1. @eamds106

    Who’s here?


    For my final assignment of the week, I decided to do something a little more complicated.

    After a lot of browsing, I found the Two Movies, One Line assignment and thought it was pretty clever. The objective of this assignments is to choose one line from two movies and combine …

  2. @eamds106

    Take on Me and My Love of Music


    I’m still working on getting out of my comfort zone for this class, and as a transition, I decided to do a writing assignment for one of this week’s activities since I’m pretty comfortable with writing. After a little bit of browsing, I saw the Emotional Lyrics assignment and was …

  3. @eamds106

    What can’t Google do?


    It’s the first week of doing assignments for Digital Storytelling. Last week, I was very overwhelmed trying to figure out how to use all of these new social media sites and even my own website.

    I read the weekly assignment to find that I have to do three assignments from …

  4. @eamds106

    1. Pilot

    Weekly Summary, Week 1

    My initial reaction to this week demonstrated by my cat, Luna:

    Dear God what have I gotten myself into Social Media

    Making the accounts was relatively simple. I use Instagram and have used Twitter, so those were easy. The other sites, such as the domain, Soundcloud, …

  5. @eamds106

    The 80’s ?


    When I think of 80’s pop culture, I automatically think of my mom and my aunt. They LOVE the 80’s. Every year at Christmas, this music video is played on repeat (literally) because 1. it’s Wham! and 2. it’s cheesy.

    I think that this theme does have a lot of …

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