad week. Whatever said about last week being the worst week of college was a lie because it is this week.

    I knew we weren’t going to come back to school and deep-down I knew I wasn’t going to …

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    DC Story: Coronavirus


    All of my daily creates have lined up with the current epidemic, so what better than to make a story about it if it fits together so well?

    My story isn’t really a fiction story. It’s a real story that’s based on real events. I just wrote my thoughts and …

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    Assignments – Take 2


    It was a little difficult to find some old assignments to redo. I don’t have a lot of experience with everything that we have been doing this semester, so I’m kinda proud of my work. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved.


    The first assignment I chose was …

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    Potential Project Ideas – 80’s or COVID


    When talking about just kinda ideas that relate to 80’s pop culture, I think that there is a lot to talk about.

    My radio show focused on music, but we could’ve gone a lot deeper into it if there wasn’t a time limit. I’m still really fascinated by the music …

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    On the Air with DS106 – 80’s Style

    Reflection: The Eighties Through Space-Time

    I decided to tune in to this radio show since it was the one premiering right after mine!

    This show was broken up into five different topics. Each piece of media that was discussed was done so in terms of the 80’s.

    What I noticed …

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    the craziest week of college yet

    Weekly Summary

    What. A. Week.

    Not because of this class, but because of current events. What started as a normal week turned into a global pandemic that forced the school to become remote. I just hope things clear up so I can have a graduation in May (and so that …

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    the gang does a radio show – pt. 2


    Picking up from where we left off…

    Over spring break, Diana and I interviewed our parents who were around in the 80’s to talk about what was popular. I chose to interview my mom, who was about age 8-18 during the decade so she really got to experience it as …

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    almost halfway!

    Weekly Summary

    It’s the week before Spring Break. I’m checking out of school for the week a little bit early so that I can enjoy my last Spring Break ever

    Radio Show

    A few things happened with the radio show this week. Here is a summary of our themes and …

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    the gang does a radio show – pt. 1


    For the radio show, I joined a group with Sam Price, Diana Hidalgo, and Zane Burk. It’s named the Breakfast Club.

    Through a Google doc, we shared some ideas. Each of them have a lot of potential and relate to the 80’s pop culture.

    So, what Sam suggested is that …

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    Therapeutic Advertisement


    I’m a big fan of podcasts. One thing that I’ve realized when listening to my different shows is that they all have ads in them now. Yes, they can get annoying, but there are some that I appreciate because of what they’re promoting. And what else is kinda cool is …

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    Radio Show Promo Sticker!


    For my promo for our radio show, I wanted to do something like a bumper sticker or a poster. It’s a little lame, but I never did it originally with the design project so I wanted to give it a try this time.

    But, nothing will compare to what my …

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    I did it, mom


    Radio show = must have commercials

    I was browsing through the assignment bank and saw the assignment to make a cheesy ad for your school.

    Being an active member (observer) of the UMW meme page, I thought it would be perfect to twist the assignment a little bit and …

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    6 weeks down!

    Weekly Summary Design Reflection

    I had an interesting time reading more into design and the theories behind it. However, as mentioned in my blog post, I feel like sometimes there is too much thought put into it and too little creativity. It’s hard for me to reflect on something that …

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    Message behind the Design


    DesignBlitz is almost like a PhotoBlitz. You’re still taking photos and looking for specific things, but different specific things.

    Before starting the assignment, I read through the Design Resources page so I would know what to look for (even though I probably read it 20 times again after that). I …

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